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Doc Ï Hell's Angels ´ Hunter S. Thompson Au début des années soixante Thompson alors journaliste à San Francisco est fasciné par les Hell's Angels Son article sur ces seigneurs de la route fait sensation il se lance dans la version longue un an passé à rouler et à ? Hunter S Thompson is the writer you want to read if you want to pull all those cool guys They all love him it seems so just make a trip to some hipster café open one if his books and wait to scoreI didn’t go for the obvious “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” but instead I read his debut a non fiction account of his time spent the Hell’s Angels a motorcycle gang It was also the book my book club was reading so I didn’t have that much of a choice Even growing up in the 80s and 90s in Poland I had a good idea what a motorcycle gang was The symbolism of it is omnipresent; it’s like a cultural picklock The members of a motorcycle gang wear cut off dirt denim vest with their club colours they drive big Harley Davidsons they have beards and they are scary The message has always been clear – don’t step on their toes Of course these days they are most often used for creating a comic effect when a big dangerous bearded thug turns out to be really fond of puppies and wouldn’t hurt a flyIt seems that demythologising of Hell’s Angels and some other motorcycle gangs was Thompson’s main goal in this book On one hand he is trying to do away with the notion that they are the worst threat to the American society by putting their still uite shocking hooligan excesses in perspective On the other hand he is also trying to deromanticise their image and make it clear that they didn’t have any agenda and that there was nothing glamorous about them They were mostly a bunch of lowlifes with few prospects that found a sense identity and belonging in joining the gangThe most fascinating part of the book was the role the media played in creating the Hell’s Angels The media loved them They were dangerous and flamboyant A little Hell’s Angels riot in a small town in California was like a Christmas come early for any journalist No wonder the media created a story even when there was no story The public wanted it they liked to be scared And the Hell’s Angels felt obliged to live up to their reputationCurrently America has a new boogeyman – the terrorists They are just as exciting for the media as Hell’s Angels once were They are just as unpredictable unreasonable and they aim to destroy all that is good and true in America Most of the public has been now driven into such a frenzy they would agree to just about anything to protect themselves from this horrifying threat And I guess we need another Hunter S Thompson to write a book to put things in perspective again

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Hell's Angels Book Ü 295 pages ´ Randarenewables ¹ Au début des années soixante Thompson alors journaliste à San Francisco est fasciné par les Hell's Angels Son article sur ces seigneurs de la route fait sensation il se lance dans la version longue un an passé à rouler et à écrire à leurs côtés Mais l'éuipée ?crire à leurs côtés Mais l'éuipée se termine sauvagement parce u'il refuse de partager ses royalties les Angels abandonnent l'homme de lettres sur une route à moitié mort et le crâne défoncé à coups de pierres En France Far from being freaks the Hell's Angels are a logical product of the culture that now claims to be shocked at their existencefor twenty years they have sat with their children and watched yesterday's outlaws raise hell with yesterday's worldand now they are bringing up children who think Jesse James is a television character This is the generation that went to war for Mom God and Apple Butter the American Way of Life When they came back they crowned Eisenhower and then retired to the giddy comfort of their TV parlors to cultivate the subtleties of American history as seen through HollywoodTo them the appearance of the Hell's Angels must have seemed like a wonderful publicity stuntCharles Starkweather had something extra too but he couldn't get an agent and instead of taking his vitality to Hollywood he freaked out in Wyoming and killed a dozen people for reasons he couldn't explain So the state put him to death There were other outlaws who missed the brass ring in the fifties Lenny Bruce was one; he was never uite right for television Bruce had tremendous promise until about 1961 when the people who'd been getting such a kick out of him suddenly realized he was serious Just like Starkweather was seriousand like the Hell's Angels are seriousA wild and prescient book that starts out a bit unevenly the early chapters read like fairly standard magazine pieces but the longer sections showcase some of Thompson's very best writing He immersed himself in the Angels' world riding with them inviting them into his living room to get drunk and listen to Bob Dylan while first indicating the loaded shotgun he kept on his walland finally getting stomped kind of like Timothy Treadwell