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In Bram Stoker's immortal novel Mina Harker became a living breathing object of obsession only to fall prey to her stalker's seductive powers Ther. I originally added this book as I have always wanted to know what happened to Mina Harker after Dracula After reading some reviews im not so sure anyupdated 04112013Turns out I was right Blah found a copy on line got through a few pagesMost of the negative reviews about this are right Kiraly probably did read Dracula but her understanding of the character of Mina Harker and mine just seem to be totally opposite1 I saw Mina Harker as a very religious woman who would had no such thing as a lapse in faith2 At no point at all through out The Original Dracula was she ever drawn to or though of Dracula in a romantic or sexual manner ever3 Mina Harker was completely and totally a Victorian woman I don't mean for one minute that she was weak or to trusting in the male element To me the original Character was a very strong woman and had total faith in her husband and those who became her friends and protectorsDon't get me wrong I was not a fan of the Original but I love vampires and Bram Stoker was a great contributor to the mythos therefore for that alone the book is a classic no matter how horribly written I might think it was Mina well this Mina in any event I just did not like Mina original fought against Dracula with all her might she was in constant prayer grating as it was New Mina just seems too willing she doesn't even pretend to fight in my opinion and the fact that the author comes out and says Mina holds back with her husband in the bedroom but becomes wonton with Dracula it absolutely absurd I don't think that original Mina would have been that prudish with her husband in private but one persons idea of crazy sex is not necessarily the same as someone else Also this Mina seems whinny Original Mina stated her feelings and ideas clearly and openly but openly makes the decision to withhold her fears from her companions to protect them in a like wise fashion as what they choose to protect her It is clear in Bram Stokers' original that the fact that her companions choice to keep certain things from her does annoy her yet she understands the sentiment completely And then some secrecy becomes necessary as her connection to Dracula growsBut most of all what annoyed me was that Dracula forced Mina to drink his blood their was no nicey nicey and yes I did just kill a wordabout it He was hard and cruel there was no loneliness in his eyes The review of one reader was right when she said that this was to much of the film version and not the written originalNever thought that I'd actually be defending Bram Stokers Dracula

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Mina Author Elaine BergstrBroken Could Mina return to the ordinary turns of a day and to the restraints of a Victorian marriage after the pleasures of such exuisite darknes. Appalling revisionist tripe Mina recasts the Dracula story as a Harleuin romance Though author Marie Kiraly promises to be as “faithful as possibly” to Bram Stoker’s work she really isn’t Instead Mira is shown to be secretly in league with Dracula in her “secret” journal having made a pact with him to secure the safety of her company Then upon her return to Exeter she becomes a harlot striking up an affair with a well known libertine and blaming it on Dracula’s blood still being in her And in her spare time she seeks out a translator to transcript the journal of one of Dracula’s wives that she stole from his castle; which she believes holds the key to what’s happening to her The characters are completely redrawn from how Bram Stoker envisioned them and Kiraly has a vastly different view of vampires; seeing them as deeply passionate and morally ambiguous creatures Yet she gets some points for attempting to keep to the epistolary format; incorporating journals and letters as much as she can into the otherwise third person narrative While the cover claims that “The Dracula Story Continues” Mina is a betrayal of Bram Stoker’s work that choices to rewrite the story rather than continue it

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Free read Û Mina Author Elaine Bergstrom ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ In Bram Stoker's immortal novel Mina Harker became a living breathing object of obsession—only to fall prey to her stalker's seductive powers There was only one way to save her soul—by destroying the life of Count Dracula the creE was only one way to save her soul by destroying the life of Count Dracula the creature who controlled and consumed her But was the spell really. I was suspicious when I first purchased this book and thought to myself it will be very difficult to write a convincing seuel to Dracula But let's just say I was pleasantly surprised Bergstrom takes the character of Mina and gives her a dark side The archetypal heroine in distress is pulled from the pages of Dracula and becomes a complex enigmatic scheming and sensual woman There are creepy moments and the sex is pretty volcanic The plot moves well as is elegantly constructed My only complaint is that the ending seemed a little overdone almost too complicatedNevertheless if you like Gothic horror you will love this book