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The Written Book Ï 460 pages Download ë Ben galley ☆ His name is Farden They whisper that he’s dangerous Dangerous is only the half of it A spellbook has gone missing from the libraries of Arfell – a very old and extremely powerful spellbook from the time of dark elves and demons Five scholars are dead the magicAge to keep the world from falling into chaos Entangled in a web of lies and politics Farden must recover the spellbook before an ancient enemy rises even if it takes journeying halfway across icy Emaneska and backIn his fight for answers Farden will unearth a secret that not only shakes the foundations of his world but threaten the entire future of Emaneska Sorcery death drugs and the deepest of betrayals awaitWe Ben Galley's The Written is graced by a spectacularly striking cover Rather than trying to dummy up a cover himself as a lot of self published writers do he went to a crowdsourcing site Crowdspring where he was able to offer a precis of his book and have a number of designers submit book cover proposals The one he accepted by designer Mikael Westman and artist Claudia West really stands out from the crowd of self published books and would be no surprise coming from any leading publisher For 200 Ben Galley got than his money's worth and he's used the same team to do the covers for further books in this fantasy series; I believe that's called branding Smart move on Ben's partUnfortunately the cover is the best thing about the book The MacGuffin of the novel is yet another Evil Book of Evil Evilness The protagonist is yet another bad ass warrior mage The background is yet another generic fantasy landscape with dragons AND vampires AND werewolves Other writers have all done that before and better Much better The characters even the main character feel stereotyped and flat; their personalities seem painted on rather than arising from inside One thing I noticed about Galley's writing is that he tends to over write his scenes A character comes into a room He walks over here He walks over there He picks something up He puts something down He sits down He stands up again Et bloody cetera Very little of which advances the plot or reveals character My fingers kept itching for a red pencil as I read the first few chaptersFull disclosure I didn't get beyond the first three chapters I looked at some of the reviews on Goodreads and a lot of people gave high praise to the book Rule of thumb for ratings on Goodreads Deduct at least one star to adjust for irrational exuberance I might have liked the book better and possibly kept on reading if I was forty or fifty years younger and hadn't essentially read books just like it a hundred times before For some people it might be fresh and interesting material; to me it's just staleRead free as author's promotion

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His name is Farden They whisper that he’s dangerous Dangerous is only the half of it A spellbook has gone missing from the libraries of Arfell – a very old and extremely powerful spellbook from the time of dark elves and demons Five scholars are dead the magick council is running out of time and options and the Arka is once again on the brink of war with the Siren dragon riders It falls to Farden the Written m So I'm not going to lie this book was one i've had my eye on for years because of the beautiful cover designs for the books Considering that this is a self published book and series I think the fact that the covers are so beautiful is a great asset to the books because otherwise the likelihood of me buying the book or hearing about it would have been much less With that said it's not just a pretty cover in fact there's actually a very wonderful story contained within the pages of this book So this is Ben galley's debut book and I think you can tell that with the fact the everything and anything is thrown into the story and it's fast magical and furious throughout Some may say that the amount of magical elements and ideas that Galley has woven in are too many but for me I love magic and that's why fantasy is one of my favourite genres and for me the amount of magical stuff within this was fabulous We have Werewolves Dragons Elves Mages Creepy Prophecy Voices in Your Head Journeying Bad Guys Betrayal and much besides We get to see a lot of the culture of various parts of the world and we follow a kick ass main character who knows his stuff and is very powerful The story of this book is set in Emaneska We see that the world is divided between men and dragons when the book begins and has been for many years Whilst they are not at war they are hostile and hate one another but when the story opens with a violent killing spree of some of the old Scholars and a powerful thing goes missing from the Library of Arfell there may be a cause that could unite the two races once againThe Arka is a magical academy where the Mages of this world are trained and some only the best go on to become The Written The Written are a group of elite Mages who each have a book inscribed and tattooed onto their back which if you read it will make you go insane Within this inscription are hidden runes of certain powers making those who survive the ordeal some of the most deadly Mages on Emaneska and the time has come for them to once face a new evil threatening the worldOur main character is called Farden and he's a member of the Written He's a very powerful Written and he's descended from a line of very strong and powerful Mages He's clever and resourceful but he has a strong desire to prove himself and get himself out of the cloud from his Uncle who went insane after being one of the most brilliant and deadly Written ever He's got his secrets and he's certainly running a fine line between breaking the rules and being discovered but ultimately his power and skill make him pretty fun to read about He definitely faces some tough calls and sad situations in the book but I liked the way his character unfolded to us and revealed his past and ideals slowly despite the numerous action fight scenesOne element of this book which I did enjoy was the immense amount of magic within this world There's a lot of magic and it's a part of the world characters and story wherever you go there's no shying away from bringing in all the best parts of fantasy and this makes it both surprising and fun at all times We also have such fast and energetic pacing to this book right from the outset and the story itself is enjoyable to rush through and get swept up by I definitely felt that some points were a little too rushed but I also really enjoyed seeing the way that everything was happening and the lengths our main character had to go to in order to try and stop the problems of the worldMy only small issue with the book was that the ending is left rather open and not everything was fully resolved Of course there are books in the series and so I assume that they will pick up straight after the ending of this one but I do wish it had been a little rounded and not uite so abruptOverall this was a seriously fast and fun read whenever I got the chance to sit and read it and I will certainly want to continue on with the series in the future I would give this a solid 4s and I look forward to seeing what will happen next as the danger mounts and problems inevitable face the world of Emaneska

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The WrittenLcome to Emaneska The Written is the first volume in The Emaneska Series and the debut book of dark and epic fantasy author Ben Galley Packed with magic and monsters gods and demons The Written is perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson Robin Hobb and George RR MartinThe next books in the epic Emaneska Series – Pale Kings Dead Stars Part One and Dead Stars Part Two – are also now available in eBook and paperback Sometimes your initial expectations of a book can leap twofold simply by its cover this is one of those books a mage walking away or into battle sword in one hand and a fireball in the palm of his other hand Thankfully the book didn't disappoint in the slightestThis novel is set in a world called Emaneska the Arka are ruled from their capital city Krauslung by the magick council the Arkmages To become a mage one must first go through the intense school of training and finally undertake the ritual where words of power are tattooed across the shoulders and back A dangerous undertaking as not all pass the trialsThe majority of the story is told from the viewpoint of the protagonist Farden a uick tempered formidable and powerful mage with complex tattoo's The tattoo's can eventually drive a mage to madness and Farden was the last to have the words of four of the key elements written on his body Even reading a mage's tattoo's can bring on the madnessThe scholars have discovered an old book of magic at the libraries of Arfell from the time of the Elves a spell prevents the book from being opened a dangerous book of summoning magic that can release daemons and an entity that if released could destroy the world The book is stolen and five scholars are dead the magick council enlist Farden to track down the stolen book Entangled in a web of lies Farden must travel far and enlist the help of the old enemies the dragons and together they must search for an old well of magick needed by the unknown enemy for the summoning spells to workThe interaction with the dragons and the Siren race are well described and a pivotal part of the story Farden brings an uneasy peace to the two races and returns a tear book to the dragons on which is stored many years of memoriesThis is a debut novel and there are flaws introductions of Fardens close friend a vampyre and also a lycan follow well worn threads Also the use of a banned drug used by Farden which deadens his talent is a little hard to digest but overall this is a well written story fast paced with plenty of action encouraging a uick readThe plot twists and turns very well friends and lovers are not all they seem and the final battle against an unstoppable assailant is an excellent climaxI enjoyed this enough to continue straight away with the second novel