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free read Gold Ring of Betrayal 106 ☆ They've never stopped being marriedNicolas Santino doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter He believes Sara his wife cheated on him with another man and Lia is the result of that betrayalSo Sara and Nicolas are separated until the silence between them is forcibly broken Lia has been kidnapped Nicolas knows he is the E only one who can secure the little girl's safe return but it means he must go back to Sara and find that even after three long years she still wears his rin. 35 starsA highly emotional read Do not read this book unless you want something really angsty The biggest problem I have with this book is that the author made the lead male character and his father so unlikable that no reader with an ounce of self preservation and respect could bring themselves to accept the ending It makes the readers uestion the unrealistic and what seems to be a forced happily ever after for the sake of writing a HEA book I would have had respect for the author if she took the unpopular route and allowed the lead female character walk away from these two very nasty men She didn't look saintly she looked stupid for forgiving them I should also mention in fiction I want to see antagonists pay dearly for what they did since in real life they usually get to walk away unharmed Also I don't want to see the lead male character having had his share of liaison when he was the one at fault for breaking up due to what ever reason unless the female character gets a chance of having the same sexually full filed life I hate it when the authors write a born again virgin lead female characters waiting for the lead male character to come to his senses and give them a crumb of attention it is basically freezing their life into nothing less and make us believe the female character is nothing unless the male character decide to come back to them It makes the book very unrealistic and is an insult to all the women who fought for euality and same sexual freedom as men

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They've never stopped being marriedNicolas Santino doesn't accept that Lia is his daughter He believes Sara his wife cheated on him with another man and Lia i. Very emotional read The heroine's pain was palpable A perfect agony read if you're in the mood for that sort of thing Had a re read today March 5 2016 It's as good as I remembered it The opening sentences reach out and grab you from the beginning London Big house Big address close to Hyde Park The time 1745 pm Six hours since it happenedAnd the tension in the formal drawing room was so fraught it picked at the flesh happy sigh I picked this off my shelf and read every word until I had read it again I love when a story sweeps you along MR doesn't let up once the initial tension of the kidnapping was resolved she layered in a second kidnapping this time the heroine was whisked away to Sicily and caught in her father in law's trap yet again I also appreciated that not a scene was wasted And how there were scenes that mirrored the past the hero sees heroine in a compromising situation which lead to their estrangement the heroine sees the hero in a compromising situation at a party which lead to the eventual resolution In both situations they have the father in law to thank for their wrong interpretations And they both had a chance to feel what the other felt jealousy and betrayal of not being trusted Then there was the business with the wallet how they initially met and how they made up LovelyMR never uite explained the kidnapping and critics have said the father in law got off too easily I kind of liked how he became less evil in stages after he sees how miserable his son was then when he meets his granddaughter and then after his last surgery And he's still kinda of evil and manipulative at the end That seems realistic than a complete 180 I liked the hero I liked the heroine Their backstory was sweet and it was easy to see why they were both so susceptible to the old man's manipulations Hero was not a cynical guy just a passionate one Heroine grew up a lot and was a fierce mama lion Hero had no chance really and I think he realized that if he wanted her he had to accept her child His remorse at learning the truth was heartbreaking and I loved how the heroine was worried she had to take care of him on top of everyone else This was a great re read

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Gold Ring of BetrayalS the result of that betrayalSo Sara and Nicolas are separated until the silence between them is forcibly broken Lia has been kidnapped Nicolas knows he is th. Michelle Reid and Gold Ring of Betrayal make a total hypocrite out of me The unforgiving husband hero behaving very badly the wife willing to take on a second chance marriage by his terms endangered plot moppet and the unrepentant evil FIL just for starters in another book would have me ranting and one starring For whatever reason Michelle Reid’s writing archetypical strong and bitter hero and misjudged yet strong heroine are written with depth than usualAs mentioned by StMargarets the drama and atmosphere starts from the very first page where Sara the heroine is frozen in a state of stasis at the thought of her baby being kidnapped I was hookedview spoilerThe premise is the heroine was setup by her FIL as an adulterer The hero believes her guilt as well as the fact that her tiny little blonde doppelgänger is the result of the affair Big strong silent type banishes her to England and the lap of luxury They only come back together because her child is kidnapped The child is found shockerama in Sicily literally in the hands of the heroine’s greatest enemy the hero’s father Gramps is besotted with the little girl and now the heroine has a new concern that he will want the little girlThe H and h reunite under the condition he does not have to deal with child which is tough to read but the “Sicilian” unforgiving nature alpha nature is driven homeI don’t fault the hero for cutting her given that he thinks she committed adultery I do fault him for not listening to her Passion and angst done very well and swells out of control when the little girl gets sick The H’s father finally confesses his evil doings and the hero goes into a the typical guilt ridden poor pitiful me decline for a few days Guilt overwhelms him as it should The heroine gets a little fussed about it as once again and still it is all about the hero This time Mea culpa mea maxima culpaRegarding complaints that the FIL never gets a comeuppance I respectfully disagree The son that he sold his soul to the devil for wants nothing to do with his dying father now plus he’s in danger of never seeing the grandchild he never knew he would adore If it weren't for the fact that the plot moppet loves him too he would be out of luck hide spoiler