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A Question of Pride kindle ☆ eBook Free ì Michelle Reid ´ She was much than his secretaryTheirs seemed the perfect boss secretary relationship He was all hard nosed business; she was efficient and anticipated his every needBut the roles Max and Clea played so well in the office underwent a radical change aftShe was much than his secretaryTheirs seemed the perfect boss secretary relationship He was all hard nosed business; she was efficient and anticipated his every needBut the roles Max and Clea Re A uestion of Pride January of 1989 was a big moment in the continuing development of HPlandia In the Real World traditional conservative governments around the world were swinging towards a liberal outlook Communism was in decline and would culminate in the fall of the Berlin Wall in eleven short months Madonna was getting ready to outrage Catholic mums everywhere with her Like a Prayer video Tim Berners Lee would soon be submitting the proposal that leads to the rise of the World Wide Web and lovely cat videos and the world was gearing up towards a new decade that would culminate in the start of a new millennium HPlandia was not immune from the repercussions of the real world either January 1989 brings the debut of one of HPlandia's best known and most loved authors Michelle Reid whose HP freshman offering was the euivalent of unleashing a tidal wave upon the familiar shores of the HP universe Between MR's debut and Lynne Graham's debut five months later in May HPLandia would never be the same again and we are still feeling the ripples even 27 years later The ratings for a uestion of Pride are all over the place which seems to be about right for such and epic and trope twisting novel For the first time in HPlandia an h actually acts in her own agency The 20 yr old h has an affair with her boss KNOWING it probably won't lead to marriage When she gets preggers from forgetting the bc pill one time too often she TURNS DOWN the H's grudging marriage proposal for the sake of the baby The h doesn't want to be married cause she is preggers she has a home and is self supporting and employable she would rather do this on her own FINALLY an HP h says what many readers have longed to say to the typical Lothario lurvely lady sampler HP H for YEARS in this line of stories This h tells her H that he is simply not husband material and she will be fine on her own thank you Of course in HPlandia just as in real life such an action is not without it's conseuences However I will point out that for 1989 the h's actions in this book are nothing short of amazing and heroic 27 years ago the world was a vastly different place Outside of Hollywood unwed pregnancy even in self supporting women was considered to be a societal ill and a symbol of social moral decay If you got yourself preggers and the father offered to marry you you gratefully accepted and submitted with a smile no matter how unsuited the two people actually were Some people who read this book also take issue with the fact that the h blames herself for the birth control failure and is adamant that the H not be held responsible They are outraged that two people contributed to the making of the baby but only the h holds herself to blame and the H initially also thinks the h set him up he is so outraged he almost hits the h Fortunately MR has the h faint in classic HP h tradition before his hand can fall but the threat of serious violence was there and it does not endear this H to most readers In MR's and the H's defense the advent of the oral contraceptive and it's subseuent wide spread use did lead many to the assumption that women engaging in the joys of the lurve club should also be solely responsible for the slip ups that may occur This idea actually came from a cross section of ideological and societal view points it wasn't just liberals or conservatives engaging in this thought it was a multitude of people in a variety of positions all thinking the same thing if a woman plays she needs to pay as she chose to engage in such behavior It really is only relatively recently that the idea of both partners being eually responsible has come into common social s and accepted general thinking The h in this story does start out the virginal HP innocent whose exotic good looks uickly captivate the 34 yr old womanizing H As the story opens the h realizes that her love affair has an expiration date the H really only sees her as an efficient secretary by day and his object of desire by night The h sadly realizes that if her suspicions prove correct her life will be greatly changed and her heart is going to suffer The h is a bit naive really but she does have the pragmatism to realize that the man she is in love with doesn't love her She knows that the H doesn't even really see her as a uniue person she is either an office machine or a lust pacifier and tho she may have blindly fallen for a good lookin' smooth seducer she doesn't have to remain so She has her own self owned paid for flat and importantly she is economically independent She doesn't have to depend on anyone else for financial security and even less so when her mum presents her with an endowment that matures on the h's 21st first birthday it is a gift from her now sadly deceased father and her mother has since remarried After the h confirms her preggerness she also finds out that the H is seeing another woman When the woman calls the H's office to cancel on a dinner engagement the h fobs the woman off by telling her to call the H's home and leave a message The h then realizes that when she used the excuse of being indisposed to avoid the H in a lustful mood after what he claims was an interrupted business dinner he was really trying out the OW and she did not deliver