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PDF É BOOK Garden of Secrets FREE ê Dr Charlotte Adams is torn between two men  Rev Andrew Schilling is her past a high school romance that went drastically wrong  But he's back in town now and part of her present  along with newly divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera whom she's been powerfully attracted to for months  The uestion is which man i's back in town now and part of her present  along with newly divorced Police Chief Joe Silviera whom she's been powerfully attracted t Teaser A reckless yearning filled her heart and her mother's words echoed through her head She didn't want to end up alone but she did have a problem giving up control Wasn't that the reason she'd dashed up the stairs at the manor? Because she'd been afraid that she wouldn't be able to control the situation?My ThoughtsReading Garden of Secrets reminded me at times of the seventies song Torn Between Two Lovers like the singer Charlotte loves both men and has a hard time choosing between them Unlike the singer she's not actually involved with both men partly because she doesn't think it's the right thing to do and partly because she's scared and uncertain One man Andrew was her first love but things ended badly between them Now he's a minister at the church where her father now dead was the minister The other man Joe is the town's police chief and getting a divorce from his wife but technically still married She's attracted to both but also hesitantCharlotte has a deep need to be in control and falling in love reuires letting go She's finished with medical school her internship and her residency so she has time now for a social life since she's no longer working 70 hours a week but she has trouble letting people in including her family and friendsCharlotte is an ObGyn who returned home to Angel’s Bay over a year ago She returned when her father died and ended up staying living with her mother and getting a job at the local hospital The story opens up with Charlotte reluctantly attending a fancy New Year’s Eve party at the mayor's house He and his wife bought the house recently and want to show it off They're not very well liked in town but everyone wants to see their house At midnight Charlotte runs away from both Andrew and Joe to avoid deciding which man to kiss and gets caught up in an attack on the mayor's wifeBefore long Charlotte is a suspect in the attack and subseuent jewelry theft Joe the police chief believes she is innocent but proving it is another matter The mayor is convinced she is responsible unreasonably so at times As you might imagine the investigation and Charlotte's status as a suspect don't help the relationship between them Nor does Charlotte help herself by ignoring warnings to stay away from the mayor and his wife she visits Theresa the mayors wife in the hospital; goes for an early morning run by their house after the attack; pesters their housekeeper when she shows up for an appointment with another doctor; etc Meanwhile Theresa's sister Pamela has returned to town and that causes problems for both Charlotte and Andrew Pamela was her nemesis in high school and even as an adult has the ability to make Charlotte feel gawky and awkward It doesn't help that Pamela slept with Andrew while he was involved with Charlotte in high school and was responsible for their breakup Pamela's back and wants to rekindle her fling with Andrew who is only interested in Charlotte They also share a secret past one Andrew would rather that his parish didn't find out aboutIt's all very soap opera ish but enjoyable Andrew and Joe both could have been fleshed out a bit but what we saw was likable and they both seemed like people I might actually know or meet Charlotte was fleshed out and felt very believable especially her difficult relationship with her mother Despite the mayor's assertions no one else in town seriously considers Charlotte a suspect in the attack I admit the mayor harping on her as a suspect never made sense it didn't feel believable The alleged motive he cast for her was utter crap but he was very insistent and I kept wondering where Freethy was going with it Ultimately nothing came of it except to conveniently cast Charlotte as a suspect and thus force her and Joe to spend time together I liked both Andrew and Joe but I was rooti

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O for months  The uestion is which man is her future and Charlotte has to face and accept her past before she can build a life with Jo Wish there were

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Garden of SecretsDr Charlotte Adams is torn between two men  Rev Andrew Schilling is her past a high school romance that went drastically wrong  But he This was the last book in the Angel's Bay series and the ending left me wanting and closure to the Shipwreck story line and the some of the characters lives I was tired by the middle of the book of the Charlotte saga and who she was going to choose as her man The robbery of the jewels and assault to the assailant got lost with this It could have been a great suspenseful mystery but it left me disappointed I really hope someday the author will decide to write another book in the series to tie up all the loose ends I want to know what happened to the rest of the gold the carvings on the cliff by the angels who this Gabe man is and who had to see if one last time So many of the characters had their happy ever after endings in the previous books but there are too many what happened It felt like she just wanted to get this series over and done with I am being generous with 3 stars