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Trifles AUTHOR Susan Glaspell kindle ¸ eBook 9780887345814 Free ↠ Trifles is a one act play by Susan Glaspell Her short story A Jury of Her Peers was adapted from the play a year after its debut It was first performed by the Provincetown Players at the Wharf Theatre in Provincetown Massachusetts on August 8 1916 InRangely and found her husband upstairs with a rope around his neck dead Mr Hale notes that when he uestioned her Mrs Wright claimed that she was fast asleep when someone strangled her husbandOften hailed as one of the uintessential feminist plays 'Trifles' earned Glaspell a Pulitzer Prize and renewed literary recogniti After reading this play I wasn't sure how I felt about it There was not much happening but at the same time it was full of symbols The story starts with three men and two women in a house investigating the murder of John Wright and trying to find clues in the house to see if Mrs Wright was the one who murdered him or if she wasn't The main idea in the text is that women are clever and help one another but men can't see that and think women only pay attention to silly things We find that the evidence is found by women in things men would label as 'trifles' We find a sexist attitude from men who think there can't be any evidence of the murder in the kitchen because it's only a place for women Throughout the play the two women are left in the kitchen while the three men 'work' As regards the symbols found in the play we get the bird which could either be a symbol of Mrs Wright seeming someone she's not because the two women said she seemed like a bird but maybe she was actually the cat who kille the bird or maybe she was actually a bird and her husband killed many of the things she enjoyed doing like singing and she killed her husband for revenge There is also the empty cage which could be a symbol of freedom now that her husband is dead Another symbol we get is related to what Mrs Wright was sewing and how the two women keep saying that they didn't know if she was going 'to uilt it or to knot it' and finally they agree that she was going to knot it This could be related to the fact that Mrs Wright choked his husband to death with a rope around his neck I liked how this was a feminist story that gave traits to men and women that are still present nowadays in our society sisterhood among women and cleverness vs men thinking women only care about trifles However I personally think the story lacked some action as I finished it and felt as if not much had actually happened

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Rs Hale It is freuently anthologized in American literature textbooks The play begins as the county attorney the sherrif Mr Hale Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale enter the Wright's empty farm house On prompting from the county attorney Mr Hale recounts his visit to the house the previous day when he found Mrs Wright behaving st Also written by Glaspell as a short story A Jury of her Peers which I don't like nearly as well There's a lovely film 1980 film version which though entitled A Jury of her Peers follows the staging and script of the one act play TriflesGlaspell's cleanly scripted drama plays on the idea that men and women speak different languages and perceive different realities In the midst of a murder investigation at a rural farmhouse the men seeking the facts trying to determine the motive march upstairs to scrutinize the crime scene Meanwhile they miss the subtle clues the two women are able to read downstairs as they scan the home's trifles a partially cleaned table a oddly sewn bit of stitching a broken birdcage etc The 1916 play remains remarkably fresh and modern

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Trifles AUTHOR Susan GlaspeTrifles is a one act play by Susan Glaspell Her short story A Jury of Her Peers was adapted from the play a year after its debut It was first performed by the Provincetown Players at the Wharf Theatre in Provincetown Massachusetts on August 8 1916 In the original play Glaspell played the role of one of the characters M This play is often hailed as an icon for feminist writing in which men often belittle anything associated with women The men in the play look only for concrete evidence within their limited parameters On the other hand the women would consider the emotional and personal aspects of the murder case into account The women tried to put themselves in the murderer's shoe so to speak As such the women uickly find the motive and evidence of the murder which was the whole point of the characters' visit to the scene Meanwhile the men fuss all around the house and fail to find any evidence for the case since their prejudice and lack of respect of women's 'trifles' narrow their viewsPeople usually stop their analysis of the significance of the story there But I would argue that the story means much than that Trifles shows the whole world of the subtle but real interplay between one's prejudices and the blind spots that they produce be it in terms of communication skills social awareness and even international politics The same message can be applied to the analysis of issues in colonization decolonization 'interracial' relations and so many other topics in which power and the trifling of the other ones are involvedThe play is as relevant today and even in the future as in the day it was penned Whenever groups of people feel so shielded and so right in their own world that they can't empathize with people of different walks of life they're reenacting the scenes of Trifles