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The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula characters ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì In his mesmerizing fictional debut psychiatrist Roderick Anscombe creates a stunning reinvention of the classic Dracula myth In sweeping prose this epic delves into the fevered mind of a man living two lives a public healer andTer whose tormented psyche draws him into a world of violent emotion bloodlust and self loathing Author media HC Hyperion. It has been about 22 years since I have read Bram Stoker's Dracula which was the only book that ever gave me a nightmare until now I don't know what it is about these books that gets under my skin the way they do but if a book is written in such a way that much of the horror is hinted at than actually given up outright THAT my friends is the book that is going to make its way into my dreams I will tell you right out this is NOT a vampire book in the usual sense of the word it is a book about a man obsession and a slow descent into a form of madness or perhaps it is vampirism You the reader must decide for yourself Written in the form of a diary this book tells the story of Laszlo the younger son of I believe Vlad Dracul or it could be his grandson What gives me reason to believe he is the son is that he only ever refers to his father as a great patriot and never by name When his older brother becomes Count he leaves for France to study medicine While there he rekindles an old love at least on his end with a wealthy cousin then falls in with a rather bad influence leading to another less healthy obsession He becomes involved with a patient at the charity hospital where he works and then one night when she taunts him with all her many other lovers he kills her and drinks her blood However before the body can even be discovered his uncle arrives bringing the news that his brother has been killed in battle and that he Laszlo is the new Count Dracula and must return to their estates in Hungary There is then a 20 year gap in the diary before it takes up again Laszlo has married his brother's wife but denies himself relations with her thus denying himself heirs He has however brought the estate back to prosperity along with the small village he oversees However soon his uncle dies and with his uncle's death comes the resurgence of urges he thought long buried in France There is not much I can outline of the basic story without ruining the reading of it but the sheer twisted idea that he comes up with at the ending is one of the most horrific things I have read in a long while Folks who are used to a action oriented book or who spend too much time watching TV and not enough reading might have trouble with this one as Mr Anscombe has tried to emulate the slower moving style of the time he is writing about However I think it is brilliant and it literally took my breath away I hope we see from this wonderfully talented man

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In his mesmerizing fictional debut psychiatrist Roderick Anscombe creates a stunning reinvention of the classic Dracula m. I found this book at a thrift store I judged it by the cover The info given on the book jacket seemed interesting and kind of weird I bought about 5 books; I decided to read this one first At first I had a hard time wanting to return to it; however the the main character developed the I found myself wanting to read I wanted to know what was going to happen next In saying that it was predictable; but I wanted to read the specifics and how ands what I also feel it was unrealistic that Laszlo's wife did not turn in her husband when she personally witnessed such a gruesome crime Those are the two main problems I have with the story There was not necessarily anything redeeming about the main character but for some reason I liked him However I do not think there were supposed to be any redeeming ualities It was a look into the thoughts of a murderer who at the beginning came up with justifications in his head I wish there had been detail at the end

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The Secret Life of Laszlo Count DraculaYth In sweeping prose this epic delves into the fevered mind of a man living two lives a public healer and a private mons. Although this isn't your typical vampire story it was well written and portrayed Laszlo's character exceptionally well Despite the lack of the usual vampire gore that I was expecting this book still portrayed the obsessive impulsive yet incredibly charming characteristics of the 'traditional' vampire It is the Laszlo's of the world that we should be worried about not the fictitious Dracula types portrayed elsewhere