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De Niro's Gameога се е водела войнаАз вървях по средата на улицата сякаш тя беше моя Вървях през най спокойния град един празен град който аз харесвах Всички градове би трябвало да бъдат изпразнени от хората и дадени на кучетат. Got about 30% in and just couldn't get any further


колонии плъхове под земята Минах покрай снимките на мъртви младежи залепени на дървени електрически стълбове и разположени по входовете на сградите върху малки олтари Бейрут беше най спокойният град в който няк. Hage's first novel won the 2008 IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and was shortlisted for Canada's two most prestigious literary prizes the 2006 Giller and 2006 GGs for its treatment of the Lebanese civil war The first two sections of the novel deal with the brutality of home that Bassam tries to escape in the third act but a lifelong exposure to war and violence makes this impossible What interests me is a moment in the third act when Canada is painted as the safe haven for this potential refugee To be explored

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READ & DOWNLOAD Â De Niro's Game Ô Десет хиляди бомби бяха паднали и аз очаквах смъртта да дойде и да загребе дневния си дял от купата с крайници и кръв Вървях по улицата под падащите бомби Улиците бяха празнДесет хиляди бомби бяха паднали и аз очаквах смъртта да дойде и да загребе дневния си дял от купата с крайници и кръв Вървях по улицата под падащите бомби Улиците бяха празни Минавах над хора скрити в убежища като. The book ended That was the only disappointing thing about it I enjoyed reading this book so much to the point where I subconsciously impeded reaching the last chapter Every time I come to exhaustively describe a war the drastic change in the atmosphere that makes the country seem like a whole other one which we are not familiar with how mothers children and fathers feel when they lose a loved one I render myself speechless But the fact that Rawi Hage is able to depict the war with such vivid descriptions and imageries that no one would think of using to describe a war is what makes this novel a great one I think that this portrayal of the war can be attributed to the fact that Hage is a photographer and I think that he made his view on photography clear to readers through Rhea a minor character in the book when she said “Photography is about death It preserves the illusion of a past moment that can never be re enacted”“But in the absence of an initiative by the Lebanese government to preserve a memory of the war it was artists and writers who took it upon themselves to create and recreate these events” said Hage And this is exactly what he did when he wrote this novel It is not only the description of the setting the atmosphere and the characters that contributed to the brilliance of depicting the war but also the omniscient third person point of view that the story is written in is what helped the reader feel exactly what she would feel if she were in a war Having access to all of Bassam’s thoughts and his great desire to leave the country and get away from everything puts the reader in a place where he is agitated too if one of the characters dies or if something does not go according to planRawi Hage said in an interview “I emphasized absurdity in my writing Absurdity is one of those indefinable ambiguities that lingers between violence humor apathy loss and even sympathy and hope War is certainly an ultimate act of absurdity” And this is what you will find in the novel All of the aspects that exist in our everyday life are beautifully crammed into this novel Whether the characters feel it or not you will definitely get in touch with violence humor apathy loss and even sympathy and hope while reading this bookAs for the style of writing I absolutely loved the unconventional ways that Hage used to write the dialogue Neither uotation marks nor indentations were used and this is what makes the dialogue seem so realistic It is illustrated as it really is An uninterrupted conversation between two people who do not have an audience to care about Also Hage rarely uses the terms “sighed shouted told” and leaves it up to the reader to infer what tone the characters adopted while speaking to each other Also we become well aware of the fact that Bassam can speak than one language but Hage leaves it up to us to decide whether Bassam is speaking in Arabic English or French I also loved the scattered slips of Lebanese words and well known hilarious Lebanese phrases and swear words In addition to that the different allusions to the Lebanese culture in general are what I think help a Lebanese reader get in touch with his roots Finally the open end is one of my favorite things in the book Although this contradicts my opinion of open endings to brilliant novels I think that Rawi Hage could not have ended the book in a better way I won’t say anything else about this point because I don’t want to spoil it for future readersI highly recommend this book to every reader who is willing to put the teenage fantasy lovey dovey books aside and read something mature which will contribute to hisher intellectual standards But I also recommend getting familiar with the events of the Lebanese war before because Rawi Hage admitted himself that he wrote the book assuming that the readers would be aware of the Lebanese war and its eventsSo there you have it a brilliant book which unfortunately ended