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read When You Were Mine kindle ✓ Hardcover ¸ From the New York Times bestselling author of In Five Years comes an intensely romantic modern recounting of the greatest love story ever told—narrated by the girl Romeo was supposed to love What’s in a name Shakespeare? I’ll tell you Everything     Rosaline knows that she and RAstated over losing Rob to Juliet This is not how the story was supposed to go And when rumors start swirling about Juliet’s instability her neediness and her threats of suicide Rose starts to fear not only for Rob’s heart but also for his life Because Shakespeare may have gotten the story wrong but we all still know how it ends 25 starsWhen I first heard about this book I was uite intrigued with the idea of telling the story of Romeo and Juliet from Rosaline’s point of view The girl before the girl So I was a little disappointed when I started reading and realised that this was actually a contemporary novel based on the famous playFor one thing the little we know of the original Rosaline was that she rejected Romeo I’ve always doubted she was the first girl Romeo had proclaimed his undying love to and Romeo laments her rejection He isn’t too happy about the fact that she’s taken a vow of chastity eitherPoor boySerle’s Rosaline is in love with Romeo or Rob in this case and when he finally asks her out she believes it is the beginning of an epic love Of course as we all know Rob’s attentions aren’t destined to last long and soon enough poor Rosaline is dealing with a broken heart and a few painful home truthsIf I’m honest by page 109 I was seriously considering abandoning this The main characters were silly shallow and pretentious and the first half of the book is incredibly tedious consisting of Rosaline’s rather self deprecating monologue about her typical high school day how generally superior her and her friends are how much of a ‘disease’ a boy called Len is how unfair life is and either daydreaming about Rob or over analysing every thing he says However the book definitely improves during Act Three and I will admit to uite enjoying the second half of the story The main reason for this is because of the growing romance between Rosaline and Len resulting in some far interesting scenes than we ever see between her and her supposed ‘true love’The original Romeo and Juliet were foolish and naive but ultimately endearing Choosing to depict the story in this way with Rosaline heartbroken over Rob Serle fundamentally alters the characters as we know them Rob is an all together less sympathetic hero in fact he's a jerk who treats his life long friend in the worst possible way By default Juliet becomes a 'boyfriend stealer' a ‘slut’ and later on a hysterical potentially suicidal slut at that This just wasn’t a message I was comfortable with I detest slut shaming both in fiction and real life and while I wouldn’t say it is overly emphasised in the book it is there and I don't feel the author took the time to properly explore the issue other than Rosaline's half hearted attempt to befriend Juliet near the end Why is Juliet blamed for everything? Why does no one take issue with the fact that Rob becomes and unstable and screams at her in very threatening way in public? Why are there rumors that she is suicidal? view spoilerWhy does everyone blame her for their deaths? Another problem with this interpretation of the characters is that when tragedy strikes it has far less impact of the reader than it perhaps should have done Rob's character is never fully developed beyond his appalling treatment of Rosaline and Juliet and Juliet's death almost feels like a footnote We get some glimpses into the Rob Rosaline knew and loved as she grieves and there were some uite strong scenes with Rosaline that highlighted the pain of loosing such a close friend so suddenly and I only wish these had been expanded on hide spoiler

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From the New York Times bestselling author of In Five Years comes an intensely romantic modern recounting of the greatest love story ever told narrated by the girl Romeo was supposed to love What’s in a name Shakespeare? I’ll tell you Everything     Rosaline knows that she and Rob are destined to be together Rose has been wa Gentle reader I wish to spare you my suffering Friends Romans countrymen lend me your ears; I come to bury this book not to praise it When You Were Mine is awful It is not simply awful it is bitter stupid sexist and above all a lieActually no The worst part really is how grossly sexist and simplified it is The author says she had her own heartbreak and turned the experience into this book which shows because Rose's bitterness is very authentic There are times brief and fleeting where I could see the strain and want to sympathize with herThen we get to parts where the narration has Juliet admitting she stole everything from Rosaline out of pure jealousy where Romeo I mean Rob comes to her doorstep pleading that he's always loved her but she turns him away because she now has a better sensitive and endlessly patient boyfriend? That is a pure revenge fantasy of a scorned lover And I would enjoy reading a character coping with such a thing if the whole book didn't feel like it was justifying it and wallowing in it with its every paragraph But others have better explained the pitfalls and failures in that sphere and I would recommend reading their reviews if mine leaves you unconvincedWhat I am offended about is that it is also a lie Because the hook the catch this book's raison d'être is that this is Rosaline's untold story that was overshadowed by the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet And this gentle reader has nothing in common with Romeo and Juliet And I don't mean it's not by switching locals from fair Verona