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Gold Ring of Betrayal review ¶ 6 É They've never stopped being marriedNicolas Santino doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter He believes Sara his wife cheated on him with another man and Lia is the result of that betrayalSo Sara and Nicolas are separated—until the silence between them is forcibly broken Lia has been kidnapped Nicolas knows he isNd Nicolas are separated until the silence between them is forcibly broken Lia has been kidnapped Nicolas knows he is the only one who can secure the little girl's safe return but it means he must. Michelle Reid and Gold Ring of Betrayal make a total hypocrite out of me The unforgiving husband hero behaving very badly the wife willing to take on a second chance marriage by his terms endangered plot moppet and the unrepentant evil FIL just for starters in another book would have me ranting and one starring For whatever reason Michelle Reid’s writing archetypical strong and bitter hero and misjudged yet strong heroine are written with depth than usualAs mentioned by StMargarets the drama and atmosphere starts from the very first page where Sara the heroine is frozen in a state of stasis at the thought of her baby being kidnapped I was hookedview spoilerThe premise is the heroine was setup by her FIL as an adulterer The hero believes her guilt as well as the fact that her tiny little blonde doppelgänger is the result of the affair Big strong silent type banishes her to England and the lap of luxury They only come back together because her child is kidnapped The child is found shockerama in Sicily literally in the hands of the heroine’s greatest enemy the hero’s father Gramps is besotted with the little girl and now the heroine has a new concern that he will want the little girlThe H and h reunite under the condition he does not have to deal with child which is tough to read but the “Sicilian” unforgiving nature alpha nature is driven homeI don’t fault the hero for cutting her given that he thinks she committed adultery I do fault him for not listening to her Passion and angst done very well and swells out of control when the little girl gets sick The H’s father finally confesses his evil doings and the hero goes into a the typical guilt ridden poor pitiful me decline for a few days Guilt overwhelms him as it should The heroine gets a little fussed about it as once again and still it is all about the hero This time Mea culpa mea maxima culpaRegarding complaints that the FIL never gets a comeuppance I respectfully disagree The son that he sold his soul to the devil for wants nothing to do with his dying father now plus he’s in danger of never seeing the grandchild he never knew he would adore If it weren't for the fact that the plot moppet loves him too he would be out of luck hide spoiler

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They've never stopped being marriedNicolas Santino doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter He believes Sara his wife cheated on him with another man and Lia is the result of that betrayalSo Sara a. Re Gold Ring of Betryal Michelle Reid tackles one of the founding tropes of HPlandia in this one the married couple reunited after a long separation Anne Mather introduced us to it way back in 1973 with The Sanchez Tradition HP outing number eight Flora Kidd did innumerable takes on the topic over half her backlist is all about this trope Charlotte Lamb even threw her opinion in with a remarkably similar story line right down to some very familiar themes in her 1981 AbductionBut MR shows her true HPlandia genius with this one She takes a common everyday HP trope and she makes literal HP magic that will keep an HP Voyager glued to the page The story starts with an ominous kidnapping Our fragile introverted blonde fairy princess Sara is sitting on her settee counting roses in a small suare of carpet in the most meticulous way That settee is sitting in a luxury seven bedroom upscale London home that is prison than cozy nest and we are all waiting for an arrivalSara's two year old daughter Lia has been kidnapped Stolen out of the local park whilst playing Sara has a legion of staff to guard and watch her and yet somehow Sara's beloved mini Sara was stolen awayA tall dark and domineering man arrives Sara is surprised because she thought it would be hours yet but the Arrogant Sicilian Alpha Nicolas explains he took the Concorde Sara wryly thinks it must have been a jolt for the man to have to use public transportation Then in a shocking contrast to the formal and stilled uiet tension that is the tone for this scene Sara leaps to her feet and demands to know why her Nematode Husband Nic and his Sewer Gulper Father Alfredo have taken her daughterNic denies any and all responsibility for taking the child yet Sara is adamant He must have done this or his father did We are all left in stunned shock at the accusation as the backstory begins to unfold Sara was the only child of a retired schoolteacher father Her mother died when she was very young and her father moved her to the Fells of Yorkshire and home schooled her When he died when she was 13 she was sent to an indifferent boarding school where her only friend was the elderly gardener and at twenty unable to go to uni she took a job at garden center Part of her job was to go around to various office buildings and care for the plants On one of these trips it was raining heavily and she collided with a man in a rush who dropped his wallet She picked the wallet up decided to return it to him and thus her fate was sealedThe man turned out to be big domineering Sicilian Alpha Nicolas who took one look at Sara's long blonde locks and big blue eyes and fell head over heels into love There was a whirlwind courtship and a marriage and then disaster struck Nic and Sara moved into the family manse in SicilyNicolas's eually domineering and uite evil father Alfredo despised Nic's choice of a wife He sent Nic off on ever increasing and long business trips and in the interim ruthlessly derided belittled and betrayed Sara on every level he could hoping to oust her and find a socially eual daughter in law There were snide asides from Alfredo's and Nic's societal compatriots rudeness and negativity from the household staff and introverted Sara was forced into a social strata she hated locked in a house she loathed and forced to accept pricey clothes and jewels that she did not give a damn aboutWhen she tried to tell Nic that she wasn't happy Nic refused to hear it All he wanted was a willing and warm bed partner and she needed to just put up and shut up really she should just be grateful to be thereIt all ended in a high Italian Opera Drama when Sara was told to meet Nic one night at a nearby hotel Sara waited and waited and finally got ready for bed figuring Nic had been delay

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Gold Ring of BetrayalGo back to Sara and find that even after three long years she still wears his ring Michelle Reid displays a fine talent for mixing a provocative storyline and intriguing characters Romantic Times. This was going to be a 5 star read right up until the end where I felt that there was insufficient grovelling I loved the beginning The set up wasn't all that different or anything but it was just very well written and moving I choked up several times in the first half of the book as it was becoming apparent how he had misjudged her Also the kidnapping scenario was emotionally written also There was a lot of meat to the story But sadly just not uite enough grovelling You knew he was remorseful but I wanted to read actual words and begging from him Is that vindictive of me Still I recommend to angst lovers