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review I Married a Communist Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ I Married a Communist is the story of the rise and fall of Ira Ringold a big American roughneck who begins life as a teenage ditch digger in 1930s Newark becomes a big time 1940s radio star and is destroyed as both a performer and a man in the McCarthy witchhunt of the 1950sInI Married a Communist is the story of the rise and fall of Ira Ringold a big American roughneck who begins life as a teenage ditch digger in 1930s Newark becomes a big time 1940s radio star and is destroyed as both a performer and a man in the McCarthy witchhunt of the 1950sIn his heyday as a star and as a zealous bullying supporter of progressive political causes I. This is not Philip Roth’s best book It’s around the bend melodramatic and over the top voluble in the way old movies can be Like say “His Girl Friday” 1940 with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant I can’t say for sure; I’m speculating but maybe this was Roth’s way of giving his novel greater period resonance Perhaps he wanted to instill it with that sort of madcap naive yet slick bustling postwar New York City air so prevalent in Hollywood movies of the 1940sNB The masterpieces I recommend for first time readers of Philip Roth are American Pastoral The Human Stain The Ghostwriter Patrimony and The Counterlife to mention a fewYet I Married a Communist remains important because it animates a period of history when everyone was drunk on Utopia That is when half the world was convinced of the promise of Communism We know now that the revolution was a fraud Lenin was a con man and a serial murderer Stalin out did him by 50000000 souls It’s all there in Richard Pipes many books as well as multiple works by Orlando Figes Simon Sebag Montefiore Robert Conuest Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn et alYet even a Roth dud is infinitely better that most novels This one is interesting in the way The Plot Against America was interesting Though in that later book Roth used a counter factual foundation—the anti Semitic aviator Charles Lindbergh is elected president of the USA on an isolationist platform that tragically keeps America out of World War II—whereas here in I Married A Communist he shows the same ability to give us characters caught in the mill of history though without the counter factual underpinnings This novel is built around what happened between 1950 and 1954 when Senator Joseph McCarthy started subpoenaing people to appear before HUAC the House Un American Activities Committee to get them to reveal their Communist party affiliation and that of their friends This was a terrible fascistic time in American history when limits on personal privacy were contravened by the state and people’s lives were ruined as a conseuence Yet unlike recent declarations by a person who shall not be named this really was a witch hunt and it ruined the lives and livelihoods not just of individuals but of entire familiesMy favorite thing about the novel is the vivid picture it paints of postwar Jewish life As always on this subject Roth is hilarious and informing My problem is I find the main character dull Ira Ringold the title Communist For all of the book’s strengths Ira’s a crashing bore He rants and raves about the beauty of USSR but like most boosters in those days he doesn’t have a clue Stalin’s show trials occurred in the mid 1930s but does Ira know anything about that Collectivization and Dekulakization which starved the Russian peasantry to death in their tens of millions The Gulag He’s likable in many ways Ira He’s sincere but in the end he’s just an ideologue Now you may argue but how can any character be ahistorical in realist fiction He can only know what he knows when its time for him to know it True many people were fooled by the Soviet Union well into the 1970s But that fact doesn’t in any way relieve the reader of the tediousness of Ira’s obsessionStopped reading at page 270 of 323 The narrative simply became too repetitious

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Ra's turbulent personal life Philip Roth who Commonweal calls the master chronicler of the American twentieth century has written a brilliant fictional portrayal of that treacherous postwar epoch when the anti Communist fever not only infected national politics but traumatized the intimate innermost lives of friends and families husbands and wives parents and childr. This wonderful book reminded me that there was a vibrant radical movement in the States before the '60s Ira Ringold is almost a tragical figure to me with the full Aristotelian meaning he is exalted to a prominent figure of both the Communist Party and his professional circles He is reliable self confident and above all idealistic He struggles to fit in his new life among the rich and famous of New York after marrying his super famous co protagonist a persona who I believe represents the apolitical bourgeoisie until she decides to out him as a Communist His fall is thunderous Great depiction of the era of McCarthyism the narration is put forward by two unforgettable characters Ira's brother and protector and his pupil who befriended Ira while a teenager and of course admired him as a god The prose is brave with scattered funny episodes She married me to carry her daughter's harp a great contemporary novel

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I Married a CommunistRa marries Hollywood's beloved silent film star Eve Frame Their glamorous honeymoon in her Manhattan townhouse is shortlived however and it is the publication of Eve's scandalous bestselling exposé that identifies him as an American taking his orders from MoscowIn this story of cruelty betrayal and revenge spilling over into the public arena from their origins in I. And thus the whirligig of time brings in his revenges This often overlooked underrated seuel to American Pastoral is a sleeper of a novel It caught me by surprise I struggled through the first fifty pages or so through some dense politically tinged backstory told by a 90 year old guy named Murray Ringold How interesting can this be I asked myselfIt's not nearly as sexy and doesn't have the star uality of American Pastoral I mean it's largely a 90 year old's solilouy for goodness' sake It's cerebral and can be a bit exhausting to read Set in the McCarthy era the story centres on Ira Ringold a rough Abraham Lincoln doppelgänger radio star who gets blacklisted for his red leaning politics by his wife It shares a few ualities with its Pulitzer winning predecessor namely themes around Jewish shame and identity as well as a troublesome daughter who is the catalyst for the wheels of tragedy It is narrated by Nathan Zuckerman who is a recurring character in all three novels in this trilogyEven if it lacks sex appeal the way the narrative unfolds shows Roth's fine skills as a storyteller Zuckerman alternates his own memories of the time with the story as told to him by Murray Ringold his aged beloved highschool teacher Ringold tells him about his brother Ira and everything that brought his downfall during this uniue time of paranoia suspicion and political idealism dividing brothers friends and spouses Look everything the Communists say about capitalism is true and everything the capitalists say about Communism is true The difference is our system works because it's based on the truth about people's selfishness and theirs doesn't because it's based on a fairy tale about people's brotherhood It's such a crazy fairy tale they've got to take people and put them in Siberia in order to get them to believe itBut it's far than a communistanti communist book At the heart of this book is a tale about human nature betrayal and revenge You control betrayal on one side and you wind up betraying somewhere else Because it's not a static system Because it's alive Because everything that lives is in movement Because purity is petrifaction Because purity is a lieRoth also writes some exuisite prose about literature and its relationship to life and politics There is an entire section in which Nathan remembers Ringold reading a scene from Macbeth that gave me goosebumps So many of his rants and musings shine with insight and intellect elevating this story into gorgeousness His words stopped me in my sometimes laboured tracks and made me sit and say wowUPDATE I learned from reading informed reviews than my own that this book was a scathing reaction to the author's ex wife Claire Bloom's Leaving a Doll's House A Memoir which painted Roth in not so favourable colours Talk about betrayal and then his own rage filled revenge