to Southern California mixing up the ages or switching Romeo to Rob and Montague to Monteg and Capulet to Caplet I mean nobody has any resemblance at all to the play Not even a pale attempt Rosaline had no lines in the original so this would be perfect to craft a whole and uniue voice to recreate a character whose circumstances can cast the events of the play in a new light But she doesn't even try this tactic Juliet instead of a naive young girl is a bitter overdramatic slut oh yes they use this word a lot who makes Regina George from Mean Girls look positively endearing She's crazy she's emotionally manipulative such as threatening suicide if Rob breaks up with her and she goes out of her way to be nasty to Rosaline for the perceived slight back when they were seven Rob was always a well mannered and level headed boy not prone to flightiness and expected to go to Stanford until Juliet shows up Then he becomes vicious and picks fights with people in jealous fits of rage And instead of being completely fixated with Juliet he harbors feelings for Rosaline that crop up every so often when he's not being a massive jerkoffThe tragedy of their families instead of a longstanding blood feud that has been going on so long that nobody remembers what it's about has been given a reason that is as recent as view spoilerRob's mom having an affair with Juliet's dad hide spoiler

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When You Were MineIting for years for Rob to kiss her and when he finally does it’s perfect But then Juliet moves back to town Juliet who used to be Rose’s best friend Juliet who now inexplicably hates her Juliet who is gorgeous vindictive and a little bit crazyand who has set her sights on Rob He doesn’t even stand a chance     Rose is dev Rosaline Caplet lives in South California with her parents and she's a senior at San Bellaro High School which she attends with her best friends Charlie Olivia and Rob Rose hasn't seen Rob in 8 weeks but it's the first day back at school and she's nervous about seeing again as she's realised she has feelings for him and there's a chance he feels the same way about her But then her cousin Juliet returns to town and moves in on Rob leaving Rose heartbrokenWhen You Were Mine by Rebeca Searle is written from Rose's perspective I found her to be smart self aware responsible and listening to her tell her story hooked me completely especially as the blurb gives away the fact that everything is not going to go as she planned She and Rob have grown up next door to each other but it's only in the last two months that she's realised she likes him than a friend and she can already imagine them going to college ending up together and I really wanted that for herRose and Rob are so sweet together they know each other so well have a whole lifetime of shared memories they seem perfect for each other I loved how awkward their first date was even though they have spent so much time with each otherBut then just as things are moving along for Rose and Rob her extended family returns to town Rose hasn't seen Juliet since they were little kids they used to be as close as sisters But then there was a disagreement between Rose and Juliet's fathers and Juliet and her parents moved away Juliet is not friendly to Rose or Rose's friends and she moves in on Rob immediately and he returns her feelings I was amazed at how much this book made me feel at this point I was feeling like Rose sick to my stomach and sad so so sadLuckily Rose had her two best friends to support her Charlie and Olive are a big part of her life They're both gorgeous girls in different ways Charlie is a red head Olivia a blonde Charlie is obsessed with making sure they are the popular group with Rose commenting that Charlie acts as if she's living in a high school movie which it definitely felt like as I found myself picturing these girls as a combination of CherDionneTy from Clueless and the girls from Mean Girls After a few descriptions of Olivia's physical appearance and personality I could not stop picturing her as Karen from Mean Girls and I found this book a lot of fun from that aspect you know apart from all the heartbreak They're also the kind of girls who are a little mean Charlie makes up mean nicknames for some of their classmates and refers to another as a slut and while I never like hearing anyone called those sort of things I felt it was true to Charlie's character and to teenage girls in general Charlie would be a fantastic friend to you but she's the kind of girl who isn't welcoming to othersSince writing my review I've read a couple of others that rated this book a 1 or 2 and gave the reason for this as slut shaming I don't think the author was putting her opinions on her characters or saying that calling another girl a slut is ok but I do think it's a typical part of high school and felt true to the story I also don't think all the blame can be put on Juliet I felt eually annoyed at her as I did RobThere's also another love interest for Rose in the form of Len I picked it as soon as we were introduced to mysterious scruffy piano playing Len and I was definitely happy that he was in the picture and kept hoping Rose would start treating him better than she didEven though the ending might seem uite obvious as this is a modern take on Romeo and Juliet I was still wondering throughout the story about how it would come about and so I was still surprised when the ending hit It was sad and I felt for Rose who took on some of the blame even though it wasn't her faultWhen You Were Mine is a beautiful sad and bittersweet story of teenagers and first loves I know it will be a hit for fans of contemporary YA and YA romance It's available online and in local book storesMy copy of When You Were Mine was sent to me for review from the lovely people at Simon and Schuster Australia