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characters Momo AUTHOR Michael Ende 107 ↠ Tra le rovine di un anfiteatro ai margini di una grande città trova rifugio una strana bambina che fuggita dall'orfanotrofio non conosce nemmeno la sua età Agli abitanti dei dintorni che la guardano incuriositi dice di chiamarsi Momo Non passa molto tempo che la bambina si conuista la fiducia e la simpatia Tra le rovine di un anfiteatro ai margini di una grande città trova rifugio una strana bambina che fuggita dall'orfanotrofio non conosce nemmeno la sua età Agli abitanti dei dintorni che la guardano incuriositi dice di chiamarsi Momo Non passa molto tempo che la bambina si conuista la fiducia e la simpatia di tutti chiunue abbia un problema va o è inviato dagli altri a recarsi da Momo che ha una grandissima ualità sa prestare attenzione come nessuno al mondo Non dà consigli e non esprime opinioni si limita ad ascoltare con un'intensità tale c. Manny was working late one evening when he received an unexpected visitor He was an old man with white hair and gold rimmed glasses curiously dressed in a lace embroidered doublet and a periwig and he was carrying a bookGreetings said the visitor I think you should read thisWhat is it asked Manny irritably People were always asking him to read things I don't really have time right now I need to get this software problem fixed for tomorrow And then I have an article to write and a dozen emails to answer and some insurance paperwork I've been putting off for too long I'm very busy How did you get in anywayIt definitely sounds like you should read Momo said the old man ignoring Manny's uestion I am uite concerned about you Here take a lookManny flicked through it briefly and sighed It's some kind of YA fantasy novel right he said If that is what you want to call it replied the visitorBut I don't read YA said Manny All my friends know thatWhy not asked the visitorWell I'm too old for it said Manny as he studied the error message his laptop was showing him I find it painfully unsophisticated and badly written It never gives me anythingPerhaps you should become younger said the visitor It's uite easy you knowReally said Manny in a dismissive tone But something made him glance up from his screen and he saw to his surprise that the visitor was no longer an old man In fact he almost looked like a childYou see said the visitor Now here's what you need to do Just learn German At first you'll be a helpless infant and you won't be able to read at all Soon though you'll find you're four or five and enjoying stories When you're about ten you'll be ready for this I'll come back when you've finishedYou must be joking said Manny who was looking at his screen again Didn't I just tell you I was very busy He turned around but found his visitor had disappeared All that was left was a large pile of German children's booksOver the next few months Manny somehow found himself reading one German book after another He read Grimms Märchen and Krabat and Das doppelte Lottchen and Madita and Karlsson vom Dach Finally a couple of weeks before Christmas he opened Momo He found he couldn't put it down He had just finished the last chapter when he heard someone clear their throat behind him Well said the visitor I hope you're not too busy to talk to meUh no said Manny It's funny but when I think about it I find I have time than I'd imagined And you're right Momo is very goodI'm glad to hear it said the visitor gravelyThere was just something I wanted to ask you said Manny Here wait a moment He leafed through the book to find the page But when he looked up the visitor had gone again

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Ostituito da Momo e dai suoi amici Tutti cadono nella trappola tesa dai 'Signori Grigi' e Momo si ritrova a dover affrontare da sola la società segreta che ha allestito la più colossale truffa ordita ai danni dell'umanitàNon proprio sola al suo fianco saranno Cassiopea la saggia tartaruga e Mastro Hora il 'custode' del Tempo personaggi uanto mai affascinanti che indicheranno a Momo la via per salvare il genere umano e al lettore uella per penetrare la profonda metafora dell'esistenza che si cela dietro il racconto 'straordinario' di Michael Ende. Our time is stolen; or perhaps accurately we mortgage it away thinking we're getting a bargain when in fact we're screwing ourselves overMystery and Melancholy on a Street Giorgio de Chirico

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Momo AUTHOR Michael EnHe l'interlocutore è indotto a trovare da sé le risposte ai uesiti nel momento stesso in cui li va ponendo La naturalezza di Momo ha il potere di rappacificare gli animi in pena di sedare i litigi di ricreare l'armonia là dove è venuta meno Finché un giorno alcuni agenti di una sedicente Cassa di Risparmio del Tempo che hanno lanciato un'offensiva in tutto il mondo per indurre la gente a economizzare tempo affermando che esso verrà restituito con gli interessi al compimento del sassantaduesimo anno di età si presentano anche nel microcosmo c. Momo is a classic story that is known as a children's book yet I believe that adults may even glean from its reading than younger folk Momo is written by Michael Ende the author who is most known in the US for having written The Neverending Story When I was younger and my mother ran an independent children's bookstore she ordered a case of this book and gave a copy to all of her friends and colleaguesThis is a modern day fairytale about a little girl named Momo who moves into a ruined amphitheater on the edge of a Italian style town She is a remarkable individual who lives in poverty yet her life is rich with friendship and love Momo has a uniue skill of deep listening Soon all the villagers learn that when they are not getting along they should go and see Momo Through Momo's friendship her friends find peace community and creativity Her gift of listening to them until the truth unveils itself brings her to be surrounded by many friends who bring her food tell her stories and help care for her in her adopted homeLife changes uickly in the village when the Men in Gray infiltrate their life hypnotizing people to save time In their Time Saving Banks they steal people's time and smoke it in gray cigars that they are never seen without Yet no one remembers ever seeing the Men in Gray except Momo who cannot be hypnotized by the lures of timesaving because she is content with being who she is and loves to spend time with her friends Eventually everyone is entrapped by the Men in Gray and only Momo can save themEven Momo's two best friends Guido the Guide and Bebbo Roadsweeper have been seduced by the Men in Gray Luckily she has help from two new friends Cassiopeia a tortoise who can see precisely half an hour into the future and can spell words across her shell to communicate and Professor Secundus Minutus Hora who is the steward of the universal source of timeThis is an incredibly magical story which I dare not tell you of lest I ruin the story for you You must read Momo for yourself