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Mer with his great aunt in the family's old house eleven year old Drew is drawn eighty years into the past to trade places with his great great uncle who is dying of diphtheria Time for Andrew A Ghost Story Hahn Mary Time for Andrew taught me to stick up for yourself even if it's not the life you originally hadAnd fight your own life and help others Even if you switched places with a twin from Time for Andrew | Open Library Time for Andrew a ghost story by Mary Downing Hahn; editions; First published in ; Subjects Fiction Space and time Families Juvenile fiction Ghosts Family Time for Andrew edition | Open Library Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn unknown edition Time for Andrew Summary and Analysis like Sites like SparkNotes with a Time for Andrew study guide or cliff notes Also includes sites with a short overview synopsis book report or summary of Mary Downing Hahn’s Time for Andrew We found no such entries. He saw a ghost in the window when he first arrived a flash of white in an upstairs window like a face and felt he was being watched I don't like when ghost stories begin the first second the character arrives at the location Let's just ease into itAndrew overheard his parents talking about him to his aunt His dad said he's insecure worries is nervous and afraid and has too big of an imagination His mom said he's scared of the dark afraid of witches under his bed and monsters in the closet I felt bad for him being talked about like thatHis great grandpa was so mad that they named him Andrew that he left after the christening and never saw them again never even sent Andrew a birthday card The family had a Captain Andrew Joseph Tyler and some  Andrew barged into the room with Great Grandfather and the old man was afraid of him said he'd come back but it was no good because it was his house now He thought Andrew was a wicked boy Andrew heard the upstairs creaking like someone was walking He smelled roast chicken only to go to the kitchen and see that Aunt Blythe was making spaghettiAndrew noticed that everything in the house was old and had belonged to people who are dead now He uickly came to uestion Aunt Blythe on his first night there if those people are still here Aunt Blythe believed echoes of people still live on in the house She didn't even bat an eyelash when he brought up the smell of roast chicken again I was like does that mean she's smelled it too It was a sweet moment when Drew called Binky to his room and begged him to sleep with him I was glad he had the dog to keep him companyBinky whined when they went up on the attic and would run every time she opens the door Once up there on his first morning Andrew found a picture of a boy who looked exactly like him I have never been a fan of the lookalike descendant to an ancestor from generations ago You wouldn't look like a twin to your ancestor You can look a lot like them but not exactly Andrew also happened to step on a board and revealed a bag of marbles owned by Andrew Joseph Tyler So the same face and name of someone from the early 1900s Andrew got upset that his aunt took the marbles to sell to fix the house felt like she was stealing from the dead and they had to stay in the floorboards She was so affected by his reaction that she agreed to put them backDrew saw two women in old fashioned dresses standing outside his door before he went to bed He heard Andrew coming down the stairs and the encounter was so sad I felt so bad for him He was looking for his sister Hannah calling for her and said surely she wouldn't leave because she promised to stay with him He'd heard his mom and sister crying outside his door but he didn't know they were crying because he'd died He'd hoped he would live because the doctor had saved him from blood poisoning croup and whooping cough when he was younger and had helped Hannah through diphtheria Hannah said he would live through it and he smiled and said he hoped he did but he feels weak Drew told him he was dead but he didn't believe it thought he'd remember dying Drew told him to look at the room and he didn't recognize anything and teared up He said he's 13 and has his whole life ahead of him Gosh I felt like crying for the poor boyI was a bit confused when Drew said he'd brought Andrew here He felt if Andrew went back to the past he would die but he wouldn't be gone and that Andrew had really come for his life not his marblesAndrew had dreamed his marbles were spinning around and Drew had had a dream about marbles flying through space while he was on a spaceship Andrew described feeling that his marbles were stolen and then floating upstairs He asked Drew if he died and I could not understand why Drew said no he woke up in time and that if he'd stayed asleep he would have died Drew knew Andrew had died young That's how he was talking to Andrew right now Just because Andrew woke up at this time before he could experience dying doesn't mean he didn't die The ghost story suddenly turned to time travel They believed Andrew came to the future instead of dying and that a hole opened between times If he went back he would die Time travel is always confusingIt was endearing that Andrew wanted Drew to immediately go get a doctor and he'd take the medicine no matter how bad it tastes Andrew wanted to switch places so he would be cured by a doctor Surprisingly Drew who is afraid agreed to switch They changed into each other's clothes and Andrew got in bed Drew called Aunt Blythe for help and when he went in the attic everything spun around as he went in the past Drew was so afraid of saying and doing the wrong things that he simply couldn't speak Andrew's family was worried that he wasn't speaking and when he woke up and saw a man there he was afraid and asked who the man was I felt so