eBook ↠ Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man An Unauthorized Biography Ü Hardcover

eBook Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man An Unauthorized Biography

eBook ↠ Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man An Unauthorized Biography Ü Hardcover Á Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man is a meticulously researched life story of Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist and producer From his childhood in war torn Britain and his pivotal role in the recording studios that launEnsions Swinging London the Sunset Strip Bron yr Aur Kashmir and Clarksdale Magus Musician Man traverses through all of Page's hallowed stomping grounds and tells at last the complete story of one of rock 'n' roll's most enigmatic and influential talents This is a pretty good book slightly dry and with many of the same stories you can read elsewhere but an interesting book none the less This book excells when it comes to describing his music though the Author has a thorough understanding of the guitar and cords er is that how you speel it? P and such so gives uite detailed accounts ofriffs ? etcAs you can probably guess it was lost on me Im sure though that others who understand it Will find it very interestingA nice easy read

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Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man is a meticulously researched life story of Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist and producer From his childhood in war torn Britain and his pivotal role in the recording studios that launched the British Invasion of the '60s t Any rabid Zeppelin lover won't be stopped by bad reviews So far so good It sheds light on his early session work credits The guitarist for Zeppelin was also the six stringer behind Joe Cocker's roaring cover of I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends and recording sessions for The Beatles The Who The Rolling Stones Donovan and More than ever I realize this man IS Classic Rock

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Jimmy Page Magus Musician Man An Unauthorized BiographyO his milestone achievements his dark nefarious excesses with Led Zeppelin and his emergence as a revered cultural icon and honored philanthropist this biography the first ever written about Jimmy Page portrays all his spiritual artistic and personal dim Believe it or not it took me a long time to really appreciate Led Zeppelin and their Magus guitarist Jimmy Page And believe it or not that length of time was determined by two psycho girlfriends who also happened to be obsessive Led Zeppelin fans I connected the two psychosis and Zep fandom and only made the mistake twice in dating luckily my mistake of re examining Page and Zep came about when I traded for my first Zep bootleg concert with another bootlegger He has the Texas Pop Fest performance of Zep 19690831 for a Hendrix concert I had I don't remember the exact date but it was a near last date from Europe where fans were booing because Jimi wasn't playing Foxy Lady and the 'heavy pop' hits fans apparently preferred only a few weeks before Jimi took a few too many downers and didn't wake up on this planet And that was my complete turnaround on Zep The Texas Pop Fest performance was at the end of their third North American tour and actually on their way home to the UK It is a shorter performance than their standard concert length at that time as most festival performances are or at least were at the time Along with the smile prompted by the MC's announcing them as The Led Zeppelin while Bonzo JPJ and Page are thumping out the beginnings of Train Kept A'Rollin' Zep's opener early on and again on their last European tour Page's double stop bend for the train whistle warns of a runaway freight coming down the tracks and indeed seconds later it's upon you roaring down the rhythmic thumps of the track separations keeping time as Plant finally comes in howling and they are off and running Hearing this for the first time after only having the average and tired presentation from The Song Remains The Same as a reference point of a live Zep performance the difference gives you gooseflesh and sets your heart rate a good thirty percent higher than it was just moments before Page's guitar screams as if ablaze while the below decks engine room of Bonzo and JPJ have stoked to the highest pressure all the while warning as Plant is warning any unaware ships in their path with some of the most sexual and powerful siren calls ever to be heard in rock history Even the slow blues numbers in this performance give a passion that is rarely met on stage by any other band And so I became a Zep disciple collecting all the bootlegs i possibly can still many holes need filling but with over a thousand cd's that i rotate through regularly I found what so many people had claimed that Zep's live performances were beyond what the single movie released to the public showed Indeed they are one of the top three live bands ever imho The Who and Springsteen being the other twoSo now we have another Zep book Zep books are turned out cheap and shoddy most often with Hammer of the Gods leading the way in trash and lower level writing I suppose still Hammer is reuired reading for the seamier rumors etc of Zep's decade of dominance but really it is only best appreciated by stoned teensCase's bio on Jimmy is of course nearly as much a Zep bio as that of the singular guitarist for the group But it is well written not the usual 3rd or 4th grade level typical to rock books and well researched as the bibliography and notes will show And it does capture the beginnings of the young guitarist uite well and gives the reader a solid background on where the style and method came from Also there is uite a lot about the gear Page useduses Most books will barely mention this as either the author isn't interested or doesn't understand so assumes the same for his audience but I can't think of why anyone would think it is unimportant But Case does a very good job of covering this as well as the studio methods Page used that were contrary to the studio standards of the time but helped to define that uniue Zep studio sound Overall this is a very good bio of one of the most important guitarists in rock history both from the acoustic and electric side of the guitar not to mention the alternate tunings he so often used and frustrated me and other guitarists when trying to figure out how Page ever got some mof those uniue sounds for example 'Going to California' we knew it was G and C but never realized the alt tuning he used to get the special sound and feel this was long before the internet where tabs and video lessons were freely available As with most fans who become a bit than the typical fanatics the term is used for you'll want to get this book Along with Led Zeppelin 1968 1980 by Keith Shadwick this is one of the top five or so books out there I haven't read the newest 'Interviews with Page book so i can't comment on that Shadwicks' books is by far the best book for Zep fans interested in other parts of their history aside from the tiresome 'red snapper' story