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A Wedding WagerNew York Times bestselling author Jane Feather delights with her second book in this entrancing Georgian trilogy featuring three noble brothers who are offered a preposterous opportunity a lavish inheritance but only if they each marry a fallen woman Perfect for fans of Eloisa James Liz Carlyle and Stephanie LaurensLady Serena Grantley was born to the nobility but fortune's whim placed her under. WARNING SPOILERS AND GIFs AHEADSo that was it I swear I read this entire book and not once did I see a wedding wager mentioned Not once I'm still waiting It's possible that the wager referred to in the title and on the back cover is actually the whackadoodle premise that made this book happen in the first place A Wedding Wager is the second book in a series about three brothers who are set to get a tremendous inheritance from their crazy and perverted old uncle However because this uncle is both crazy and perverted the brothers have to meet his terms before he kicks the bucket They must each find and marry a fallen woman thus redeeming her in they eyes of I don't know God Society King George I'm assuming that explaining the situation any would have further highlighted how wackadoodle the premise is and Jane Feather wouldn't want that So perhaps the find a whore and marry her plot is the wager Or maybe there was some secret wager about whether or not I could finish this book Well it was tough but I totally finished it HA SUMMARYBasically this is the story of two people who are meant for each other easily realizing that they are in fact meant for each other and finding their happily ever after From the very first page there's no uestion that the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan is a totes hot totes good guy who loves his soul mate Lady Serena But Serena has a few problems She's maneuvered by her asshat of a step daddy who forces her to work in his gambling hells and flirt with gentlemen In the prologue Serena breaks Sebastian's heart because Evulz Step Daddyz said so and this results in 3 years of sadness and woe for the main couple But look at that second chance at love on the horizon Serena and her demonic stepdad return to London and Sebastian finds that he is still very much in love with his very own daughter of caro Unfortunately Dr Evil the Step Daddy has plans to sell Serena's feminine wiles to an icky earl and this could get in the way of true love Hmmm Will Sebastian go ahead and marry the exact kind of woman the convenient plot device er crazy uncle tells him to or will the characters run circles around the easy resolution in order to coddle a group of secondary characters that I don't give a damn about Well Since the wedding wager is so elusive we have to get a plot out of something And once that plot was gained no man was going to tear that plot away until at least several hundred pages were sueezed out of it An Illustration of the Plot in This Book I'll never let goThe CharactersSebastian and Serena are okay people in this book Neither of them are particularly interesting but Serena's tortured past involving her Evil Step Daddy was enough to keep me interested The secondary characters are tedious to say the least A huge portion of the plot is dedicated to Serena protecting some vapid little social climber from falling into Evil Step Daddy's clutches And sure I suppose that's a noble story Still if I wanted to read about some dumb girl's struggles to marry the boy from home she truly loves over some lecherous cretin I would have read a book about her The RomanceThe chemistry isn't all there in my opinion I get that Sebastian and Serena had all of their firsts before the book started but that doesn't mean it was OK to skip out on all the simmering tension between them Hell they've been separated for three years Where's the passion The yearning It doesn't help that the sex is kind of weird Like not weird in the characters doing weird things sense There's just very little emotional connection The scenes are shockingly short for a book published in 2011 and everything feels rushed The sex scenes are freuent but they're so passionless that Sebastian and Serena could have been talking about their grocery lists and I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference The WritingThe writing isn't bad but the plot movement isn't particularly inspiring I probably would have DNF'd this one but finishing it became a matter of pride for me The book isn't awful I'm just kind of meh about it A Wedding Wager is a part of my Care Package Ageddon series of book reviews in gratitude to my GR friend Karla for sending me a GIANT BOX O'BOOKS She said I might like some of them oO

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Free read A Wedding Wager ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub » New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather delights with her second book in this entrancing Georgian trilogy featuring three noble brothers who are offered a preposterous opportunity a lavish inheritance but only if they each marry a fallen woman Perfect for fans of ElThe control of her gamester stepfather who uses her beauty to lure young men to his gambling tables Serena even dismissed her first love the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan at her stepfather's command But when he attempts to force her into a liaison with a dissolute earl Serena resolves to do his bidding no Sebastian is the only man who ever captured her heart and it is to him she turnsTorn between. Another run of the mill historical romance set in London Two sets of star crossed lovers overcome obstacles and end up with their true love Along the way we encounter manipulative momma doting papa evil step father naive ingenue determined demimondain concerned twin brother and ailing yet wealthy uncle who calls the shotsWhile this author tries her best to guide the reader through all of the twists and turns much of the story is predictable Nothing new to grab the reader's attention Okay as a beach read or if you're stuck home in a blizzard

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Family loyalty and the woman he loves Sebastian faces a devilish dilemma His uncle is ailing and time is running short Desperate to find a solution Sebastian conceives a dangerous plan a wager that could bring him and Serena happiness at lastor separate them foreverFollow the captivating tales of the brothers as they each find their most unusual brides in Rushed to the Altar and An Unsuitable Bri. Like the previous book in the Blackwater Brides trilogy I enjoyed this book than I expected to I used to love all of Jane Feather's historical romances but her last several novels have seemed somehow off to me I am thinking especially of her Cavendish Suare trilogy which truth be told I have yet to finish; the first two books were okay but not so compelling that I wanted to immediately read the third one I'm not sure if the problem is that Feather's writing has changed or if it's just that I'm getting burned out on regencies It may be a little of both In any event that's probably one of the reasons why I'm enjoying this trilogy so much; a Georgian setting is a nice change of pace from the typical regencies and VictoriansThat being said there were some things that really bothered me about this book First of all why did it take Sebastian so long to figure out that marrying Serena would be the perfect way to fulfill the terms of his uncle's will It seemed like such an obvious solution to me and it was really frustrating that Sebastian took so long to recognize it for himself Second how is it that the Suttons didn't know of the gaming hell run by Serena and her stepfather Mrs Sutton complains that Serena and General Heyward never invite them to their evening entertainments which I doubt she would have done if she had realized the nature of those entertainments Sure the Suttons likely moved in a different social circle than Serena and the general but they must have had some common acuaintances or they wouldn't have met in the first place It seems like something that would have been gossiped about in society so it was pretty hard for me to believe that Mrs Sutton wouldn't have heard about it and put a stop to Serena's friendship with Abigail as a resultPerhaps the most bothersome part of this book was Serena's rape and the fact that she never told Sebastian about it Yes it happened while they were apart and there is nothing Sebastian could have done to remedy the situation but it still seems like an important secret for Serena to have shared with her husband I don't like being left with the feeling that there could be trouble ahead for Sebastian and Serena if he ever finds out about the rape and wants to know why she didn't tell him about it Also I think Sebastian would have handled things with the general differently if he had known the true extent of Serena's abuse The general may not have been the rapist but he is the one who arranged for her to be drugged so it could take place and as such he deserved a much harsher punishment than he received