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The Lady of the Rivers eBook Ò Audio CD Read è Jacuetta daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe was married to the great Englishman John Duke of Bedford uncle to Henry VI Widowed at the age of 19 she took the extraordinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love and then carved ouRdinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love and then carved out a new life for hersel I was really looking forward to reading this and was tragically disappointedThis was my first Philippa Gregory novel She's written so many that I'm keen to read as I'm fascinated by this era of history and this was recommended as the best one to start with so that I can read the series' chronologically I think maybe that was a mistakeI feel like this is of a supplementary novel entertaining for those who know what comes later This story dragged so much for me and I just wasn't invested Firstly it took over 100 pages just to get to the plot described in the blurb Then it was a tedious cycle Baby war baby war this woman was popping out so many kids and none of them are given the time of day so why would I care? And then the wars are so repetitive and back and forth and the way that it's all told just makes it so bland Margaret is a horrible person and I mostly despised her I really felt like Jacuetta and Richard were on the wrong side the entire time They're fighting for terrible people and I get that but it's such a stated fact there's no emotional investment so you kinda just uestion why? I think the way the story is written in first person present tense made it completely emotionless I felt nothing throughout this entire novel I didn't really care who lived or died what cities were lost or won zero emotional attachment from me I wanted characters that I could really root for and admire and there were none to be foundOverall I'm glad to be done with this because it was just a massive disappointment I'll continue reading the series but I'm really hoping it improves

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The great Englishman John Duke of Bedford uncle to Henry VI Widowed at the age of 19 she took the extrao I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Philippa Gregory Sometimes she does what she does extraordinarily well and sometimes she writes crap like this I really struggled with this one I just found Jacuetta’s story SO uninteresting When I was reading it I couldn’t help but wonder how better this series would have been if Margaret of Anjou had her own novel This way another perspective of the wars would have been covered Moreover this isn’t even chronological with the previous two books or the one after it; it’s just a random preuel stuck in the middle It’s strange and if anything it disrupts the series I want Margaret Give me Margaret This really isn’t the best reaction to have to a book of this type If you’re immediately wishing for a different character then you know something isn’t uite right Jacuetta’s story had the potential to be interesting because of the suggestions of witchcraft But it was all too vague The author couldn’t directly allude to the fact that she was or wasn’t a witch Witchcraft is obviously fictional and this is a realism novel so she couldn’t say she had magic Nor could she say that she wasn’t because of the rumours This resulted in a disappointing dynamic I wish she went with either side of the picture because what we’re left is a character who doesn’t actually seem to know what she is or isn’t It was a little bit weirdThis just needed Margaret of Anjou In the other books the characters view her as the villain; she is simply the “bad ueen” Only in this book does Philippa Gregory bother to show a glimpse of her story I think it would have been incredibly interesting to see how she interpreted the events and that way I think we would have had a fairly overall picture of the war Well at least from the perspective of the powerful womenueens So far York and the Tudor faction of the house of Lancaster have had their story told But Margaret of Anjou remains a uiet bystander to the events Where is her voice? Where is her tale? Her minor part in this novel was not enough; this novel was not enough to establish her presence in this series A weak story when Margaret went This book was also undoubtedly too long Some of the chapters were packed out and far too long the opening was terrible; it was the worse beginning in the series The romance was okay It felt secretive and at the same time realistic But I just didn’t care about it It didn’t feel relevant to the major events I wanted to see the Cousins War the Wars of the Roses and how it affected the lives of the overlooked women in positions of power and persuasion This was a random tangent to the story one that I needn’t have read This was definitely the bad egg in this series I just felt that there was far too much wrong with this book for me to enjoy it It lacked a lot of the politics and conniving characters of the previous two books It also lacked any sense of narrative drive; I had no real reason to carry on reading this after Margret left the scene This was too unlike the rest of the series for it to feel like it was actually part of the series Jacuetta’s characterisation was too weak and confused for it to evoke any investment I didn’t like this book but the rest of the series is really good Well except for the last book The King’s Curse but I’ll get to that at a later date The Cousin's War Series 1 The White ueen A strong four stars2 The Red ueen A fair three stars3 The Lady of the Rivers A Margaretless two stars

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The Lady of the RiversJacuetta daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe was married to I have a problem with authors thinking that they have to reach a larger mass audience once they are popular It is comparable to a musician who “sells out” The Lady of the Rivers certainly portrayed a dummied down storyline which started with the immediate opener Perhaps Gregory is so popular now that she took away much of the magic so evident in some of her earlier works to reach a wider audience The theme of my complaints against The Lady of the Rivers is the lack of depth Admittedly this novel is a fast page turner but solely because it is easy to read and has very short chapters several were only one page; and not because it is overly intriguing or capturing The book is rather slow in the beginning even by page 109 I was bored and it was obvious that this is because Gregory didn’t have much research to include Is it a coincidence that the latter part of the book is interesting and not as sparse when describing the battles? Not at all Sadly even the events which were described appeared glossed over which relates back to the lack of depth element Although Jacuetta is the main character her character development is extremely weak to say the least Her inner feelings and actions never felt fully disclosed and understood making her seem very one dimensional Moreover many of the other female characters also felt very demeaned and ill described Joan of Arc was portrayed uite foolishly and Margaret of Anjou was even annoying than usual Margaret of Anjou is already “known” as being villainous but at least she has drama and depth In The Lady of the Rivers she just comes off as a spoiled teenager in a teen film Plus of the book was about Margaret of Anjou than Jacuetta I found this all to be disappointing because none of the characters were likable or encouraged support Imagine a star studded ensemble cast in a movie but with a terrible plot and poor acting That is the best way to describe this book Sadly even the proposed highlights were unsatisfying Moments in the plot which were meant to be “strong” such as Richard Woodville declaring his love to Jacuetta; were elementary rushed and so predictable that I actually rolled my eyes The inescapability caused the story to be very difficult to “get into” I have to admit there were SOME strong points throughout but I have to judge the novel on the whole and overall the momentous events covered Hundred Years War Wars of the Roses were barely even scraped in potential by Gregory The Lady of the Rivers is of a summary of these events or YA novel Some contradictory points were also evident For example the novel stressed that the Earl of Suffolk opposed Margaret’s marriage to Henry but then about a page later said that he predicted its success Um sure I also have to ask did they actually say “hi” during this time period? Jacuetta surely did in this novel I may not be a linguistic expert but never ever have I come across the word “hi” in any other Plantagenet or Tudor novel and I have read countless sources This bothered me Also the churching ceremony appeared to be described in the manner of the rules set forth by Margaret Beaufort which she obviously didn’t do yet at the time of this novel Let’s not even get into the complaint which is evident by all readers across the board the overuse of the titles ie “My lord the Duke of Bedford”The end of the book was the best similarly to how the Battle of Bosworth scene at the end of The Red ueen was surely the highlight and climax It also set the lead in to The White ueen uite seamlessly especially if one would want to re read it after The Lady of the Rivers I will give Gregory credit where credit is due that she attempted to cover a person who doesn’t have a million biographies or sources available on her Jacuetta is a lesser known individual and I support bringing the “underdogs” to the table I admit that I may be a little harsh and that I shouldn’t expect a thorough novel when such little information is available However Gregory should have instead transversed this as a novel about Margaret of Anjou then I do support the effort however Overall not AS terrible as I suspected but definitely a dummied down version Either Gregory is losing her spark or I’m just slipping out of the target market