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characters How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America Problems in Race Political Economy and Society ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ ContentsPrefaceHow Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America A Critical AssessmentIntroduction to the First Edition Part 1Economy of racism in the United States and assesses shifts in the American Political terrain since the first editionHe is one of the most widely read Black progressive authors in the country Black Employment JournalThe reissue of Manning Marable's How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America confirms that this is a classic work of political history and social criticism Unfortunately Marable's blistering insights into racial injustice and economic ineuality remain depressingly relevant But the good news is that Marable's prescient analysis and his elouent and self critical preface to this new edition will prove critical in helping us to think through and conuer the oppressiv. I don't know if I just really had trouble finding the time for this book but it took me much longer to finish than any other book I've recently read And I wanted to really like it but there were just too many places where it lagged or bogged down on statistical data I realize it's important to back up your thesis with some hard numbers when you can but I felt it was a little excessive in some places Like several consecutive paragraphs of just straight statistics Most of which could have been left to the 30 pages of tables in the back of the book Still it was a good read If it's a subject you're interested in then you'll most likely enjoy it I definitely learned some things I didn't know or hadn't realized about black history racism and even sexism It would be nice to have read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa as a point of comparison but unfortunately I haven't gotten to that yet I recommend the updated edition because of the Critical Reassessment by the author He addresses the ways in which he may have been wrong at the time but also the ways in which much of it is still an accurate evaluation

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ContentsPrefaceHow Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America A Critical AssessmentIntroduction to the First Edition Part 1 The Black MajorityChapter 1 The Crisis of the Black Working ClassChapter 2 The Black PoorChapter 3 Grounding with My SistersChapter 4 Black Prisoners and Punishment in a RacistCapitalist State Part 2 The Black EliteChapter 5 Black CapitalismChapter 6 Black BrahminsChapter 7 The Ambiguous Politics of the Black ChurchChapter 8 The Destruction of Black Education Part 3 A uestion of GenocideChapter 9 The Meaning of Racist Violence in Late CapitalismChapter 10 Conclusion Towards a Socialist AmericaReviewsManning Marable examines developments in the political. a brilliant examination of the forces of a racist white America to control the economic livelihood of black America a generous amount of scholarship via footnotes and bibliographic references which will provide interested readers like myself with many new authors and books to investigate Marable lays out something i have acceptedknown for a long time not trying to act smarter than her honest capitalism isn't a broken system it is the wrong system and a system that can only survive by devastating large numbers of its contributors for the edification of the select few white capitalists the 's word' has such a bad rap in America because most people have little or no actual academic understanding of what socialism ismeans or how it functionsoperatesexpands but i think socialism has its many detractors because of two things among many others 1 belief in the lie of individualism which claims made by those who already have wealthpowerinfluenceyour mortgage at their bank anyone can make it if they just work hard enough you don't need anyone but you; and 2 the necessity of all humans treating all other humans LIKE HUMANS people struggle working in community since they are always worried their contribution is being ignored isn't being weighed sufficiently heavily enough or they aren't getting enough for their contribution which dovetails into the treating humans like humans because consistently overvaluing yourself in relation to others ANDOR expecting than others because of how valuable you are means you cannot accept others as euals or treat them well i LOVE socialism sine i think we need to cooperate to survive and i don't think anyone's contributions should allot them significantly than anyone else in capitalist parlance the CEO succeeds because the workers get work done so who needs who nor do i think controlling others or controlling large swaths of wealth land people resources or power does SOCIETY a good turn Marable does a fabulous job of tearing apart the capitalist structure and simultaneously shredding various elite black groupspeople for not being revolutionary enough my term interpreting what she writes the biggest scare for me is how nearly everything she says about the Reagan years before during after mirrors so similarly the Trump debacle we are barely surviving anyone who can read this and think America isn't racist or that capitalism isn't founded on lieslieslies is devoid of any critical thinking or social conscience

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How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America Problems in Race Political Economy and SocietyE forces that remain Michael Eric Dyson author of I May Not Get Therewith You The True Martin Luther King JrFor those of us who came of political age in the 1980s Manning Marable's How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America was one of our bibles Published during the cold winter of Reaganism he introduced a new generation of Black activiststhinkers to class and gender struggles within Black communities the political economy of incarceration the limitations of Black capitalism and the nearly forgotten vision of what a socialist future might look like Two decades later Marable's urgent and hopeful voice is as relevant as ever Robin DG Kelley author of Yo' Mama's DisFunktiona. This might be the most thoroughly tragic book I've read as well as being uite damning of our current system Looking at not just the oppression of lower class blacks by upper class whites but how the realities black people can find themselves in have people turning on one another in similar situations most notably along gender lines but also of note is the extreme hatred that is stoked between white and black people in the lower socio economic levels; people who are experiencing similar difficulties as to their positions and helplessness in society turning on one another and blaming each other because the true culprits felt out of reachIn part owing to the intense tragedy this book lays out; in part because of the direct assault this book has waged on some of my deeper idiologies; and in part because of the necessary details laid out herein this was an incredibly challenging book to read I did not enjoy it I had to trudge through small sections at a time in order to allow myself a chance to process the successive blows against my psyche There was so much numerical support in the form of statistics surveys records and just truckloads of data that it was uite simply a cumbersome read; like a school textbook than anything else And while it almost feels like I'm complaining about this book and all the work that Marable put into it that is not the case; this is merely a warning for those not up to the challenge His portrayal of the tragedy while inundated in dry data is powerful clear and moving The assult on my preconceptions of the unassailability of capitalism while difficult to hear is necessary; there can be no ideas that go unuestioned the fact that I've been harboring these all of my adult life is troubling; that Marable was able to construct such a strong argument as to allow me to remove my firmly buried head from the sand is almost unbelievable The drudgery of all the data was an absolute necessity for a book of this kind; if he had not so exhaustively supported every claim no one would be forced to take them seriously so while it made for slow going this is the sort of book that the topic demands All this to say this is a vitally important book to read but a word of caution if you hold capitalism with a religious fervor that imagions offense with every uestion of it you will have difficulty actually engaging your brain in the topics being considered This is not to say you must accept a socialistic alternative as gospel truth but that in order to properly engage this book you must allow yourself to engage with uestions to foundational preconceptions and hopefully come to a better informed worldview than you began with