bad that Mr Tyler said his own son was afraid of him He said there was something different about Drew's eyes I was so annoyed that the first thing Drew said was about how the porch had been painted and the flowers trimmed but there was no highway or cars Later that night he mentioned Chicago I hate when characters mess up so badly when they knew they had to watch what they say The dog also growled at him and wouldn't come near him It was a bit much that Drew didn't know anything about that time period and there mean cousin Edward gave him a pop uiz on current events He asked Drew in front of Hannah and Theo what year it was the president and how many states there were Andrew's grandpa had left the house to Mr Tyler and his brother whom the kids call Uncle Ned got mad That's the reason for the bad blood3 weeks passed in which all of the problems of posing as someone else especially in a time period not your own became apparent Drew would be asked to get something and he wouldn't know where to go He didn't know the words to Andrew's favorite songs or how to use any of the appliances and technologyI didn't feel so nice towards Andrew when he wanted to switch places for good and looked at Drew coldly as he challenged him to a duel at marbles I couldn't believe he'd want to leave his family for a new world where he didn't know anything He blamed Drew for stealing his marbles and said he warned Drew he'd be sorry He wasn't likable at this timeDrew got Hannah to teach him marbles pretending he couldn't remember because of the feverWhen John Larkin Hannah's future husband came over in his car Drew automatically put his fingers in his mouth and whistled for Buster to uiet down He also called Mrs Tyler Mama He was worried he was losing himself and becoming DrewIt was amusing that Mrs Tyler and John's uncle felt that cars were a fad and people would go back to horses but John felt cars would stayIt was uncomfortable how Drew seemed to be jealous of John He felt like he had heartburn when Hannah smiled at John just wanted it to be the two of them playing marbles and she'd had a lifetime with John Mrs Armiger said it must have been a naughty boy who looked just like Drew that had done all those things to her Andrew had put glue in her metronome drew a mustache on her Beethoven bust and climbed out a window during his recital Andrew also got into fights He didn't sound like a very good boy Drew realized he had never seen the picture that John took of them in the car so he wondered if this day ever happened in Andrew's life and if they had already altered the pastI was so impatient when Andrew beat Drew at marbles told Drew he'd better get used to his life because he was gonna be in it for a long time This adventure had turned into a nightmare and I didn't like Andrew at all Then stupid Drew told Hannah she would marry John women will vote drive cars wear pants and run for president She commented that he must have a crystal ball asked what else he knew and he told her she'll be old when he's young and he'll never forget her What the heck is wrong with him He was also annoyed at her and John didn't want to think about her marrying JohnIn the yard during crouet Drew caught a flash of Andrew calling to his siblings and crying because they couldn't hear him He caught Andrew crying at night too Both blue were forgetting details about their own lives and becoming the otherI just wanted to hurry up and be done The perverted jealousy of John Theo getting mad at him for not going along with pranks and standing up to Edward At one point Drew stupidly thought Hannah knew about Andrew and Drew tried to say he was Drew and not Andrew So stupid and annoying The dare at the train trestle ended with Edward falling and not knowing how to swim Drew jumped off the trestle and saved him but Edward was too mean to appreciate it and lied about the whole thing saying he'd been pushed Drew didn't even know who had saved him him or Andrew And before he had stupidly stood there wondering if Andrew would have saved his cousin almost let Edward drown because he didn't want to do the wrong thing Come on I was tired of Drew screwing up and saying the wrong thing He came to realize he was going to miss the family and wanted to live with them Andrew though clearly upset at being away from his family insisted on finishing out their dumb marble bet I know he was afraid of going back and dying but time to face the music boy you need to go back to your family It was a nice moment when Andrew told Drew to win the game to send him home Drew wanted to know how he could tell if Andrew lived or not Andrew said to look for his grave If he didn't see a grave then he lived To me Andrew could have still died just later in life and that would have been okay As long as he didn't die as a kid Hannah wrote Aunt Blythe saying she's coming for a visit and when she showed up Andrew was driving her He remembered Drew and said he'd told Drew they'd meet again It was a bit too much that he was still alive that both siblings would have lived into their 90s Andrew didn't have to still be alive Dying having lived a long life would have been enough Drew had stupidly and annoyingly thought Hannah would show up young and beautiful hello she's your ancestor Stop having these thoughts about her and said that can't be her when he saw her as an old woman It was a nice moment that Andrew said he'd never had a bruise like Drew had from fighting with Edward and Hannah said Edward had given Andrew a bruise just like it but it disappeared the next day because Drew with the bruise had switched back with Andrew who didn't have a bruise Andrew thanked him for letting him live a full life He said his mom attributed the fever to him becoming sweeter and he said he got less prickly He hoped Drew got some of his spunk Drew was ready to