the goods so the H thought he would give the h a go The H also took the OW to a theatrical show the h had picked out to go see because the h's body wasn't available to use at his convenience so the h knows that the time has come to move on to a new job and end the relationship She gets released from her contract and gets a new job with the help of the H's personnel manager The man tries to convince the h to explain her situation to the H but the h lets him know that the H has moved on so she needs to leave with some dignity and avoid gossip The h bitterly resents being put in this position by the H so when he eventually does come around and after the threatened violence and fainting episode the h bluntly throws his two timing slime slurping ways into his face and insists that she and her baby can do better than an unfaithful and uncommitted cheater The H vehemently denies swinging the lurve club but the h doesn't care it is obvious he was looking for her replacement and she wants none of him The H is finally starting to realize that this h is so far from wanting to trap him into marriage that she doesn't even want him in her life any she makes no bones about what she thinks of him and she ends the relationship But teh h does allow that he can be involved as a father if he so desires but she isn't holding her breath The H leaves the h in a very gobsmacked and befuddled state and is starting to understand that everyone doesn't share his viewpoint of what a wonderful and upstanding guy he is The h also starts a new rule in HPlandia that most unwed pregger h's will spend the majority of their preggerness alone A lot of HP voyagers are highly offended by the H's involvement with another woman but I actually felt that OW inclusion added to the h's uniueness and was another fantastic twist in the Canon of HP Tropes For YEARS the threat of HP H infidelity has been used as a hammer to force h's to kowtow in submission to an H In this one the h basically grabs that hammer and swings right back To this h a man who can't be faithful IS NOT H material This H is going to have to prove himself Which he does gradually as the h rejects his overtures for several months noting that the H is seen with at least four OW and verbally skewering him every chance she gets When events culminate in the h collapsing after she has been admitted to the sacred space of the H's home for the first time and they have a night of passion the H uite rightly points out that she broke things off with him and has no say in his private affairs any The h has a riposte tho and asks the H how he would feel if she was out with other men Since the H is madly jealous of her current boss and continually wants to force the h to uit working the H has to concede the point This all becomes moot tho when the h's blood pressure spikes due to heat temper and general anxiety and she is put on bed rest the h doesn't escape inner guilt over getting herself into her situation MR ably shows the h's inner conflict between her ingrained morals and the reality of her predicament The h offers to live with the H in order to continue the liaison as they can't seem to keep apart The H leaps at the opportunity especially as the h really does need some help The h moves in with the H and the h is forced to reprimand the H's very judgmental housekeeper who disparages the h because the H isn't marrying her Assertive h and defending life choices aside this is a romance after all so MR brings in the h's new stepfather as the catalyst to force the H and h to admit that they love each other The stepfather accuses the h of being spiteful and mean by denying her child legitimacy to punish the H for not loving her and the H leaps to her defense with some really harsh words The h vows she is acting out of love for the H as she cares too much to see him unhappy This spurs the H to admit that he is only unhappy when he isn't with the h and he has loved her for a long time his dates with OW were non phyisical events cause just like a fish fighting the hook the H did not want to be landed so he was testing the waters but couldn't really make a connection I believed him when he denied sleeping with anyone since the h MR actually does a really great job via small does of H pov to show his change of mind and his acceptance of his feelings for the h which builds H redemption over the course of the story But now the h has overwhelmed his resistance and being shackled to her and adoring her is the only place he wants to be The h and H marry after a scene that echos the book's beginning and the H's mum drops the news that the H had intended to propose several months before prior to the baby bombshell The HEA ending is the happy event of both the h and her mum having baby boys on the same day and their respective father's denying any resemblance to rakes for a lighthearted ending to a very intense and realistic book For a first time effort this book is outstanding and probably one of the best debuts in HPlandia ever For traditional HP trope bending twisting and complete reinterpretation this one is EPIC and reuired HP reading Whether you love this or you hate it you will be engrossed from the beginning and you will never forget MR's debut which is definitely one of the most original ever and maybe the very best harbinger of the golden age of HPlandia that is to come

