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After Their VowsBroken vows don’t necessarily mean a broken marriageAngie de Calvhos meant every word of the vows she shared with husband Roue at the altar Pity he didn’t return her sincerity The hero was a user the heroine was weak The plot centers around a married couple The heroine has had to raise her brother past debt left by the parents and the constant fear that if she couldn't he'd be taken away Her brother grew up horribly spoiled and getting into trouble She spends most of their marriage running after her brother to help him out of some scrape When the latest happens and she's called down to his school the hero decides that if she won't tell her brother to shove it he'll go find someone else to warm him bed for the night Heroine goes not thinking that he'd actually do it Instead she realizes that she has been putting her brother first and needs to work on her marriage so turns around She goes to the party they were supposed to be attending at a club and finds out her husband actually meant it He's at the party on the dance floor making out with a model and one step away from having sex with her right on the dance floor The heroine leaves and has to face all the papers the next morning showing him and the model wrapped around each other going into the model's apartment A year later the hero blackmails the heroine back to him using her brother The heroine falls into lust with him and he considers the fact that because he eventually changed his mind and didn't actually have sex with the model his character is lily white and he needs to punish the heroine for daring to believe that he would actually have sex with someone else Yes how dare she believe that he would have sex with someone else when he had every intention of having sex with someone else went out and found the someone else practically had sex with her in public got himself plastered in the papers as a cheater never denied it to the press but it was all her fault for thinking he was capable of it Apparently she should have lived in a rose tinted world where she didn't have a clue how he really was and just think there was no way he would His reasoning is moronic and the heroine is no better Instead of her telling him that a married man shouldn't behave like that she agrees that if he didn't actually have sex with the model then he deserved his revenge on her for leaving him Excuse me? Someone hit these people with a stupid stick This is about as dumb as believing that it's not cheating if it was just oral sex And the hero doesn't even realize until over half way through the book that 'maybe' his actions weren't what a married man should be doing But that's negated by the heroine denying his blame and instead saying of course he would cheat when she was such a lousy wife So the next time he decides to find someone else she better just take it to heart that the only reason why he's doing it is because she's a lousy wife and it's her fault He holds no responsibility for his own actions And I'm sure there will be a next time

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FREE PDF µ BOOK After Their Vows Ç RANDARENEWABLES Û Broken vows don’t necessarily mean a broken marriageAngie de Calvhos meant every word of the vows she shared with husband Roue at the altar Pity he didn’t return her sincerity Expecting happy ever after instead Angie found herself going through a mortifyingly publiExpecting happy ever after instead Angie found herself going through a mortifyingly public separationNow divorce papers in hand Angie has finally built up the courage to put an end This is the story of Angie and Roue they have been separated for a year after it was reported in the press that Roue had slept with another woman Angie a former model has spent most off her adult life raising her younger brother and fighting to keep them out of debt After she had married Roue she constantly felt torn between her troublesome brother her career and Roue Deeply heartbroken by Roue's betrayal she had retreated for a while then uit modelling to take up a regular job with her former agent She was unaware that her brother had been stealing from Roue using one of her credit cards When Roue finds out about this he uses it as blackmail in order to have Angie come back to him If you read my reviews regularly you will probably know two things about me by now The first is that I'm pretty easy to please most of the time a book just needs pages and I'll like it The second thing is that I don't like being overly negative so I will try and contain my frustrations about certain elements of this book So lets start on a positive note; as is expected of Michelle Reid's books the writing is really good especially when it comes to describing and setting the scene OK so here is the stuff I didn't like The premise of the story is samey it's something that has been done many many times before and this has all the typical elements playboy husband false accusations of infidelity blackmail to make the woman fall in line etc etc It's been done and it has been done much better than this The next thing I'm going to talk about is what really killed my enjoyment It raises the uestion of 'what constitutes as an act of infidelity?' To me any act of intimacy with someone other than your spousepartner is infidelity that includes kissing embracing sex etc In this book the hero was caught passionately kissing another woman yet thinks he has been wrongfully accused of being a cheater because he didn't sleep with the other woman He punishes the heroine for believing he cheated but to my mind HE DID CHEAT Infidelity to me is a no no in books unless it had solid reasons and written with sensitivity this is not the case with this book If you take these things and add a rather cruel hero a doormat heroine a crow bared in miscarriage mentioned once then a pregnancy that happens despite a condom and the pill super sperm and you are left with a book that unfortunately I just didn't enjoy Originally posted at

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To her time as a de Calvhos wife once and for allBut she’s forgotten the magnetic pull that devilish Roue possesses And that broken vows don’t necessarily mean a broken marria Warning major spoilers aheadI am conflicted about this one I actually really liked the story overall I thought both hero and heroine were well developed and interestingHowever However I have a MASSIVE problem with the fact that the hero euated Angie driving away from his house with him CHEATING on her with another woman And yes I consider Roue kissing another woman in a club cheating Abso freakin lutely cheating In fact Roue admits that if he had found Angie making out with a guy in the same circumstance he would have gone ballistic and broken up with herSo if she had done the same thing he would have thrown her outBut he did it and he euates it with her going off to see her brother?He says that Angie driving away then changing her mind turning around and coming back to him was the SAME THING as him making out with a woman at a club and then deciding not to sleep with herOh My God WHA????? Sorry That is complete and utter bull puckyIf I knew how to add a volcano gif to this review I would do it But I can't So just imagineVOLCANO EXPLODING Hee heeAlso one thing Her miscarriage was a major trauma for her and it was never really discussed between the two of them At least not on page for the reader to see That was irksome We needed some emotional resolution from that scenario That was a major fail for meSo I'm not really sure how to rate this Let's just leave it atwell written interesting characters sexy chemistry but unfortunately some very frustrating moments