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Of Brunelleschi's Dome Garden designer and historian Wade Graham offers a uniue vision of the story of America in this riveting exploration of the nation’s gardens and the visionaries behind them from Thomas Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden Fredrick Law Olmsted’s e. Left off on p 207 While Graham certainly knows his history and what a fascinating history it is his tone is just too snarky for me For example Edith Wharton's red garden isn't to his liking Does he have to describe it as rash inducing It's so consistent that it makes me wonder if he has anger issues or if it's some sort of academic defensive mechanism to ridicule previous tenets of landscape architecture I will probably continue reading this book at some point but it takes real work to try to ignore his pervasive and overblown opinions and get to the center of the history

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American EdenXpansive Central Park to Martha Stewart’s how to landscaping guides In the tradition of Mark Kurlansky Simon Schama and Michael Pollan Graham delivers a sweeping social history that examines our nation’s history from an overlooked vantage point illuminating anew the living drama of American self creatio. A nice book perfect for that gardener in your life I just wish there were a few photos in the book It's not like I will be able to see all these gardens in real life

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American Eden Read & download Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free é “American Eden moves luminously through landscapes of history literature biography and design theory fusing sharp edged analysis and graceful American prose” —Kevin Starr author of Golden Gate The Life and Times of America's Grea“American Eden moves luminously through landscapes of history literature biography and design theory fusing sharp edged analysis and graceful American prose” Kevin Starr author of Golden Gate The Life and Times of America's Greatest Bridge“Informative and absolutely engrossing”   Ross King author. I love reading history and I can enjoy some pretty heavy stuff I'm especially interested in American history and all the tantalizing mentions I've seen about Thomas Jefferson's gardens at Monticello have stirred the interest of the gardener in me So when I saw the description for this book history and gardening I thought this was perfect for me a melding of two of my passions The American garden and landscape has seen many fashions and had many influences Whether it was the pastoral scenes of England the rigid formality of France or the ancient charm of Italy American gardeners or rather those who design landscapes have borrowed from whatever culture happened to be in vogue at the time The mysticism of the Orient the tropical sensuality of Polynesia or even grandma's old fashioned perennial gardens have been copied and aped at one time or another since our nation's beginning From blending in with nature to collection landscapes from outdoor living spaces to kitchen gardens Wade Graham discusses it all and the prominent names who've influenced public taste and designed some of our most well known spaces like Central Park If terms like Gothic Cottage Victorian Neo Roman Spanish Moorish and Postmodernism are comfortably at home in your vocabulary and understanding this is probably a book you'll like If hearing Arts and Crafts brings to mind Frank Lloyd Wright instead of a messy way to occupy the kids for an hour or two look no further If you want to design and supervise the creation of your landscaping vision on a hundred or so acres this might be an impressive book to have But if you're a real gardener who does the work yourself you might not have the patience to read these 400 pages To be honest Mr Graham sounds like he really knows his stuff and he's not a bad writer I really enjoyed his memories of the modern style home and garden where he grew up in Santa Barbara and he makes the ideas of gardeners who don't really get their hands dirty like Thomas Jefferson Edith Wharton the Vanderbilts and Martha Stewart sound interesting But it's about landscape architectural history than historical gardening and about the style makers and garden designers than actual gardening And reading parts of it is like wading through uick setting concrete and I'm not sure I followed his comparison of garden evolution to the changes in skateboarding Parts were interesting but overall it was pretty dense