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Played so well in the office underwent a radical change after hours Then they were passionate lovers a situation Clea found both fulfilling and agonizingFor while Max was capable of turning Michelle Reid delivers again I loved the heroine Clea She was strong smart and HAD PRIDE The H Max was likeable too He was an arrogant jerk but never crossed that line into OTT unbelievable as some of the HP heroes do Don't get me wrong I love some of those HPs I find it highly entertaining to see how far some of the HP tycoons will go to get their way Some of their plots are well worthy of my favorite soap villain Stefano DiMera and his 'master plans' from Days of Lives although I haven't watched since the 90s Michelle's books tend to have of a sense of realism and true emotion I could completely relate to Clea and feel her hurt confusion and anger She went into an affair with an older sophisticated man and he told her up front he didn't want a relationship He kept her neatly in a box labeled mistress at night and another neat cool professional box labeled secretary during the day He was her first love she was naive and got in WAY over her headWhen she turned up pregnant accidentally she was determined to go it alone and refused his offer of marriage She was fortunate enough to have an inheritance that would allow her to live comfortably if not extravagantly She wasn't going to marry someone whom she desperately loved who she truly believed did not love her And this was not a case of her being willfully blind I wouldn't think he loved me either I'd think he liked me and really wanted my body but nothing He told her he was fond of her He'd never even taken her to his apartment for heaven's sake He cancelled their weekend together because he thought she had her period and couldn't perform her role as mistress I'd be damn suspicious of anything he did to show his care of her after the fact She may have gone a bit far in her venom and bitterness at times and may have been a bit stubborn toward the end but she was human and she was hurt and angry at both of Max and herself In her mind she wasn't good enough for him when she was his mistress and she wasn't going to play along with a charade for this sake of his sense of guilt andor honorMax for his part had taken Clea very much for granted and by the time he was starting to realize things weren't running as smoothly as he'd hoped it was too late He was a guy who had money could have any woman he wanted and he didn't want to change He was a pig and a womanizer in many ways In his mind he was set He had an unbelievable gorgeous younger woman who he'd initiated into sex and trained to please him Plus she played along with all his rules without complaint of course she was feeling a lot of growing resentment he didn't realize Although there were clues before the pregnancy came out that pointed to the fact that things were changing whether he wanted them to or not Clea got under his skin and he didn't like it and didn't know how to deal with itAnyway I won't spoil anything But I highly recommend it as a great angsty read with a believable and not rushed HEA

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A Question of PrideHis passion on and off at will Clea with her youth and idealism had fallen inescapably in love She either had to hide her feelings or get outSuddenly unexpected circumstances gave her no choi 35 starsThis was a good read about the growth and development of a relationship At the beginning of the story the H is seen as the sophisticated manwhore bosslover of h whose infatuation with the H allows her to be taken advantage of and taken for granted She then finds out that she's pregnant and feels that she needs to save herself some pain by leaving the relationship and raising the baby on her own because she knows the H doesn't love her During this time she finds that the H has been scouting for some strange which just cements her decision that she has to get out or risk undo hurt There is then a scene when the H finds out about the baby and his violent reaction to the news He offers to marry her but the h outright refuses The dynamics switch to the h letting the H know just what scum she feels he is and tries to get in her digs as often as she can There is a fast forward where we find out that the H has remained in her life by way of visits and taking her to dinner but no sex as the h won't have anything to do with him We also discover that he had been on dates with four other women during this time which really burnt my grits when I heard that which perpetuates the h's belief that the H doesn't really love her On top of that he repeatedly confesses feeling fond of her but never love Throughout the book you're able to see the H as this conceited and arrogant ahole who feels he's god's gift to women He's always kept women in the periphery and didn't even allow the h to come over to his apartment while they were having an affair However if you look real close you can also see his slow as molasses growth as he gradually alters his life and self concept to allow himself to love the h as he should At the end the H hells the h that he supposedly discovered his love for the her just after the first date with the OW was discovered there were three and was going to make changes in their relationship before she bailed ship Well maybe Why did he go on those dates with the other four women then? Even if the h wouldn't have anything to do with him sexually she was having his baby and he was supposedly trying to get her to marry him I'm inclined to believe that being faced with the reality of fatherhood his already growing feelings for the h broke through that wall of conceipt and self importance he insulated himself in and allowed him to fnally care for someone else than himself But the change was slow coming Nonetheless I was left with the impression that the H truly loved the h at then end and was finally committed to the relationship If the idea of watching the slow and realistic progression of a relationship where all was not fair is attractive to you then this will be a decent read If you can't buy that people really change then give it a pass