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review East Wind Rain Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB à From the New York Times bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl comes this provocative compelling novel of irrevocable conseuences for people thrust unwittingly into a devastating war of nations and American identity—based on a little known true eventDecember 1941 The inhabitants of Niihau lHas now come to Eden slowly undoing its tranuillity widening the cracks in the already troubled marriage of Irene and Yoshio Harada the island's only Japanese American couple It will test everyone's loyalties and all they believe in as Paradise once within reach slowly falls victim to its own isolated innocence. For everyone who gave this five stars good for you I just didn't love it There were a whole lot of characters and the names got confusing because most of them weren't really fleshed out and memorable The history was interesting indeed but it got to be a tad cumbersome The book plodded and I honestly couldn't wait to get to the end of it Normally I can read a book sitting on the floor in the middle of a million people but this one didn't hold my attention enough for me to concentrate on it Just not my fave

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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Gutsy Girl comes this provocative compelling novel of irrevocable conseuences for people thrust unwittingly into a devastating war of nations and American identity based on a little known true eventDecember 1941 The inhabitants of Niihau lead a simple life Mostl. I do not remember the attack on Pearl Harbor I wasn't born until the following year but the situations arising from it were very present in my childhood and later There were no Japanese children in my elementary classes and when I moved to a small coastal village in the mid fifties there were two Japanese families in the high school both of which had been interned during the war We have lived with the need for apology the settling of accounts with the government and finally an awareness of the contributions made by the nissei and sensei as well as the original immigrant families to the life of our coast To go back to the time before is always difficult but Caroline Paul has given us a very good attemptNiihau is a good example of a culturally isolated population a privately owned island a few sea miles away from Pearl Harbor a place with no electricity or motor vehicles no radio or newspapers and the language is Hawaiian at a time when the native language was fading fast on the other islands The Robinson family deliberately kept their island isolated to protect the people from the contamination of modern life There were only three Japanese living here alongside the 130 or so native people and they appear according to Paul to have been accepted as neighbours by the Hawaiians although there were some local things about which they weren't told things like the location of hidden water springs The Japanese family appear to have been a little reticent and the wife fearful of rejection The husband had wanted to come to the island because he had had very unpleasant experiences in California and felt there would be less rejection among the people of colour on NiihauWhen Pearl Harbor was attacked Niihau was not aware and they were also unaware of the war that had been sweeping Europe and parts of Asia for some time so when a Japanese Zero crashed on the edge of a field they didn't know what to make of it Loyalties come immediately to the fore the pilot's his military tie to his unit and the emperor the Japanese couple to America and the Hawaiians to Mr Robinson the owner who will come and sort it all out Everything becomes misunderstanding on top of misunderstand after that The pilot doesn't speak English and cannot understand how apparently Japanese people could not have vital ties to the emperor the Sun of Heaven Yoshio Harada and his wife were born in Hawaii and a generation away from Japan so they are initially American in their reactions They shift to a pragmatic view that if the Japanese have invaded they should be alright as being obviously Japanese speaking and Japanese in appearance so they should help the pilot as well as Yoshio hoping to regain self respect in his wife's eyes The Hawaiians are bemused by what they see as strange responses to their offers of shelter offers colored by their fear of what Mr Robinson will say about an outsider being allowed onto the islandThe cultural and linguistic misunderstandings become and complex with no one completely honest with the others The Hawaiians revert to earlier faith practices the pilot doesn't say anything about his determination to commit suicide once he's destroyed his plane and documents and Yoshio and Irene are not honest with either each other or anyone elseThese misunderstandings can only end badly although not as badly as they might have but I don't agree with those who blame this incident for the interning of the Japanese The incident is indicative of the American attitude toward Asians certainly but I don't imagine the Canadian government was aware of events on Niihau when they created our own internment camps This was a fascinating and thought provoking book and while it is properly a novel so much of it is exactly what happened that it can be read almost as history

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East Wind RainY Hawaiian natives they work the ranch of Niihau's eccentric haole owner who keeps his island totally isolated from the outside world devoid of cars phones and electricity But then a plane crash lands there and although the villagers rescue the pilot they have no idea that he has just attacked Pearl Harbor War. I enjoyed this book very much I went to my local library looking for something good and different; East Wind Rain lived fit the bill nicely What caused me to pull the book off the shelf was the title Then the story itself based on a real life incident the tale of a Japanese Zero pilot who crash lands on a small Hawaiian island after participating in the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that killed 3000 American servicemen on December 7th 1941 The island NishiKaichi puts his plane down on a small one in the Hawaiian chain called Niihau was owned by Alymer Robinson a Christian landowner who insisted that the Hawaiians that lived and worked on his island live in a primitive and Christian state There were none of the modern conveniences available in 1940 jeeps two way radios refrigerators radios etc on the island So the workers were pretty much ignorant of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor an event which precipitated America’s entry into WWII As the pilot sat strapped unconscious in his downed Zero he was rescued and ‘taken into custody’ by one of the Hawaiian bosses on the island Howard Kaleohano Howard the only Hawaiian on the island that could read English was vaguely aware of the rising tensions between Japan and America having on occasion read some news articles on the old newsprint used to wrap supplies sent to the island He was immediately suspicious about the pilot but per his orders decided to wait the return of Mr Robinson who had gone to the neighboring island of Kauai to get supplies The other major players in this drama are the Haradas a Nisei couple who eventually join up with the Zero pilot to ensure the victory of the Japanese forces they were sure would soon arriveThe book is compelling and very well written I admire Caroline Paul for tackling a touchy subject for her novel and making it all work My only criticism is that none of the characters stand out memorably There is no Scarlett O’Hara Gone With the Wind no Private Robert E Lee Prewitt From Here to Eternity The incident itself stars in this tale And it all works