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Men and MarriageSociety Poverty for instance stems from the destruction of the family when unmarried parents are abandoned by their lovers or older women are divorced because society approves of their husbands' younger girlfriendsGilder claims that men will only fulfill their paternal obligations when women lead them to do so and that this civilizing influence balanced with proper economic support is the most important part of maintaining a productive healthy loving societyHe offers a concrete plan for rebuilding the family in America His solutions challenge readers to return to these roles and reestablish the family values that were once so crucial in staving off the ills. I have mixed feelings about this book On one hand I didn't appreciate the author's overriding thesis that women are naturally superior naturally moral religious unselfish responsible etc than men Gilder's claim that women are the only force inspiring men to defer their gratification and build civilisations rather than destroying them and his evident expectation that civilisation will inevitably crumble in the absence of sexual virtue seemed a little overstated to me Women don't have salvific power thank GodOn the other hand I read the book with profit and I think a lot of other folks could too While I hesitate to ascribe the cure for all the world's woes to strong marriage relationships the book is basically a study of how moral breakdowns and the feminist agendas hurt people It references a lot of statistics facts and studies of a kind that don't often see the light of day including how radically the different sex hormones impact babies in the womb not just when it comes to physiue but also as regards the brain; how this difference is backed up by studies showing that men are naturally aggressive and competitive in societies from all over the world and so on In our society we hear a whole lot about how men and women are basically the same but this book does a great job of challenging that assumption On top of the factual stuff Gilder also freuently demonstrates a good deal of wisdom and insight; I came away from the book appreciating than ever how important it is for men particularly to feel that they have a purpose and a mission in life So not a perfect book and certainly not one to be taken without a grain of salt but helpful

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READ & DOWNLOAD ð Men and Marriage ò Timely when originally published Men and Marriage is essential now given the the warlike climate of male female relationships unfortunately fostered by radical feminism Rush LimbaughMen and Marriage is a critical commentary that asks the burning uestion How can society survive the pervasive disintegration of tThat plague our country Gilder insists that it is time to reexamine what liberation has wrought and at what cost Only a return to traditional family values he contends can stem the tide of disasterGeorge Gilder is the author of Wealth and Poverty the best selling critiue of Reaganomics The Spirit of Enterprise Visible Man Naked Nomads and The Party That Lost Its Head He was a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and now writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and National Review about material advances and their effect on society His most recent books include two other well known social commentaries Microcosm and Life After Television Also available in paperba. Every once in a while you read a book that changes the way you look at the world This book was that worldview changing text for me It capped off 4 years of struggle to find meaning in the toxic ideologies of academia and at last allowed me to forever distance myself from that strange worldGeorge Gilder's book attributes most of the ills of western society to the collapse of the modern family Over 200 pages he details the importance of marriage in socializing men and covers a variety of the failures caused by the war on that once sanctified institution Gilder provides suggestions for how to reverse this decline but to most observers it will seem unlikely that any of them will be even entertained in the current political climate Even so Gilder's work is not devoid of hope even if the rest of the world cannot be convinced to reconsider its abandonment of the family individual men and women can make the choice to pursue the lifestyle that will provide them the greatest fulfillment and give their children the best chance at a good life

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Timely when originally published Men and Marriage is essential now given the the warlike climate of male female relationships unfortunately fostered by radical feminism Rush LimbaughMen and Marriage is a critical commentary that asks the burning uestion How can society survive the pervasive disintegration of the family A profound crisis faces modern social order as traditional family relationships become almost unrecognizableGeorge Gilder's Men and Marriage is a revised and expanded edition of his 1973 landmark work Sexual Suicide He examines the deterioration of the family the well defined sex roles it offered and how this change has shifted the focus of our. I don't feel like some of the reviewers like this book is dated at all despite the fact it's a reworked book from the '70s It deals with overarching principles of masculinity and femininity Society as a whole truly seems to follow the patterns he lays out In my life i've observed how single young men struggle with the feelings of dispensibility and frustration; how single young women use their sexual superiority to build society or tear it down; how women define civilization; how men preserve and protect it when love transforms them For women who are offended and feel his perspective too archaic he certainly is NOT saying women don't belong in the workforce period He merely emphasizes the disparaging role that radical feminism has played towards abolishing masculinity I think it had wonderful things to say about the way women dominatemanage culture and the way men's place in society is usurped by radical feminism His observation about the sacrifices of men in the Home Front chapter is particularly astute imo I reread almost every chapter as I felt i couldn't grasp it all the first time around This has been the best descriptive and prescriptive commentary on gender roles I've ever read