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Night of the Jabberwock doc í Paperback ì fredric brown ì This sharp ironic tightly written thriller takes place during a single night during which our narrator editor of a small city newspaper shows what stuff journalists were made of then by consuming a truly epic amount of alcohol and unweaving an artfully tangThis sharp ironic tightly written thriller takes place during a single night during whic Review NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCK by Fredric BrownAn excitingly twisted convoluted puzzle a mystery wrapped in an enigma NIGHT OF THE JABBERWOCKis a true reading delight This is the first of Fredric Brown's writing I'd read and it's set me on a path to seeking out If you love Lewis Carroll chess or almost unsolvable mysteries get rolling If you enjoy a feckless protagonist who is almost his own worst enemy let me introduce you to the endearing Doc Stoeger small town newspaper owner alcoholic and a stalwart friend Doc just needs that one big story to put his weekly newspaper to bed but no matter how diligent he is the stories just keep eluding him or mutating until the grizzled journalist finds himself starring in his own real life story

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H our narrator editor of a small city newspaper shows what stuff journalists were made o Probably best known for his story The Fabulous Clipjoint which garnered an Edgar Award for outstanding first mystery novel Fredric Brown was a prolific author of hundreds of pulp short stories and several novels He considered his best work to be in the science fiction arena but a good two thirds of his work were mysteriesthrillers His story uality is high and attention to plotting is very uniueThe Night of the Jabberwock is exactly what the title indicates the story of one Thursday night in the small town of Carmel City Doc Stoeger the editor of the city's newspaper the Clarion has just put the Friday edition to bed and is on his way to his favorite bar He is wishing that something anything interesting than the lead story's church rummage sale would happen to make his newspaper exciting to read Little does he know that the night ahead holds the answer to his wish And you know what they say Be careful what you wish foryou just might get it Before the night is over a couple of big time mobsters will roll into town the bank will be robbed and a lunatic will escape from the local asylum By the time morning has come four people will be dead Stoeger is also a Lewis Carroll fan and while he is trying to cope with the night's madness he finds himself dealing with an odd little man who claims he can take Stoeger through the looking glass But beware the Jabberwock my son The jaws that bite the claws that catch And the most disturbing thing of all Stoeger will find that none of the events of the night are printableI remember this mystery as an incredibly bizarre but wonderfully so story of murder There is an odd feeling of being in the middle of a Lewis Carroll dream world but Brown brings it all together with an ingenious wrap up and fine writing Highly recommended

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Night of the JabberwockF then by consuming a truly epic amount of alcohol and unweaving an artfully tangled web Complex Literate and EngagingWhile Fredric Brown is mostly celebrated as an important if now largely forgotten contributor to the golden age of science fiction he also made his mark in the crime and detection field This book which came out in 1950 is widely considered to be one of his finest effortsWe follow Doc Stoeger through just one eventful night Doc puts his weekly little local paper to bed every Thursday night for printing on Friday morning Early on he wishes that something would happen on a Thursday night that would let him print big breaking news Well a whole lifetime's worth of newsworthy things happen on this particular Thursday night including murders robberies mobsters scandals and the like Of importance Doc gets involved in a weird setup that might have supernatural overtones and he finds himself drifting into a frame for a heinous crime The book starts slowly with all of the relevant characters being set in place then each narrative thread laid down As the threads twist and tighten and as the stakes get higher and the action heats up Doc keeps drinking and thinking out loud trying to find the angle that puts everything into place Often the book feels like Cornell Woolrich and even often it feels like a Harry Keeler webwork mystery In the 20's Keeler described a webwork plot To uote Wikipedia paraphrasing Keeler a webwork is a plot that includes many strands or threads each thread representing a character or significant object which intersect in complex causal interactions A webwork novel typically ends with a surprise revelation that clarifies these interactions retrospectively That's pretty much what you get hereBut lots of webwork plots are just complex for the sake of being complex and border on the random or silly Here and this is his genius Brown keeps everything under tight control and lets us follow Doc's logical and compelling reasoning Even better Doc is a literate man and a lover of all things Lewis Carroll So the big setup and much of the action reflects or specifically relates to the events and scenes in Alice in Wonderland which is what takes the book way beyond just some webwork plotted effortSo bottom line if you like mysteries Brown is a writer to know If you like the idea of literate hard boiled this is a book to try Heck if you just think of yourself as a bit old school in your mystery tastes or if you like an articulate engaging and distinctive narrative voice this could be worth a try A nice find for me Please note that I received a free advance ecopy of this book without a review reuirement or any influence regarding review content should I choose to post a review Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book