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read The Reckoning doc ¶ Paperback ô I turned to Luke and reached for him My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins Lanny what is it? Luke asked I clutched his lapel desperately It's Adair He's freeFOR 200 YEARS SHE'S BEEN HIDINGHe gave her immortalityShe tried to destroy himNow he is searching for herThey must not meetOr there will ImmortalityShe tried to destroy himNow he is searching for herThey must not meetOr there will be a RECKONI Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty Deeply unsettling and gripping seuel to The Taker Part historical part modern day thriller that explores deeper character development and emotions Opening Sentence We were nearly at the Victoria and Albert Museum when we saw the crowds spilling out of the entrance and across Cromwell Street forcing our taxi to stop in the middle of the road The Review Lanore McIlvrae and Lucas Findley are spending some uality time together in Europe after Lucas helped her escape from murder charges It is not long before their tranuil lives are shattered as Lanore once again feels the tug of Adair’s’ presence Her first conclusion is that Lucas is not safe with her so she runs away leaving him to pick up the shattered pieces of his life by himself much like Jonathan left her many years ago Lanny seeks other immortals whom were once Adair’s companions looking to find a way that could possibly undue her curse or destroy Adair forever Lucas is left hurt and betrayed He wants to prove to Lanny that he should stay by her side while wondering if she has already been caught and destroyed by Adair Adair is furious He wants nothing than to claim his revenge on Lanore for locking him up for two hundred years Adair must enlist the help of Jude one of his unloyal and selfish companions to find Lanore and to learn about the modern world As the time passes for Adair he realizes his feelings for Lanore are less about revenge and about love He has never felt this way for anyone in his centuries of life Adair spares no expense or injustice until he can find Lanny again The Reckoning has a dark grim and terrible atmosphere that reminds me so much of Anne Rice books There are really no redeeming ualities for any of these characters yet I was sucked in by their emotional plight Lanore and Adair both come to realizations about their feelings for each other and they both fight these feelings in different ways I absolutely cannot wait to see how this plays out Lanore goes from fighting to live her life too wanting to end it so she doesn’t have to live through what Adair will undoubtedly put her through She is a strong character but sometimes comes off a little childish even though what she is doing makes sense She wants to protect Luke from harm but it doesn’t take much research for Adair to find who she was last seen with so her protections may be for naught Adair is frightening He has no scruples to how far he will go to get what he wants He really doesn’t care about anyone or anything else but himself When he realizes that Lanore has left him with feelings he has never felt before he tries to act on them He tries to make himself a better person but is it enough for this tragic tale? I really like how The Reckoning goes between modern times and historical storytelling How Lanore’s past lessons reflect on events that are currently happening The Reckoning goes between different perspectives Lanore’s first person to Adair and Luke’s third person accounts The only thing that I had problem with was the time shifts between Adair and Lanore Weeks would pass with Adair then it would go back to Lanore and it was only a couple days since Adair had escaped Overall there is nothing fun or lighthearted about The Reckoning It is a dark heavy read that borders on tragic conseuences I was a little surprised by how this novel ended and I can’t wait to read the conclusion of the trilogy in The Descent Notable Scene Whereas when I thought of Adair I knew I should be terrified of him I knew he was capable of doing horrible things but I also couldn’t help being overtaken with excitement too It had been like being courted by a demon heady and intoxicating My stomach fluttered at the memory of it I had been loved by a man who would do anything for me lie cheat steal Murder How many women could say that? As frightening as it had been it also had been a singular love Exactly the way I had felt about Jonathan once upon a time I sat upright holding a pillow to my stomach as though it had some magical power to keep down the bile rising in my throat The belief I’d held most sacred in life the star by which I’d charted my course had been an illusion Even if I’d had a perfect love with Abdul and the others each had come about because subconsciously I’d sought to re create what I once had with Adair The truth of this realization fell into place like tumblers aligning in a lock It had been Adair all this time not Jonathan Adair the monster was the one I had loved all along This couldn’t be For a moment the inside of my head spun like a top or perhaps it was my world flipping topsy turvy and crashing around me I’d always prided myself on following my heart but I could not—would not—accept this It must be mad lust or some kind of sick attraction dressed up to look like love It must be trickery one of his spells to make me think I loved him It must be insanity brought on by Jonathan’s death I could not be in love with a monster I vowed I would not let myself be in love with the devilFTC Advisory Gallery BooksSimon Schuster provided me with a copy of The Reckoning No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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Luke asked I clutched his lapel desperately It's Adair He's freeFOR 200 YEARS SHE'S BEEN HIDINGHe gave her Insane character development mixed in with fantastic world building made reading this series a absolute delight Unreuited love PassionHateJealousyDesireFearLoveRedemptionGreedMiseryEnvyDesperationDeceptionAnd pretty much every other emotion you can think of is weaved into this dark and twisted tale Immortal beings created by dark magic that can only be released by the one who created them This is not a pretty tale full of sparkly vampires with a conscious Not for the feint of heart This series is violent and for adults only

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The ReckoningI turned to Luke and reached for him My blood felt as though it had seized up in my veins Lanny what is it? full reviews of The Taker and The Reckoning will be posted on my blog soon Know this though This is one of the best series I have read in years It sucked me in chewed me up and spit me out against my will Once I was in Lanny and Adair's world I wanted to stay there If you enjoy suspense twists romance horror or the supernatural I suggest you RUN to buy this series