fight his hometown bully At one point Andrew asked Drew to confirm that he always spoke his mind and Hannah warningly asked how Drew could know that in a way that made Drew suspect that Hannah knew everything We didn't need her to know That's too much for anyone to take in just having Drew and Andrew in on it was enough Andrew had gone on to be an archaeologist Blythe said Drew's dad followed in his footsteps and Andrew said maybe he got the idea from Drew's father Hannah hit him with her caneIt was a bit sad that Andrew never married and had a family because he didn't want to change historyAndrew gave Drew his bag of marbles I got chills at the last lines when Drew said the marble was lucky and that they and Andrew were safe It wasn't explained how Edward ended up with the house and how Drew won the switchback when he only won one game at marbles Edward was a very frustrating character because all he could talk about was how bad Hannah and Andrew were when they're not even the bad ones and never took any responsibility for what a bad person he was and still is All he could talk about was getting the house and saying they're not welcome He needed his comeuppance or to be brought low by the sins of his past I also realized that Drew's parents never came back into the story It would have been nice if they'd come back since they thought Drew was dying and had come back from France and saw Andrew The big thing was that Drew wasn't as afraid any ever since the train trestle He couldn't wait to teach the bully a lesson so there was character growth I had been so irritated as soon as he switched places because Drew was afraid of everything Mr Tyler the dog fighting Edward getting a whipping climbing trees jumping from the train trestle It had been really annoyingThis is one of the deepest ghost stories I've ever read I had added this a while ago and didn't remember that time travel was involved so that was a lot than the average ghost story I just don't enjoy stories where the main character is trapped outside of their own life and someone else is taking over their life It's really frustrating and stressful

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Time for Andrew A Ghost StoryFor this book title Please see the supplementary resources provided below for other helpful content related to this book Book Reviews Sites with a book review or uick Time for Andrew a Ghost Story Flashcards | uizlet Start studying Time for Andrew a Ghost Story Learn vocabulary terms and with flashcards games and other study tools Time For Growth – Partners for meaningful growth At TIME we trust in the value and perspectives of innovative and profitable European companies operating in Technology Media sectors Hence we invest wisely and work closely with Management to build larger companies with improved profitability levels using an holistic approach to create value As of TIME is now part of CAPZA Time for the Planet Lorsue Time for the Planet cr une entreprise Des dizaines d’autres se crent en copiant ou amliorant l’innovation Ainsi mme si l’une de nos entreprises choue l’humanit bnficiera de l’innovati. This is one of the many books I read to my children at night as they went to sleep I also read this book every year to my classroom They can't get enough of it There are so many assignments you can get from this book from projection to summary to prediction The book is filled with creative writing genius; personification metaphors similes forshadowing I could go on I discovered the book by my children who read it after the popular young adult fiction Wait till Helen Comes Which I haven't read yet It is the same authorThe way this story weaves a web and brings it back again is genius This is its greatest strength and it has manyEven if you're an adult you will enjoy this book It's got a most interesting plot for science fiction buffs

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Time for Andrew A Ghost Story review ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Time for Andrew A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Time For Andrew By Mary Downing Hahn This book is about a Kid named Andrew Drew When Drews father and mother go to pParis France he has to stay with his Aunt Blythe When he go's up to the attic with his aunt hTime for Andrew A Ghost Story by Mary Downing Time For Andrew By Mary Downing Hahn This book is about a Kid named Andrew Drew When Drews father and mother go to pParis France he has to stay with his Aunt Blythe When he go's up to the attic with his aunt he finds some old family pictures and also finds sone marbles under a loose floorboard After his aunt takes the marbles downstairs some strange things happen One of Drews Time for Andrew A Ghost Story Summary | Mary Downing Hahn’s children’s novel A Time for Andrew A Ghost Story features a sinister old house replete with frightening sounds and shadows but it’s actually a story of time travel not ghosts When twelve year old Drew Taylor arrives from Chicago to stay the summer in Missouri with his Aunt Blythe her creepy ancestral home fuels his over active anxieties However his fears soon come true ‎Time for Andrew on Apple Books ‎When he goes to spend the sum. Time for Andrew is an otherwise great juvenile chapter book with two significant issues First off the cover's statements that Time for Andrew is A Ghost Story and Very spooky are both misleading Instead of being a creepy tale in the vein of R L Stine's Goosebumps this is a time traveling fish out of water story that does feature a ghost but not in a terrifying way Second off the story seemed a bit rushed; it seems to move too fast almost like trying to cram an entire Star Wars movie into half an hour Regardless Time for Andrew makes for enjoyable light reading but don't pick this up expecting to be scared out of your wits