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A Viking ship While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant Anora captures his heart and he vows to have he Let me open my review by saying that this was the first book published as a romance novel I've ever read well read in its entirety that is I wanted to expand my horizons through exposure to different types of fiction and I thought that this book with its medieval setting and uasi Shakespearean plot was a good choice for an introduction to the genreI expected that it would at least hold my interest and in that respect it didn't disappoint The plot was interesting enough to keep me engaged and the lead character was likable and well developed Unfortunately the other characters all of them were rather weak and I didn't particularly care about anyone other than the lead The plot while fun was also rather predictable and when surprises were woven in they came across as rather contrived For example one villain happens to show up on three separate occasions to threaten the main character and each time another character just happens to swoop in and rescue her just when all appears lostAs far as the sex scenes were concerned I thought they were adeuatenot really a weakness but there was definitely some room for improvement In terms of emphasis while they were somewhat explicit the focus was on the sensations and emotions rather than the physical play by play probably typical for this type of bookIn terms of style it was very readable My main complaint would be that some of the descriptions got a little repetitive his crushing kiss her lithe form etc I only noticed one historical flaw potatoes were eaten on a couple of occasions; these would not be introduced to Europe until after Columbus as they are native to the Americas Otherwise the historical details seemed pretty good to meIn terms of the overall rating I'd give it a 25 if I could I'll make it an even three based on the fact that I did enjoy reading it despite it being not my usual fare If it sounds interesting and if you can get it for little to no cost then I'd say it's worth a look

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Twin PassionsR To preserve her sister's maidenhood Gwendolyn initiates a dangerous game Will the twins be rescued before Gwendolyn surrenders to her own passio I never tire of reading Miriam Minger books Hokan is a proud and strong warrior Gwendolyn is a tomboy who breaks all the rules They clash from the moment they meet The story takes us on the tempestuous journey as they each try to outwit each other Gwendolyn is trying to protect her sister from Homan’s attention She also finds herself having to guard her heart from the feelings she is having for him There is an abundance of adventure that gives vivid insight into the lifestyle of the times The author as she usually does creates a vivid picture for the reader of scenery emotions and gives great historical authenticity to the story Hokan and Gwendolyn as well as Añora and Wulfgar all get their happy ending

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EBOOK ´ EPUB Twin Passions ä 9780982883518 ☆ Beautiful feminine Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered She and her identical twin tomboyish Gwendolyn are kidnapped and taken aboard a Viking ship While the handsome captain mistakes Gwendolyn for a boy and appoints her his servant Anora captures his heart and he vows Beautiful feminine Anora finds her wedding plans suddenly shattered She and her identical twin tomboyish Gwendolyn are kidnapped and taken aboard Exciting Fast Paced Viking Romance Kept Me ReadingI should first say that I loved this story It’s a 5 star historical romance but I could not give it 5 stars as it suffers from some improbable elements and missed details discussed below Even with these detractions however I found the story absorbing and it kept me reading late into the night I recommend it Set in England and Norway in 973 984 AD when King Edgar ruled the Anglo Saxons it tells of two beautiful twin sisters who are captured by a Norwegian Viking merchant’s men and taken back to his home in Norway One of the sisters Anora is betrothed to and in love with Wulfgar a prince of Danelaw—a marriage arranged by King Edgar The other sister Gwendolyn is a tomboy who wears her hair short and trained with their father’s men as a warrior Yet she is still the virtual double of her beautiful sister Both girls had many suitors in EnglandThough the sisters were taken against Hakon’s orders and he recognized by their speech and mannerisms they were highborn he tells them they will be his slaves in Norway “Norge” and will not be returned to England In this Hakon looked less than noble He lusted after Anora and wanted her for himself so he also appeared selfish His own actions were contrary to his admonishment to his crew that they not become involved with the Anglo SaxonsWhat Minger did well an intriguing plot wonderful characters Gwen was wonderful particularly in the first half excellent reflection of the historical setting good dialog superb writing great action scenes and a fast pace read this stuff is hard to get right so it counts for much But there were things that kept me from giving her the 5 stars I wanted to Minger tended to “head hop” from one character’s mind to another I counted 5 points of view changes in the first two chapters While this doesn’t usually bother me her changes came so rapidly and sometimes for only a sentence or two that it distracted Then too in than ten instances while in Hakon’s point of view he thinks “Gwendolyn” when he should have thought “Garric”; and in at least other 5 instances he should have thought “Anora” That was confusingI was following the logic of the story really hanging in there until half way through the book when the brilliantly defiant Gwendolyn who’d been masuerading as the lad Garric and protecting her sister while hating Hakon for what he’d subjected them to takes her sister’s place when Anora is summoned to Hakon’s bed I saw Gwen’s action as noble and was cheering her on but after they had sex all her anger hate and resolve to escape just dissipates into nothing What a let down that was I expected her to be even angrier after that since she a noble born Saxon had been forced to become a Viking’s whore But noall Hakon’s people think it’s “special” that she is now the chieftain’s “concubine” and Gwen apparently sees no problem with it I couldn’t fathom that not in an era when a young woman’s purity was her greatest possession This total turnaround in Gwen’s emotions came too suddenly to be believedOther improbable elements No one not even Hakon ever asked the two captives who they were nor did either of the sisters tell Hakon that they were the daughters of the Earl of Cheshire or that Anora was betrothed to a prince of the Danelaw That seemed bizarre when it might have protected them if not returned them home When the head Jarl tells all the chieftains including Hakon they are searching for two Anglo Saxon sisters taken captive because if the girls are not returned it will mean war with Denmark and England no descriptions or names are given to the chieftains to help them find the sisters nor do any ask That didn’t seem logical Gwen in disguise as Garric was whipped with the lash and while suffering welts on her woman’s skin went to Hakon’s bed and he never noticed her welts and she never winced as he embraced her Even when she was naked in her bath none of the women noticed anything How was that? During the whole story no one noticed the difference in muscles or callouses between the two sisters yet Gwen had been rowing the boat with the men for days and well as saddling horses To me this was an omission especially since Hakon was sleeping with Gwen thinking she was Anora And very late in the story Hakon wonders how a brother and sister can look so much alike He also never considered she would be pregnant though he was bedding her each night all of which made him seem highly unobservant and a little denseFinally which of the sisters did Hakon love? Anora Gwen or both? It was Anora he came to know and desire on the boat ride to Norway and after they arrived he was obsessed with having her But he has sex with Gwen when she went to his bed pretending to be her sister It was Anora that Hakon wanted but he got Gwen Yes he tells Gwen he loves her after a night of passion but is it really Gwen he loves or Anora—or both? Lastly he never apologized to Gwen for taking her honor though her father and Wulfgar would kill him for it What a cad