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Free download è The Scarlet Pimpernel Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · Whenever a suspense novel helps launch a whole new branch of mystery fiction that story ualifies as a classic Such is the case with The Scarlet Pimpernel published in 1905 and one of the first tales of hidden identity The hero is an everyday manRoduced dozens of times in theater film and television all true of The Scarlet Pimpernel classic status is also assured But most of all The Scarlet Pimpernel is of enduring excellence because it embraces the finest uality of fiction suspense drama romance mystery and even a dash of history for zi. Okay I read this for exactly two reasons one I thought this book was on The List it's not; and two the Scarlet Pimpernel is the inspiration for the Bruce WayneBatman dichotomy and I am a giant dork For a book about a secret team of English nobleman working to rescue French nobles from the scary revolutionists who want them dead this is a surprisingly unexciting book The pace is fast and there's plenty of spying and blackmailing and races against time but there isn't a single fistfight swordfight gunfight or slapping fight in the whole book There's sort of a chase scene at the end but the pursued party is in a slow moving cart and the pursuer is on foot There's plenty of drama and intrigue and excitement but just one duel would have been nice Luckily the characters are all great Sir Percy in addition to being a precursor to Bruce Wayne's vigilante disguised as idiot rich boy act also reminded me of Lord Peter Wimsey another fan of the Badass Disguised as Fop method which was awesome His archenemy is Chauvelin basically the French version of Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds and everybody was generally so cool that I forgot about how amazingly not scary a name like Scarlet Pimpernel is The true hero of this story surprisingly is not the Scarlet Pimpernel He mostly stays in the background while people talk about him and throughout the whole book we never really get to see him in action Instead we see almost everything through the eyes of Sir Percy's wife Marguerite who despite everything manages to be awesome The issue I had with Marguerite was that she's repeatedly referred to as the cleverest woman in Europe but god damn is she stupid Sir Percy might as well have been dancing around wearing a sign that read Hello I am secretly the Scarlet Pimpernel and she wouldn't figure it out At one point Marguerite snoops around in Percy's study and sees the following objects maps of the English and French coastlines on the walls and a small ring with a scarlet pimpernel flower engraved on it Marguerite stares blindly at these objects and is like But what does it all mean The major flaw in the PercyMarguerite marriage was a lack of communication First we find out that Marguerite had a French family arrested by accident before she was married and never told Percy about it even after she found out that she'd made a mistake Then when Chauvelin tells Marguerite that she has to work as a spy for him or he'll kill her brother Marguerite doesn't tell her husband what's going on until after she sells out the Pimpernel without knowing who he is I mean Jesus Also he's in disguise for the last part of the book and it was so fucking obvious which character was actually Percy in disguise I wanted to throw the book at the wallBut fortunately this all ends with Marguerite becoming awesome racing against the clock to save her husband and defeat Chauvelin and the ending between Percy and Marguerite is surprisingly sweet and very satisfying that got a bit rambly didn't it Anyway in conclusion a fun espionage story even if it's not as swashbuckling as I expected and everyone except the Pimpernel is an idiot I'll be looking up the movie version soon and will likely prefer it to the book

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Whenever a suspense novel helps launch a whole new branch of mystery fiction that story ualifies as a classic Such is the case with The Scarlet Pimpernel published in 1905 and one of the first tales of hidden identity The hero is an everyday man by day an everyday aristocrat in this case but by n. Odd's Fish Is this book an action adventure a romance historical fictionBaroness Orczy has provided us with all that Tis a fun romp I say Had I known how much of this story was romance I might not have read it but then I would have missed out on how good an all round story it really isBaroness Orczy was a playwright and this book was adapted into a play or the play was adapted into the book I know not which was first It does have it's faults but still deserving of it's place in literary history Sir Percy Blakeney is an English dandy in his normal life But it is when he takes on the guise as The Scarlet Pimpernel that he becomes a hero to the French aristocrats Crossing the English channel on his yacht The Day Dream in order to savethese aristocrats from their adjudged doom upon the guillotine Tally ho and away we goThis book's disguised hero story line first published in 1905 has been accredited with giving inspiration to several other literary heroes such as Batman Zorro and The ShadowYeah yeah yeah Now I know not where those writers received their inspiration but surely there had been other earlier similar stories First comes to mind The Bible Josiah disguised himself in order to make war with Neco King of Egypt This adventure didn't turn out good for Josiah So close but not uiteThen I look to ol Willy Shakes You gotta know Shakespeare couldn't wouldn't leave this type story line alone Measure for Measure fitting title I believe is a play written by Shakespeare back in 1603 In this play Vincentio the Duke of Vienna lets everyone know that he is leaving the city on a diplomatic missionWhat he does then is stay in the city disguised as Friar Lodowick in order to observe the governing of the city in his absence At the end of the play The Duke reveals himself in order the save an innocent man from the guillotine

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The Scarlet PimpernelIght or in times of need he is someone else entirely Think of Bruce Wayne and Batman; Oliver ueen and the Green Arrow; Don Diego de la Vega and Zorro all regular guys who hide their crime fighting alter egos by using elaborate disguises Further when a story becomes a household name and has been p. I have seen a movie version on this book at some point but I had not read the book I am so glad I did I highly recommend it Don't rely on the movie versions of this classic they don't do it justice If you have an e reader this book should be free I ordered mine on Kindle There were some typos here and there but nothing serious