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READER Â DOC The September ueen FREE ✓ Set against the volatile backdrop of the English Civil War dive into this enthralling tale of danger bravery and a woman who would do anything for the man she lovedIt's 1651 and Jane Lane leads a privileged life inside the walls of her family's home At 25 years old her parents are keen to see her settledCes are close behind them baying for Charles' blood and the blood of anyone who seeks to help him Putting herself in mortal danger Jane must help the king escape to safety by disguising him as her manservantWith the shadow of the gallows dogging their every step Jane finds herself falling in lov I reviewed this book for wwwluxuryreadingcomAt a time when it seemed a well to do young woman’s only real responsibilities were to marry well have children and create a loving home for her family Jane Lane defied all odds to go after the life she wanted no matter the conseuences A truly inspiring woman she rose from an average English country girl to a woman admired across England as the savior of their King But her story is also bursting with danger deprivation and sadness For just because you give your all in search of what you want doesn’t mean you are guaranteed your happily ever afterThe September ueen introduced me to a portion of history and people I had previously read little about The book does a wonderful job of developing these characters into relatable and understandable people Jane for one is incredibly spunky and brave and even when she makes odd choices and gives so much of herself in ways most people would never do she presents her choices in such a clear manner that you can completely understand why she does it The majority of the characters are very likeable and even those that are less so are given enough time to show why they make the choices they do It is not hard to picture yourself right beside Jane and her compatriots and to get a full view of the people they are The plot is also well developed which in the mood I was in when reading The September ueen became a little too much at times The reader feels the time as they go alone with Jane on the long journeys across England and then for years in exile time dragging on and on with a lot of the same landscape to look at and nothing much else going on for long periods I believe I would have enjoyed a little jumping to the key points and a little less of the day to day hardship but that could just be me The September ueen is a wonderful introduction for anyone who isn’t familiar with the Royal Miracle of Charles II’s battle for his throne or the people who helped him get there or an enjoyable story for those already familiar It is engaging and does a solid job of presenting not only the excitement of the adventure but the sacrifices they all had to make including the King It has definitely peaked my interest to learn about the time period and I’m excited to now read Gillian Bagwell’s first book The Darling Strumpet which discusses another of King Charles II’s love interests Nell Gwynn

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Set against the volatile backdrop of the English Civil War dive into this enthralling tale of danger bravery and a woman who would do anything for the man she lovedIt's 1651 and Jane Lane leads a privileged life inside the walls of her family's home At 25 years old her parents are keen to see he EDIT September 2013The author's recent bad behaviour has caused me to revist this book and decide that my initial star rating of one point five should be rounded down not up as I was being generous as I usually am with histficMs Bagwell contacted me on my personal Facebook to aggressively accuse me of stealing her researchpictures for my blog post below which is patently untrue as I wrote said post and scheduled it months before I ever heard of Ms Bagwell or her book I've since been told that if I don't want errant authors contacting me to shout at me on my personal Facebook I should set my security so that nobody can message me at all Not sure why Ms Bagwell didn't use my authorFacebook Twitter or indeed here on Goodreads to contact me as they are all linked from the website she's clearly been on Glad some other poor Erin Lawless didn't get her message Ms Bagwell also took issue with my criticism of her portraying a woman who was described by her contemporaries as “no beauty” as a bombshell and suggested I'd never seen a portrait of her Never mind beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that and so are bad books ORIGINAL REVIEW This book annoyed me so much that it pushed my planned blog post on the real Jane Lane forward by several months Jane is now my 28th Hidden Historical Heroine as opposed to appearing in the 40s Bagwell's fictional Jane Lane is an absolute drip and an unforgiveable 'Mary Sue' Despite Jane's contemporaries referring to her as 'no beauty' here Jane is an absolute stunner only unmarried at 25 because her indulgent 17th century parents seem to be allowing her to wait to marry for love Men fall in love with her left right and centre gentlemen kings cousins Most irritatingly of all she uotes Shakespeare at every conceivable opportunity; in all seriousness I think the bard should get joint author credits here Pretty much every single character is unlikeable and unsympathetic Bagwell follows the story of Charles' miraculous escape as he himself told it so there's not really any plot invention going on here but somehow she manages to rid the source material of most of its tension and peril Avoid

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The September ueenR settled but Jane dreams of a union that goes beyond the advantageous match her father desiresHer uiet world is shattered when Royalists fighting to restore the crown to King Charles II arrive at their door imploring Jane and her family for help They have been hiding the king but Cromwell's for This had been a to read for me but then this no No thank you I'll spend my hard earned money on an author who doesn't support bullying