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FREE READ Venetian Navigators The Voyages of the Zen Brothers to the Far North î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ In the 14th century Nicol and Antonio Zen journeyed from Venice up the North Atlantic encountering warrior princes fighting savage natives and just possibly reaching tOne of Venice's most intriguing mysteries takes him on a fascinating journey of his own from the crumbling Palazzo Zen in Venice to the Orkney Islands Shetland the Faroes Iceland and even as far as an isolated monastery in Greenland Part history part travelogue Venetian Navigators is a charming tale of great journeys fine detective work and faith against the odds. Andrea Di Robilant shapes a magnificent story around one of the most important families of 14th century Venice Zeno Brothers and the Zeno Family will continue to shape Venice history centuries after their adventures The author describes not only Zeno brothers story but also his adventure in searching for clues of one of the most uestionable story told in 14th century Venice wich is full of misunderstandings and grey parts most of them clarified at the end of the book

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In the 14th century Nicol and Antonio Zen journeyed from Venice up the North Atlantic encountering warrior princes fighting savage natives and just possibly reaching the New World a full century before Columbus The story of their adventure travelled throughout Europe from the workshop of the great cartographer Mercator to the court of Elizabeth I For centuries the. Andea Di Robilant happened upon a map and a cornerstone in Venice The map was drawn by Nicolo Zen who in 1558 published a narrative based on letters of two of his ancestors who went off course in a 1383 trading trip to Flanders The cornerstone was on an aging building shown on p 192 on the Palazzo Zen the Zen family mansion in Venice As an historian Di Robilard's interest was piued and he set about his own voyage of discoveryAntonio and Nicolo Zen may have traveled to what is now Orkney the Faroes Iceland and Greenland They may have reached Newfoundland too over 100 years before Columbus reached the new world While the book of their travels by their brother's descendant Nicolo the Younger was a sensation at its publication and had an impact on future generations its authenticity has faced and faces continuous challenges In the intro to the Bibliography Di Robilant writes The story of the Zen voyages has generated enough books and articles over the past four and a half centuries to fill a small libraryIn his search for the truth Di Robilant went to see some of the places the Zen brothers allegedly visited in the 1380's He met people who to this day have strong opinions about the truth or falsity of the Zen voyage accounts In finding and visiting the sites described by Zen such as the monasteries and the smoking mountain Di Robilant gives the reader a travelogue of places and a description of people who live well off the beaten pathThrough the interesting portraits of the Zens of the 1380's Nicolo Zen of the 1500's and Fracnesco Marcolini the book's publisher you learn a lot about Venice of the time Through the portrait of Henry Sinclair a Scottish vassal in service to the King of Norway said to have traveled with the Zens 1380's you learn something of Scotland as part of Norway and that Sinclair may have explored the coast of what is now New England Another portrait of the times is seen through John Dee an astrologer to ueen Elizabeth who arranged investors for Martin Frobisher's search for a Northwest Passage based on the Zen accountsIn describing his visits to libraries and his chats with historians Di Robilant presents the little discussed history of this remote part of the world Especially interesting to me was the role of Greenland as a trading link between North America and Europe Greenland imported its timber from Norway but the exports are varied Boats of that time could get to what is now Canada in a 12 day voyage and goods could be brought to Greenland for export Exotic luxury goods such as walrus tusks polar bear and Arctic fox furs white falcons caribou meat seal skins and wool spun by the Greenland women were shipped to Europe With this background it is not surprising that in his voyages of the 1530's to what is now Newfoundland Jaues Cartier notes that the native people recognize words in a number of European languagesI chose this because the author's other two other books A Venetian Affair A True Tale of Forbidden Love in the 18th Century and Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon about Di Robilant's Venetian ancestors were page turners and was not disappointed Di Robilant has a talent for great writing and I will read whatever he publishes next

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Venetian Navigators The Voyages of the Zen Brothers to the Far NorthBrothers were international celebrities until in 1835 the story was denounced as a 'tissue of lies' and the Zens faded into oblivionBut was it a hoax What if these Venetian navigators really did make their incredible journey Intrigued by the myth Andrea di Robilant sets out to discover the truth about the Zen voyages Following in their footsteps his uest to solve. polyglot historian di robilant tells a funny tale of venice merchant sailors trying their hand at trading in low countries getting blown off course and ending up north of scotland and wrote letters home to tell their family about it this in about 1398 then the grandson finally writes up these remenants of the tale and map and was a wild best seller see one zen brother supposedly went all the way to perhaps nova scotia or at least west side of greenland and down to labradornewfoundland via orkneys faroes iceland greenland uite a feat in 1400 AND they went with a scot sinclair a bit of a twisted tale but author does great job educating reader on map making venice wars and trading in eastern med church matters luthren and catholic and jew and moslem the trade commodities what rich people did with their money in venice the 'council of ten' vikings and scandinavian hegemony modern day faroes and orkneys and iceland and greenland georgraphers romans and greeks and ona delightful wide ranging history of discovery and merchants and church from 1300's to 1400;s pre columbian has maps photos house plans and great bibliography of items in latin greek spanish french italian german and english sourcesfun but also perhaps controversial in that no one is absolutely sure if any of this really happened