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kindle ´ El ruido de las cosas al caer Ñ Paperback ☆ randarenewables É This novel which carries the beautiful English language title of The Sound of Things Falling tracks through recent Colombian history At its center is narrator and protagonist Antonio Yammara a young university law profeO's view of the world in which he lives Editor's recommendation PS The Guardian called author Juan Gabriel Vásuez among the most inventive and erudite of Colombia's emerging generation of novelis There is a sound that I cannot or have never been able to identify a sound that's not human or is than human the sound of lives being extinguishedthe sound of things falling from on highthat is forever suspended in my memory hanging in it like a towel on a hookIn 1995 when Bogotonian Antonio Yammara was 26 and a few years out of law school he met two significant people who would transform him and in some ways one would destroy him A few years later he met someone else that he hoped would help heal him This is a story about the presence of the past PTSD grief lives falling apart bodies falling soundlessly It is a story of love and hope from on high and the crumbling and dissolution of that love and hope the profanity of it when it runs out of fuelNarrated by Yammara the story is set against the backdrop of Colombian history from the sixties through the nineties during the ruthless violent years of drug trafficking and drug wars The story focuses on Yammara and the people in his life and one tragic event that made time stand still for him while the rest of the world moved on He witnessed a casual friend Ricardo Laverde an ex pilot and ex convict killed in the streets of Bogotá Antonio was also severely injured This event consumed him and he was unable to focus on his family the woman Aura he had met and romanced during the same year as he met Laverde and the baby they had together shortly afterwardWhat happens next is a journey to the past Laverde's past one that Yammara is compelled to understand He follows a cassette tape to the Magdelena Valley to Laverde's daughter another walking wounded of Colombia's history who is also stuck in time by previous events Together they attempt to fill in the missing pieces of Laverde's history with the hope of liberating them both from the prison of pain and traumaNarrated with elouence intimacy and warmth Vasuez' story resonates with a heartbreaking lyricism and poetry that captivated me from the opening pages I am drawn to stories about time and memory and about the past events that damage us and paradoxically heal us through our shared connectionsMy hat's off to Annie McLean who did a superb translation of Vasuez' novel

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This novel which carries the beautiful English language title of The Sound of Things Falling tracks through recent Colombian history At its center is narrator and protagonist Antonio Yammara a you 45 stars Ha damn Who knew it'd take such a uiet and introspective novel to break my heart I'm sorry because my fangirling probably won't help but I found Juan Gabriel Vásuez's storytelling just wonderful As often when I fall in love with a book especially when none of my friends have read it I've been feeling a little self conscious and read a few reviews with low ratings I don't advise doing that lol In the end I'm not able to acknowledge the flaws pointed there too much telling rather than showing? because I just did not see that ShrugsMy experience with The Sound of Things Falling was opened the book started reading couldn't stop because really how could I?It takes a great author to lift us out of our every day scenery and make us feel like we're there without smashing us under the weight of too heavy descriptions In that aspect it was perfect anecdotes customs I was soon absorbed in this Bogotá and was involved in the characters' story almost instantly I couldn't stop reading even exhausted I couldn't put it down even at 4 in the morning I had to know to devour itMy heart in my throat and the worry the worry the passion brought me to this albeit uite ridiculous but not less valid at the time epiphany when I wanted to yell that THIS WAS WHY I WANTED TO READ BOOKS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD I did not It was 4 in the morning I am not an animal My lassitude with US settings has never been so clear than then when I wanted nothing than learn again and again about another country another history even fictionalizedJuan Gabriel Vásuez's talent for weaving the threads of his characters' lives and attach the reader in the process forcefully doomed me to care for his characters no matter how great my disagreement with their actions could be and disagree I did That's okay I uickly understood the role I was meant to take I wasn't there to love them I was there to slowly unpack their memories and maybe maybe above the solitude and nostalgia find a little place in myself for them Spoiler alert I didAntonio Elaine Ricardo every one of these characters is flawed and unlikeable at times I can see how their behavior could alienate some readers but in all honesty I understood them especially Ricardo whose smile I'd protect with my life MY HEART As for the plot I genuinely think that we should go in blind as I did that's why I won't develop it I didn't even read the blurb only picked it because it was part of my translated books list and I could not recommend doing the same strongly enoughI'd recommend this novel to every reader who loves family sagas whose secrets no matter how trivial shape the characters into these real people we care about The Sound of Things Falling is not some action packed journey getting us from point A to point B this is rather a very character driven novel a fucking train wreck where solitude and nostalgia pour through every page and I am not okayNot a perfect book by any means Elaine's Americanism sure annoyed me a lot for one yet if you know me then you're well aware that I can overtake a few flaws if I am certain as much one can be certain of anything that goes without saying that the book I just closed will linger Well I believe that I won't forget The Sound of Things Falling anytime soon Oh noTW One scene contains cruelty towards an animal Also drugs For of my reviews please visit

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El ruido de las cosas al caerNg university law professor In 1995 he meets Ricardo Laverde a former pilot has recently completed a 25 year prison sentence These two uite different men form a deep friendship that changes Antoni First my thanks to David from Calgary who recommended this book to meA story set in Bogota Colombia The narrator is a young man who was severely wounded when his companion was murdered in a motorcycle drive by shooting The main theme of the book is how the violence of Pablo Escobar’s drug wars impacted not only the narrator’s life but that of a whole generation in Colombia mostly during the 1980’s The narrator is hospitalized for a long time and ends up with PTSD and agoraphobia that severely impacts his relationship with his wife and infant The man becomes obsessed with wanting to know why his friend was killed He learns about a secret cassette tape His dead friend was an older man who used to be an airplane pilot and who came from a family of pilots As he investigates the story is interwoven with bits of true history involving recent Colombian air crashes in which his friend’s wife had been killed and historical crashes such as one in 1938 where a daredevil pilot performing for a a national patriotic celebration crashed into stands killing than 50 spectators and almost killing the President of Colombia Thus the title Other true history is part of the story such as Escobar’s zoo he maintained at his estateThe author shifts the focus of the story around on us We think it’s going to be mainly about the narrator Then as he starts investigating his dead friend we think it will shift to the pilot But then he gets in contact with his friend’s daughter and it kind of becomes her story But in the end most of the focus ends up on his friend’s wife killed in an airline crash who was an American Peace Corp volunteer in Colombia back in the 1960’s His friend’s wife left a collection of letters and news articles that her daughter gathered We learn uite a bit about the operation of the Peace Corps in Colombia and to be honest the book drags a bit at this point The author creates a parallel between how Americans of that era marked time by dramatic events Vietnam Nixon’s resignation Kennedy and Chappauiddick the Manson murders with how Colombians did the same – “Where were you when that car bomb went off that killed 100 people?”A good story translated from the Spanish that won the 2014 International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award I had also enjoyed another novel by this author The Secret History of Costaguana a historical novel about the building of the Panama Canal Photo of Bogata from diana auacomNewsclip from ebaycomThe author from expansionmx