who lived with grizzlies for ten years before his luck ran out Thompson charts a path between the counterculture's romantic notions of the Angels on one hand and the sensationalism of the media on the other Ginsberg and Kesey and much of the Bay Area counterculture it seems were initially enthralled by the Angels but the honeymoon ended when the bikers attacked an anti Vietnam protest in Berkley Sonny Barger leader of the Oakland chapter later wrote to Lyndon Johnson offering the Angels' services behind the lines in Vietnam Altamont came a few years later The most prescient writers are often those who are less concerned with making predictions than with paying attention to the present moment Thompson wasn't under any illusions he describes the Angels' outlook as essentially fascist but by spending so much time with them he was able to come away with a compelling vision of how they had become what they were and what that said about America True the most frightening bikers these days don't do much worse than gun it while loitering outside 7 11 but Thompson's notion that 'there is not much mental distance between a feeling of having been screwed over and an ethic of total retaliation' has a striking resonance in modern America But it would be better to uote at lengthFor nearly a year I had lived in a world that seemed at first like something original It was obvious from the beginning that the menace bore little resemblance to its publicized image but there was a certain pleasure in sharing the Angels' amusement at the stir they'd created Later a

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Hell's AngelsOn n'a pas ça et aux Etats unis pays pourtant pas avare en déjantés ils n'en ont u'un comme lui Même s'il n'a rien écrit depuis plus de vingt ans Hunter S Thompson demeure là bas une légende Eric Neuhoff Le Figaro littéraire SPOILERS ALERTHell’s Angel’s is an account of the exaggerated myths the terrible truths the origins motivations and the ethos of the motorcycle gang that terrorized American cities and small towns in the 1960s A substantial portion of the book is dedicated to disproving the myths about the Angel’s which were created by the paranoid American media Thompson investigates negative news reports about the Angels and shows how most of them were biased and hollow But he also harbors no illusions about the Angels He writes about them with a mix of fascination and disgust While he is mostly sympathetic to their cause which involves getting riding across the country on motorcycles getting stone drunk and occasionally raping women he does admit that he would have pulled a gun if the Angel’s ever rode into the town where he lived He also busts any romantic notions that hippies anti war activists Ken Kesey and Allen Ginsberg and student activists might have about the Angel’s by showing that despite their anti social image they were fiercely patriotic and also very racist Thompson traces their origins to the Linkhorns who came to California as slave laborers The Second World War left many of these Linkhorns with separation bonuses which they spent on motorcycles in a new rootless world When it came to women the Angels were not unlike conservative religious societies They were men who would not shy away from rape often indulging in gang rape of women who ditched a member or gave out information to the wrong people Even though the subject matter is very interesting a book like this can end up as a failure in the hands of a lesser writer While I found the first 100 pages to be a bit tedious with Thompson rebutting many negative articles about the Angels and their celebrity there were some interesting bits like when he explains why California was the perfect home for the Angels His description of the Angel’s machines Harley 74’s and how they came into being went a little over my head because I am not interested in bikes Thompson writes clear sentences of medium length His humor and there is a lot of it is caged in with occasional outbursts His commentary on why the whole of American is fascinated with the Hell’s Angels is what truly makes this book a pleasure to read For example “ There is an important difference between the words 'losers' and 'outlaw' One is passive and the other is active and the main reason the Angels are such good copy is that they are acting out the day dreams of millions of losers who don't wear any defiant insignia and who don't know how to be outlaws The streets of every city are thronged with men who would pay all the money they could get their hands on to be transformed even for a day into hairy hard fisted brutes who walk over cops extort free drinks from terrified bartenders and thunder out of town on big motorcycles after raping the banker's daughter Even people who think the Angels should all be put to sleep find it easy to identify with them They command a fascination however reluctant that borders on psychic masturbation” In the end this book is about HunterSThompson as much as it is about the Hell’s Angels You’ve got to admire this man He was married with a kid when