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characters Brief Lives Penguin Classics ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Gentleman scholar John Aubrey spent his life collecting anecdotes gossip and biographical details about his contemporaries and these biographical sketches are the result—a colorful evocation of poets and philosophers including Francis Bacon George HHe exercised his father’s trade but when he killed a calf he would do it in a high style and make a speech An unorthodox approach to the art of biography full of lively and witty detail these sketches are a singular portrait of a tumultuous ag. If John Aubrey were alive today I imagine it'd be fantasticly entertaining to have a conversation with him down at the local watering hole be it coffeehouse pub or disreputable tavern He collected juicy bits of gossip the way some folk hoard stamps or comic books and this book is a treasure house of anecdotes regarding notable Elizabethan figures You'll read about the naughty hijinks of Sir Walter Raleigh the ill timed fart that sent an earl into self imposed exile for seven years the very dumb death of a very smart man and the unforgettable episode of the coffin liuor Yes you read that correctly coffin liuorP S Don't miss Oliver Lawson Dick's sparkling biography of Aubrey in the edition published by David R Godine books

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Gentleman scholar John Aubrey spent his life collecting anecdotes gossip and biographical details about his contemporaries and these biographical sketches are the result a colorful evocation of poets and philosophers including Francis Bacon Georg. There are idiosyncratic books and then there are idiosyncratic books Aubrey's Brief Lives along with Le Grand Meaulnes is the most idiosyncratic book of which I know There are some who would argue for The Anatomy of Melancholy There are those who would nominate others But I think that John Aubrey was born and died within his own head and never absorbed anyone else's criteria for anything Not for biography not for history not for memoirs or diaries No John Aubrey whether he knew it or not made his own rules And every single one of his miraculous Brief Lives bears the traces of his so terribly individual mental processes To read them is to enter into another world I have to get a new copy every so often because I always give my copy away Keep in mind though that no one actually has to shell out money for Aubrey any Free Aubrey is widely available on the net Aubrey's approach to biography which is so different as to truly reuire the scare uotes permits him to include the vaguest suspicions the most to some irrelevant details and the strangest attributions of weird personal ualities There's a relationship here with the works of Joseph Cornell Most of Aubrey's subjects live in and only in Aubrey's work having otherwise lost all semblance of human interest since the 17th Century We have after that time built up many sorts of informational filters in order to limit our attention to people of real interest of real value mainly celebrities and excluding the polloi of the ages But 99999% of us ARE polloi and it's really interesting when as here in Aubrey they we get some attention Aubrey's Brief Lives are available in their entirety and for free here Volume 1 and Volume 2 here

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Brief Lives Penguin ClassicsE Herbert Thomas Hobbes Philip Sidney and William Shakespeare Mr William Shakespeare was born at Stratford upon Avon in the county of Warwick His father was a butcher and I have been told heretofore by some of the neighbors that when he was a boy. This was soooo good Lots of fun It makes me want to learn about Elizabethan England As we gossip lovers say it's juicy I didn't realize how mathematics was all the rage back then It was everyone's hobby Like Suduku for smart people Almost everyone was a clergyman and mathematician There are some neat stories on Phillip Sidney and Edmond Spenser There was also a bawdy “tap the bottom” story on Aubrey's own grandfather JA's character sketches were vivid but I'm not sure how accurate JA is very opinionated and standards for historiography were pretty shaky But that makes it better I especially liked the entry on Dr Harvey of circulation of the blood fame He believed you should not marry a widow as her womb would hold the “character” of her late husband and all your kids would really be his Kind of like the old story about how if a blooded dog mates with a mongrel all the blooded dog's future pups will be mutts JA himself is amusingly Protestant He is pretty honest about showing the rapaciousness of Henry VIII's “reforms” JA thinks the whole English Reformation was just a big looting It's uite cynical It also explains why so many of his sketch subjects were so irreligious Fat Henry and his greedy reformers made it all seem like crap