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review The Tax Inspector ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Granny Catchprice runs her family business and her family with senility cunning and a handbag full of explosives Her daughter Cathy would rather be singing Country Western than selling cars while Benny Catchprice sixteen and seriously psychopathic wants to transfGranny Catchprice runs her family business and her family with senility cunning and a handbag full of explosives Her daughter Cathy would rather be singing Country Western than selling cars whil. In the shadowy and un fathomable aftermath of incest resides a twisted rogue’s gallery of characters A boisterous dark comic tale focused on the bizarre and often hilarious behavior of the Catchprice tribe This is an anatomy of a truly dysfunctional family Along comes the pregnant soon to deliver tax inspector who also happens to want to cut loose from her past She just doesn’t realize the extent until she joins up with this lunatic fringe Granny leads the pack with her determination to seek revenge She serves as a role model for her family as one after another recognize it’s time to move on Each of them flies off into the realms of all kinds of possibilities Each family member has their own journey be they in search of love a music career becoming an angel or maybe a Hare Krishna devotee They all want a way to escape or destroy life in the present for a fresh start They argue disarm threaten and dare one another to take that first giant step into change Each in their own way would rather risk danger or uncertainty than stagnate in the decaying car garage Endlessly humorous Carey affords each character a voice to share what they see as a whole new perspective just around that next bend A free flying story built around some of the most unstable characters imaginable They fear nothing but being stuck The story starts slowly only to gain a fast paced momentum with a genius ending

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E Benny Catchprice sixteen and seriously psychopathic wants to transform a failing auto franchise into an empire and himself into an angel Out of the confrontation between the Catchprices and th. The Tax Collector by Peter Carey tells the story of a young heavily pregnant Tax Inspector called Maria Takis tasked with conducting an audit of Catchprice Motors in the small backwater of Franklin on the outskirts of Sydney in the State of New South Wales Australia That may sound boring but it’s the Catchprice family that are the real stars in this ever so slightly bizarre novel Granny Catchprice who believes she still runs the company is wonderfully realised as a character and the flashbacks to her childhood and early adulthood and the original dream she had for the business are worthy of a novel in their own right Her son Mort who manages the repair end of things is one of the most repellent characters I’ve come across in a long while and yet Carey doesn’t resort to any of the obvious clichés in letting us know what he is really like Her daughter Cathy does run the family business along with her husband but dreams of extracting herself to pursue her career as a Country and Western singer Granny Catchprice’s grandson Benny who is continually passed over for promotion and actually fired by Cathy at the beginning of the book simply won’t stay fired and secretly wants to become an angel Benny becomes obsessed with Maria despite a big age difference and Maria is drawn to Mort’s charismatic brother Jack who has pursued a career as a property developer and returns to Catchprice Motors to stave off the imminent disaster of her discovery of long standing tax evasion As several of the characters become increasingly unstable and things spiral out of control the story becomes one of lost dreams and the awfulness of being trapped in the stifling confines of other people’s failed dreams I read recently that Carey’s family ran a car dealership when he was a child and I wonder how much of this novel is based on actual experience I hope it’s very little; the Catchprice family is one of the strangest dysfunctional groups of people you’re likely to encounter in literature

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The Tax InspectorEir unwitting nemesis a beautiful and very pregnant agent of the Australian Taxation Office Peter Carey author of Oscar and Lucinda creates an endlessly surprising and fearfully convincing novel. Carey’s plotting is absolutely wonderful and his portrayal of characters is done with a triumphant mix of humour insight and sensitivity He is also a master of giving feeling and shape to the places he describes so that you are right there in the suburbs of early 90s Sydney on every page This is a violent shocking and heart breaking book but it’s also an hilarious clever and surreal adventure that shows why Carey is a much lauded author and not only one of the best in Australia but one of the finest currently writing literary fiction in the world today