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The Secret Six begin a bloody trail of vengeance in order to save Catman's kidnapped son Catman's past crawls back to haunt him when three me. originally reviewed at thelibraryladiescom I hate it when teammates fight This is one of the reasons that I was lukewarm on “Captain America Civil War” and had a hard time watching parts of “Batman Vs Superman” I just want my favorite characters who are friends to remain friends and not hate each other So when we got to this story arc of The Secret Six I knew that I was going to a rough spot for me as a reader Bane and Jeanette have their own team now which would be fine if Scandal’s Six weren’t trying to kill them as ordered by Mockingbird I knew that this was going to happen sooner or later but that didn’t make it any less upsettingThe pros of this story are that it gave Black Alice a lot to do this time around outside of angsting I also liked seeing King Shark make his Secret Six full debut as he is so damn funny and obnoxious It was also really neat that Simone decided to address some deeper themes in this arc specifically that of annexation and colonialism Black Alice has a lovely monologue about how using the people of Skartaris for their own agendas is wrong and how they should be left to live their own lives and not ‘civilized’ It treaded towards a bit clunky in it’s execution but it never uite got there because Black Alice is an earnest teenage girl and it works for her Had it come from anyone else it might not have worked as well There was also the watershed moment between Bane and Scandal who have been at odds and butting heads for uite awhile now They needed that moment and I love their very loving father daughter relationshipSpeaking of father daughter relationships Vandal Savage comes back in this collection and that was far less interesting to me I didn’t really need a re hash of Scandal going against her father’s wishes because she’s a lesbian Make no mistake I like that Simone was addressing the complications of this relationship because of who Scandal is and why her father can’t or won’t accept it and I really love that Scandal is uncompromising in her sexuality Given the recent pattern in TV where lesbians have been dropping like flies I like that in 2011 Scandal was here being herself standing up for herself and not backing down or being thrown aside though I should note that Scandal’s life isn’t totally immune to the bury your gays trope as her lover Knockout died heroically and tragically It just solidified what a creep Vandal is when it comes to his child even though he does seem to deeply care for her Complicated Sure Interesting Not as much as it was the first time we addressed this wedge between them The only benefit is that it gave Scandal to do and I am always for thatWe also got a great moment where Deadshot called Jeanette “Sweetie Pie Cookie Puss” Those two are just the best“The Reptile Brain” was a step down from “Cat’s in the Cradle” but it was still a good volume And soon I will be at the end of my “Secret Six” run as the next volume “The Darkest House” is the end of the line

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Secret Six Vol 5N kidnap his long lost son His Secret Six teammates come to his aid and together they chase the kidnappers to Africa leaving a bloody trail o. Secret Six is at its best when it's allowed to stand on its own Unfortunately this collection includes several crossovers The main story focuses on a completely random battle between the team's factions in Skartaris While allowing for the addition of some interesting extra characters the fantastical setting is hardly used other than being a stage for a random demon all the while counterpointed with espionage games between Amanda Waller and Atom Smasher None of which adds much to the charactersThere's also a two parter that was part of a year long Luthor series which at least lets the characters shine in a showdown between Luthor and Vandal Savage It's okay and the characters are used fairly well but they're still being shoehorned into someone else's plotSimone's writing still shines through and the characters are as darkly fun as always but the scenario just doesn't live up the players

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Secret Six Vol 5 characters à 0 µ The Secret Six begin a bloody trail of vengeance in order to save Catman's kidnapped son Catman's past crawls back to haunt him when three men kidnap his long lost son His Secret Six teammates come to his aid and together they chase the kidnappers to Africa leaving a bloody trail of vengeance behind them Will they bF vengeance behind them Will they be too late to save the only person Catman cares aboutCollects Secret Six vol 3 #25 29 and Action Comics #8. While I was worried about the Secret Six being broken up in this edition I'm happy to say that 1 they aren't totally horrible to each other and 2 things get resolved one way or another pretty uickly Catman is still reeling from losing his son so he is kind of out of it but everyone else is fairly put together and with it I thought that the big war they found themselves in was kind of silly but at the same time I'm happy that it addressed the ideas of colonialism and imperialism of all things Nothing really funny to be had in this collection which was a serious shame Seeing Scandal and Bane's relationship evolve a bit was very lovely they are so father daughter now that it's hard to see them on the opposite sides of disputes Also lots of King SharkNot as strong as Volume 4 but still a good volume Especially since we find out that Deadshot likes to call Jeanette 'Sweetie Pie Cookie Puss' I ship them so hard