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CHARACTERS ò The Accidental Anarchist ✓ The Accidental Anarchist is the true story of Jacob Marateck an Orthodox Jew who was sentenced to death three times in the early 1900s in Russia and lived to tell about it He also happens to have been the author's grandfather The book is based on the diaries that Marateck began keeping in 1905 That wasRkable humor and irony that contrasted with the circumstances and were key to his survival It includes a rare soldier's eye view of a little known war that changed the geopolitical status of several nations. Jacob Marateck's incredible story of survival against tremendous odds must be one of the best and most engrossing such accounts that I've read Jacob is conscripted or better said forced into servitude into the Imperial Army at a time when the Czar is still called little father As a Jew Jacob receives special treatment meaning he is insulted bullied humiliated given unusually dangerous tasks to perform accused of insubordination sentenced to death but receives a last minute reprieve He is sent to fight in the Russo Japanese War in a shattered disorganized chaotic army where senior officers constantly make wrong decisions carelessly sacrifice both men and ammunition and treat their troops like animalsAt first the Russians consider themselves superior to what they are told are the little half human Japanese until reality shows them to be pitted against a highly organized better euipped and almost invisible enemy Jacob survives under horrific conditions where food is scarce or nonexistent sleeping a few hours in the snow dodging sniper enemy and Russian fire and his own inept superior officers' decisions as well as the executioner three times when condemned to deathJacob becomes a revolutionary and joins the resistance movement to remove the Czar Reprieved from the firing suad he is sent to a prison camp where few survive the brutality and deprivations or the Siberian winters He and two companions make their escape and traverse three thousand miles of Siberian snow and ice covered wilderness dotted with both human and natural enemies The odds are against his making it but he pushes on to eventual safetyJacob's irrepressible spirit shines through his many ordeals as his humorous ironic voice describes the broken system that was the Czar's Imperial Army and Jacob's almost miraculous feats of survivalThe true triumph of Jacob's story is his diaries kept throughout these years which were inherited and translated by his daughter Subseuently his granddaughter Bryna Kranzler had the dedication and the talent to turn them into this outstanding book

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The Accidental Anarchist is the true story of Jacob Marateck an Orthodox Jew who was sentenced to death three times in the early 1900s in Russia and lived to tell about it He also happens to have been the a. “A swift unrelenting trip down a shocking rabbit hole of incredible and frightening reality”Reviewer Charles S Weinblatt The Accidental Anarchist tells the intriguing true story of the colorful Jacob Marateck a Jew conscripted into the Russian Army during events leading up to World War I He becomes a leader of soldiers in the brutal Russo Japanese War many of whom wanted to murder him for being Jewish yet he gains their admiration after leading them in ferocious battles Marateck is an extraordinary character who faces certain death many times but with consistently outstanding humor and steadfast faith in God The reader certainly does not need to be an Orthodox Jew to appreciate the intense commitment Marateck has with his faith and his religious duty His notes reveal a breathtaking ability to absorb the absurd that life dishes out to a lowly Jew in the Czar’s anti Semitic army with aplomb and grace Despite being subjected to court martial several times Marateck escapes under the most amazing and bizarre experiences At times he and his comrades face an enemy within the Czar’s Army fearsome than the nation’s military enemy at their borders Barely surviving terrifying battles the brutality of his own soldiers and being sentenced to death by his own officers Marateck faces it all with humor faith and courage He later joins the Polish resistance whose membership desperately wants to end the reign of Czar Nicholas II After being captured he is sent to a terrifying prison camp in Siberia where very few prisoners survive the brutality of the vile Gulag and the notorious Siberian winters He eventually escapes with a very colorful character known as “The Warsaw King of Thieves” Together with no official papers or money they travel than 3000 miles homeJacob Marateck is an ordinary man forced into extraordinary courage by experiences that include a lifetime of dreadful events wrapped into the eventful years of his youth The incredible tales of war and courage faith and death reveal unforgettable individuals and astonishing experiences For the reader this knowledge is a swift unrelenting trip down a shocking rabbit hole of incredible and frightening reality This story is told by Bryna Kranzler the granddaughter of Jacob Marateck Ms Kranzler’s captivating writing techniue envelops the reader with Marateck’s magnetic personality These conversations events that should have been muddied by the ravages of time and history are rewritten with incredible detail and exuisite narrative that pushes the reader ever onward hanging upon baited breath with each sentence Yet between Marateck’s notes and Ms Kranzler’s consistent ability to wrap it into moving prose this memoir reads much like a thrilling novel In some cases truth is indeed stranger than fiction Marateck bares his heart through his carefully detailed notes They become a symphony representing a brilliant singularly valiant human life enveloped within the loving care of the author’s loving dedication The Accidental Anarchist begins with a powerful allegro of youth in which Marateck throws his life about in a careless affront to its sacred value This is followed by an adagio of pain suffering and grief—a period in which death stalks Marateck around every corner Here at the bottom of life’s deepest pit he discovers the lament of a life unfulfilled and the precious nature of his predicament A rondo completes the package filled with hope and desire tempered by experience and chastened by pure faith If a reader could ask for anything from this moving powerful experience it might include additional maps pictures diagrams images illustrations or other cues for visual learners On the positive side the book includes an excellent epilogue superb author’s notes a fine glossary and a detailed index at the conclusion Having read The Samurai of Vishnigrod would have made this experience slightly transparent; however familiarity with that title is by no means is a prereuisite Through Ms Kranzler we enter her grandfather’s heart and his life—and what a magnificent experience Charles S WeinblattAuthor Jacob's Couragehttpjacobscouragewordpresscom


The Accidental AnarchistUthor's grandfather The book is based on the diaries that Marateck began keeping in 1905 That was when he decided to overthrow the Czar The story is told in Marateck's voice and is characterized by his rema. A compelling true account of a Jewish solider striving for survival in the Japanese Russian War Well that’s a portion of the story We’ll say a uarter Marateck not only had to survive the Japanese trying to kill him; but his own Russian comrades After the war Marateck joins a group containing mostly ‘amateur’ Polish revolutionaries through a series of unfortunate events ends up exiled in Siberia His most extraordinary adventure finding his way to a life he deserves finding a way homeMarateck has such a uniue voice most of the time an incredible amount of witty humor in the face of such impossible odds If not for his optimism he uite possibly could have gone mad I wouldn’t have blamed him in the slightest if at any point he just gave up But he never did it was his unshakable character that helped inspire carry his companions onward as well I’m not sure if it’s the respect I have for the man or for the religion but I actually took the time to read the little footnotes with Jewish phrases or with language translations I’ll shamelessly admit I usually skim over such things But I became so invested in this story that I actually cared to learn about the little things knowing virtually nothing of the Jewish religion or the Russian or Yiddish language; the footnotes made the story that much clearer As I normally do with any book I’m reading; I carried this book with me everywhere To every class restaurant relatives house etc every time without fail the title raised a few eyebrows uestions But at the first mention of the word ‘Jew’ ‘true story’ most turned away awkwardly forgot they had every inuired But a few brave souls pressed forth with their curiosity were intrigued to discover this was not a Holocaust story This was a real account of a man’s adventure in the early 20 century Russia Poland A story that took 3 generations to bring to fruition This is a book that should be re read every few years It will not be easily forgotten but I feel I will never tire of a re telling Marateck’s story will stay with me for years to come Received a copy through Goodreads First Reads Thank you so much