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Three Nights... Free read Ä 6 ´ Three nights of passionWith a turn of the cards her father is ruined and innocent Aveline Stoddard is lost To honor the gambling debt she agrees to submit for three nightsto Lucien DuFeron's every desire three nights of blistering sensuality andunparalleled ecstasy in the arms of the dashing dark rogue they call LuciferLl Lucifer But the time passes all too uicklyand when the debt is paid the handsome devil vanishesAn eternity of desireTreachery delivered Lucien into the hands of evil brigands Now five years after his abduction and imprisonment he has returned to London searching for the enemy responsible and finding instead. This book isn't your typical historical romance Some might argue that it isn't romantic at all The hero Lucien DuFeron is far from honorable when we first meet him but by the end of the book he is a changed man Because of the growth I saw in his character I changed my initial opinion of this novel There's a mystery in this romance novel and the author doesn't give obvious clues to help you figure out who the evil villain is In fact I'd say she intentionally misleads her readers so she can surprise them at the end of the story That made the ending dramatic When the story begins Lucien is preparing to duel with Lord Chestwick who accused him of cheating during a card game Lord Chestwick's daughter Aveline comes to beg him to call off the duel Lucien agrees to concede to Aveline's reuest and cancel the 3000 pound debt her father's owes him if she will spend three nights in his bed view spoiler Aveline reluctantly agrees to the devil's deal and after three blissful nights she bids farewell to Lucien She discovers later she is pregnant because the rake who has always protected himself during his past sexual liaisons did not wear a sheath with her Then things really get dramatic and mysterious Lucien's friend burns the letter from Aveline which she wrote to inform him about her pregnancy Lucien is kidnapped by a press gang and forced to work on a ship until he's rescued by pirates Five years later a physically scarred Lucien returns to London to find his former life is gone His home has been sold His bank account has been emptied He's been declared dead He assumes his beautiful Aveline has married by this time He pays a visit to Aveline's father whom he blames for organizing the kidnapping To his great surprise he finds Lord Chestwick is now a frail shell of the man he used to be He also discovers Aveline has given birth to his daughter Lucien refuses to allow his daughter to grow up without him A distraught Aveline is forced to choose between her ailing father and her daughter She marries Lucien but stresses their marriage will be a marriage in name only Two attempts are made on Lucien's life and he works feverishly to figure out who wants him dead When his daughter Chloe is kidnapped Lucien risks everything to save her In the end Lucien realizes the true mastermind behind his misery wasn't the men he suspected hide spoiler

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Three nights of passionWith a turn of the cards her father is ruined and innocent Aveline Stoddard is lost To honor the gambling debt she agrees to submit for three nightsto Lucien DuFeron's every desire three nights of blistering sensuality andunparalleled ecstasy in the arms of the dashing dark rogue they ca. OMG I finished this book just within 1 DAY Literally devoured it My new book reading record ^^ Because this book has everything and ask and yearn for in a historical romance really my soul was born for romance especially historical romance no doubt about that ^^ This is the second best book in the historical romance genre that I’ve ever read besides “Flowers from the storm” by Laura Kinsale Right after the moment I held the book in my hands I knew I needed to open it and read it right away and since the first page I couldn’t put the book down ^^I know “Three nights” starts off with common motif a girl having to fulfill the order of a rake – usually sexual order – to pay off the debt that her father caused through losing gamble which is a motif that is well my guilty pleasure D But this common motif brings no ordinary element to the book since it’s just a sensual beginning for what to come further “Three nights” is not just about lust and lovemaking between two strangers who paths cross during three nights; it’s all about collecting and gathering all the feelings the passion the emotions and agony Aveline and Lucien once had to build up something beautiful – something they call love It’s also about the sacred meaning of marriage – the meaning of being faithful to your lawfully wedded husbandwife of having a family of being a good father to your long time being a love child daughter of being a good husband to the woman that you share your whole body passion love and life with I love the process of emotional evolution in Lucien from a boy who never felt love at such young age to a fully grown man who knows what love is who knows the warmth and joy of having a family a circle of people who love him dearly and who knows to step up and protect that precious circle with all the guts he has This is one of the things that I love about this novel because from just a common motif with lots of sensual moments the author leveraged it into something beautiful and rich in emotion proving that those three nights are not just about lust purely; it’s also about a young love that is in the making and still to be made five years laterI love how the two main characters are built with a lot of strong edges to them Aveline – whether the one who melts under the touches of Lucien five years ago or the young mother with the inner struggle between love for her husband and love for her father when Lucien meets her again – is always the strong determined woman who is not fearful to debate to do anything that can save her loved ones She’s also changed through this journey to finally come in to terms with her husband to finally acknowledge that he deserves her love the love that was there five years ago – and will still be here forever Lucien – the notorious rake with genius brain in making money growing up with love and a true family – now has been changed thanks to the one and only woman he meets five years ago that is always on his mind during the darkest time of his life He’s always that Lucien – Lucien who against all odds against all the mishaps bad people throw at him still survive and come out stronger; but now he’s not a rake any now he knows what the touch of love feels like what it means to have a family what to be a father a husband should be through the love of Aveline – the woman who always stands there besides him and accepts his past accepts who he is I love how in the book there are many parts in which the agony and conflicting emotions between those two people are pushed to the highest when I

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Three Nights The beauty who still haunts his dreams Aveline has grown alluring since those unforgettable nights when she melted beneath his touch Yet Lucien's need for vengeance must be satisfied If the trail leads to someone close to Aveline will it destroy forever the one love powerful enough to free his tormented heart. Very rushed initially but good in the last 23I thought the romance and love was very rushed in the beginning with the whole three days of pleasure for thier bargain However I was resentful the hero had plants of time to reform before abducted However I loved the last 23 of the book and it's mystery was a side bonus I wished for tension is all but good read 35 stars