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Read Shadows At The FairAn Antiue Print Mystery eBook ß Mass Market Paperback ´ Lea Wait ¶ Ignorance is truly bliss for recently widowed Maggie Summer owner of Shadows Antiues when she arrives at the prestigious Rensselaer County Spring Antiues Fair Sadly she won't remain ignorant The hack wall other prints arranged on tables and easels by category With eleven years' experience she knows her stock So far the worst thing that has happened was putting the wrong price tag on a Homer engraving and having to sell it for 170 instead of 1700Maggie doesn't intend for that to happen again and she doesn't intend to worry about murder This show's security is tight But she can't help observing her colleagues with fresh eyes Some Eke Gussie White in the booth next door are dear friends and Gussie's assistant her twenty year old nephew Ben who has Down's syndrome is a delightful new acuaintance Others however even people she's Lea Wait cannot write a bad book or uninteresting charactersIn this the first of the series Maggie has come to terms with the death of her husband he died of a series of strokes on the same day she found out he was having an affair and she has rejoined the Antiue circuit with her stock of original prints There is a new person at the fair this time as the week before at a different show one of the dealers died from ingesting poison the other dealers are assuming this was a one off and settle in to have a decent weekend of sales only that night another dealer ends up dead this time from the classic blunt instrument  The only problem is that Maggie's good friend Gussie's nephew is in the frame for the killing he is a young man with Down's Syndrome and both Maggie and Gussie are certain that Ben wouldn't hurt anyone but the police are sure they have their man  Only then there is another poisoning and no one is sure what to think any the one thing is everyone seems to have something to hide and Maggie is determined to get to the truth even if it means putting herself in the sights of a killer

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Known for years suddenly seem suspectThe opening night wine has hardly stopped flowing when death claims another victim Maggie will still sell a few antiue prints but she'll spend most of her time looking for a killer and trying to save a vulnerable young friend Will Maggie herself become a potential victim? The answer may be in one of Maggie's prints but she has hundreds in her booth Where should she begin?With its riveting behind the scenes glimpse of antiues shows and its revealing data on antiue print values Shadows at the Fair introduces a captivating new series that unveils the powerful mysteries of antiue prints even as it entertai 'Shadows at the Fair' was an impulse grab at the library and that turned out to be a great read I really enjoyed this one mostly because I actually really liked the main character Maggie She almost reminded me of myself; probably because we are a similar age and I also like antiues but she seemed to have a similar mindset to me as wellNone of the characters were super well fleshed out but considering the length and genre of the book the author did a nice job giving the reader enough information to work with without being overwhelming The relationships were a little confusing but exactly the right amount of complicated for a mystery We learn about them as Maggie learns about them a bit here and a bit there so we ourselves are piecing together the puzzle alongside our heroineThe mystery turned out really interesting too I didn’t actually guess who the murder was until close to the end and I had no idea WHY they were killing people until they explained it to Maggie I always love it when the author can surprise meThe romance because there is ALWAYS a romance in cozy mysteries was rather downplayed in this book I liked that It was nice that Maggie didn’t just jump into a romance especially with a suspect Considering her backstory it made perfect sense that she would want to get to know a man before deciding he was the one for her Logic isn’t usually close at hand for cozy mystery romances so it was a nice change The only thing that bothered me about this book was the repeated use of the word “retarded” and the complete dismissal most of the characters had about mentally challenged people I can get what the author was trying to do when you read it in context it KIND of makes sense but the fact that everyone except Maggie just shrugged and said “you know those kind of people are unpredictable” really REALLY bugged me Considering the book isn’t that old published in 2002 I would have expected a few open minded peopleOverall this was a nice uick read I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a fun easy mystery I’ll likely pick up the next in the series the next time I’m at the library

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Shadows At The FairAn Antiue Print MysteryIgnorance is truly bliss for recently widowed Maggie Summer owner of Shadows Antiues when she arrives at the prestigious Rensselaer County Spring Antiues Fair Sadly she won't remain ignorant of the suspiciously high mortality rate among her fellow antiues dealers for longRumors are everywhere The most recent victim John Smithson died of poison at a show just last week and many of the same dealers are here at Rensselaer They make the identical circuit year after year so they know each other well Or do they?Murder is still far from Maggie's mind as she arranges her Shadows booth some Currier Ives prints here Winslow Homer wood engravings on This was an enjoyable cozy mystery taking place in the antiues world A new venue for me but the same tried and true components of a good cozy Our heroine Maggie is a professor and also sells prints at antiue shows Lots of fun descriptions of historical prints and little tidbits of info along the wayMaggie is attending her first antiue show since her husband passed the previous year and is warmed to see old friends and trying hard to move forward with her life When one of her fellow vendors discovers the body of her husband following the opening night gala the mystery begins One of Maggie's friends is at first fingered for the murder and she gets to work to prove the police wrong Maggie is dogged and resourceful in her investigation and even experiences a hint of possible romance to comeThe ending was good and one I suspected as the story progressed which I like better than surprise endings and set up some little enticing bits of info that make me want to read the next in the series