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review Populärmusik från Vittula 107 ñ Matti och hans tystlåtna kompis Niila växer upp i det barnrika kvarter i Pajalas utkant som i folkmun kallas Vittulajänkkä förkortat Vittula och i översättning betyder Fittmyren så kallat »som ett slags rå hyllning till den kvinnliga fruktsamheten«Det är sexti och sjuttital vägarna asfalteras småjoMatti och hans tystlåtna kompis Niila växer upp i det barnrika kvarter i Pajalas utkant som i folkmun kallas Vittulajänkkä förkortat Vittula och i översättning betyder Fittmyren så kallat »som e. Matti is a regular teen in 60s Pajala up in the extreme north of Sweden where they think of themselves as Finns and speak Finnish by preference These are guys who know how to hold their liuor laugh at temperatures that go down to forty below zero handle a gun an axe or a snowmobile build a house butcher a reindeer and treat women the way they really want to be treated Though it's true Matti has also discovered rock 'n roll Maybe that makes him knapsu gay but he doesn't care A real Finn can take care of himself if anyone's dumb enough to call him knapsuHe also turns out to be a natural writer his voice is sort of like Huck Finn crossed with a Viking saga Out of consideration to the guys further south he's been kind enough to write his book in Swedish which at least is a half respectable language I understand that there's an English translation too though I'm not sure I can recommend it Here's what Matti thinks of English Engelska detta språk med alldeles för svagt tuggmotstånd för hårda finska käftar så sladdrigt att bara flickor kunde få femmor i det denna snigelaktiga rotvälska dallrande och fuktig uppfunnen av gyttjetrampande kustlänningar som aldrig behövt kämpa som aldrig svultit eller frusit ett språk för lättingar gräsätare soffpruttare så helt utan spänst att tungan sladdrade som en avskuren förhud i munnenEnglish a language which doesn't offer enough resistance to hard Finnish jaws so slippery that only girls can get As in it this damp wobbly snail like gobbledegook invented by muddy southerners who've never needed to fight never been frozen or hungry a language for lazy vegetarians who fart on their sofas so completely lacking in texture that you feel your tongue sliding around in your mouth like a cut off foreskinUnfortunately we can't all be Finns Girls the uickest way to Pajala is fly to Kiruna via Stockholm then take the bus north But don't get your hopes upConsulting the Swedish wikipedia page about this book I'm pleased to see that it's been translated into both the dialect of Finnish spoken here and standard Finnish together with some other languages It also correctly describes the book as a skröna roughly bragging or lying as an art form masuerading as an autobiography I'm afraid to say that some other reviewers have called it magical realist They are so knapsu that they probably enjoy the taste of wine

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Tstånd mot nymodigheterna arvet från trettitalets magerår och från laestadianismen sitter djupt rotat Men Mikael och hans kompisar drömmer om ett annat liv det som kan anas bortom Tornedalens horiso. growing up as a huckleberry FinnGrowing up anyplace isn't smooth it isn't describable exactly If you search your memories later trying to ask why you did something you can't for the life of you remember why You just did it Things happened You tried to get to China You mimicked the rock stars when you thought you were alone You might even have licked cold locks if you grew up in northern climes and got your tongue stuck You were never the hero of your own legend Well folks this novel captures that confusion perfectly I've never set foot in Sweden let alone in its far north by the Finnish border where all the growing up takes place But now I feel I know what it was like Niemi's description magical realism and all gives you such joy such interest that I assure you you will read POPULAR MUSIC IN VITTULA as uickly as you can I haven't laughed out loud over a book so much for years Hey I even laughed in the Boston subway like some kind of weird public transport cackler But I didn't care Kids fight in the woods with B B guns try to start rock bands to impress girls experiment with sex and alcohol get up the teacher's nose visit scary old healers watch the grownups pass out at huge drinkups and dream of fast cars In the very end things turn out uite differently but that's really familiar too Most of the themes are hardly uniue to the area but it's Niemi's genius that he makes you feel it exotic and familiar at the same time It's contemporary writing at its best and I think all readers in English owe a vote of thanks to the translator tooYou've got to have a strong stomach for a couple sections say for example if large piles of dead mice are not your forte If you have ever seen Kaurismaki films like Leningrad Cowboys Go America or The Man without a Past you will recognize the same deadpan Finnish humor in Niemi's novel whose characters are mainly from the Finnish minority in Sweden's rural north I could recount a scene or two for the surfing reader try to deconstruct whatever go literary if I could but your best bet would be to read the book You will not regret it

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Populärmusik från VittulaTt slags rå hyllning till den kvinnliga fruktsamheten«Det är sexti och sjuttital vägarna asfalteras småjordbruken läggs ned rockmusiken gör sin entré De äldre generationerna bjuder dock hårt mo. Best Finnish book everWell OK I haven't read any othersBut this is what I imagine my childhood may have been like if my father had never left FinlandSome of the most endearing scenes and stories I have ever read Too god damned cute to put down Nothing life changing in here but it shouldn't be missed