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FREE DOC ↠ READER Ladies in Waiting ✓ 9780547581293 ↠ RANDARENEWABLES É Eliza dreams of being a playwright for the king’s theater where she will be admired for her witty turns of phrase rather than her father’s wealthBeth is beautiful as the day but poor as a church mouse so sEliza dreams of being a playwright for the king’s theater where she will be admired for her witty turns of phrase rather than her father’s wealthBeth is beautiful as the day but poor as a church mouse so she must marry well despite her love for he 25 starsI honestly don't know what to make of this book On the one hand it's well written in some ways and well researched On the other hand it's structurally unsound with an abrupt Where the heck did the rest of the book go? finishThe story revolves around three young ladies all named Elizabeth and identified by nicknames Eliza Beth and Zabby as they make their way to the newly restored court of Britain's King Charles II Eliza identified as big boned which only seems to mean she's rather tall and sturdy and not obese as the term is used today raised by a Puritanical father secretly wants to be a playwright instead of the propitiously married off wife her father wants and so under the excuse that being at court will increase her chances of finding an ideal suitor becomes a lady in waiting to ueen Katherine or as in this book Catherine of Braganza Beth is horribly poor and thoroughly cowed by her harridan of a mother but she's a beauty and it's that asset her pox and pustule covered mother uses to advance their family with an advantageous marriage Beth catches the eye of the ueen who sees beyond Beth's shabby clothing and whore like makeup and gives her a place at her side However Beth's other asset is her virtue something her insane mother protects fiercely with constant vigilance threats and when necessary beatings which leave Beth bloodybut only in places where the scars won't matter None of that matters to Beth as she's fallen in love with a most inappropriate man and will do anything to escape her insane mother and fulfill her romantic fantasy even if that includes treason Zabby has recently returned to England from a very provincial and free life in Barbados Fascinated by her scientific studies she happens to be in the right place and have the right knowledge to save the king's life In return he brings her to court where everyone assumes she's the latest of his long line of mistresses for if they knew the truth that the king is mortal and barely escaped death Charles with the echoes of the mob who howled for his father's head still haunting his dreams fears a lessening of his power and stature Because of this and their shared love of science Zabby and Charles spend many hours closeted together in his elaboratory and as Zabby comes to know the man behind the crown she also comes to discover her own feelings about himFirst of all I'm not sure why this is marketed as a YA novel Just because the protagonists are young girls and the cover art makes the novel look like a 17th century version of Gossip Girl doesn't mean that a YA categorization is appropriate After all until the mid twentieth century there was no such thing as a teenager or the term young adult; you were a child and then once you reached a certain age if you were a boy or you began menstruating you were considered an adult capable of being married having children keeping your own house So these girls in the novel are technically adults As such most of the issues dealt with in the novel are adult oriented; that's not to say young people don't know about sex prostitution and whatnot this is the age of sexting after all but wrapped up in the larger context of a royal court with its intricate politicking it just doesn't seem like an ideal YA novel Never mind that the language used while historically accurate and wonderfully colorful would confuse many an adult let alone younger people Words like 'troth' 'cozening' 'swive' and 'daggle tailed slut' among others are completely unfamiliar to a modern audience; perhaps I'm underestimating today's young people but I can only see their eyes glazing over when they start running into these words and phrases Don't get me wrong I'm not being a prude; in fact I loved seeing all the flamboyant euphemisms flying about in the midst of scathing remarks and flippant wit Once again though except for those rare few teenagers who love such detailed historical fiction this just doesn't seem the right kind of book to compete for attention against The Awakening and The Struggle or Twilight although personally I'd rather see intelligent and adult books such as Ladies in Waiting being directed towards young adults than dreck such as Twilight and its ilkIn regards to the actual writing the characters were well portrayed Beth the sappiest of them all still had enough spirit to her that I never felt unduly annoyed by her behavior Eliza was wonderfully spunky and outlandish and I loved how she spoke her dialogue liberally dusted with historical collouialisms and blazing wit Charles was appropriately magnetic giving the reader a plausible idea of how women of all stations could so easily fall in love with him and yet eually repellent with his callow attitude towards Catherine and his imperious personality Zabby was the only one with whom I didn't really connect Her supposedly scientific mind wasn't always on display and oftentimes she behaved like the typical love sick teenager meaning she could be moody irrational and petty The novel's greatest strength was the language I mentioned above Beyond its vividness and lively tone there was never a moment when a modern phrase sneaked in and jolted me out of the 17th century that I can remember As far as pacing while the novel had a flow to it it wasn't always a steady flow At times the story felt rather wobbly; the action wouldn't exactly stop it would sort of plateau out and just kind ofsit there while another scene was builtHowever while I enjoyed the novel even though some of the plot points were rather ridiculous while it is descriptively written and compelling to read I have one big problem with it there was absolutely no ending Nothing Nada Just a bunch of loose threads left dangling without even the slightest attempt to bring them together The story just stops without giving us any idea of how these three girls ended up The one achieves an ending of sorts as she accomplishes what she set out to do and we're told in a couple of brief sentences what happens next but it's not the full closure her story deserves The other girl suffers a horrible fate and while on the one hand the ending is realistic after all there is no happily ever after in life so why shouldn't a fictional character also have a crappy ending? and so I applaud the author for avoiding a saccharine cliche I was eually annoyed by the author's lack of closure We see the girl being driven away in her new husband's coach and we've got some idea of the horrible life she's going to have but an actual description of what does happen to her would be nice And the third character just goes back to doing what she was doing all along really that's it? Where's her character's growth? What has changed in her personality? I went through 328 pages of story for what? I just felt greatly unsatisfied when I turned the last page by the lack of a proper ending by the lack of character growth No unsatisfied isn't the right word I felt cheated I uite literally yelled out when I reached the end and discovered this lack of closure What the hell kind of story is this? Where's a proper ending? I'm all for the kind of leave it to your imagination The Lady and the Tiger type of tale but not in this context Really I can't properly express the indignation and frustration I felt when I finished the last page; it was like I'd run into a brick wallUnless this is the beginning of a new trilogy which I doubt because had it been the book's cover would've been plastered with all sorts of exclamatory remarks advertising that fact this is a rather disappointing stand alone novel Honestly I can't understand how it's getting published in such an unfinished state

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R childhood sweetheartZabby comes to England to further her scientific studies and ends up saving the life of King Charles II Soon her friendship with him becomes a dangerous impossible obsession Though she knows she should stay away from the young ha Read This Review More Like It On My BlogMostly enjoyable if lacking in certain areas Ladies in Waiting is a than adeuate young adult historical fiction I will complain a mite about the title as there are technically no ladies involved; the story revolves around three young Elizabeths each a maid in waiting for ueen Catherine of Braganza Eliza Beth and Zabby each differ from the other in status wealth and dreams Eliza bright and dramatic aims to use her father's wealth to achieve freedom Beth longs for true love to set her free while Zabby seeks knowledge than anything else in the world Each girl represents a different chance at life in restoration England under King Charles II one has wealth one has beauty and one has brains for which to make her way in the court The three split perspectives of severely differing circumstances had a lot of potential to show a rounded version of life within the kingdom at that time I had hoped for a vivid portrayal of the Court and England itself; the novel focuses fairly narrowly upon the three Elizabeths and fails to provide a rich setting or background for the characters to occupy I was left feeling rather blah at the end of the story as none of the storylines grabbed me as truly original or as doing something truly creative with this era of historyEliza Parsloe she of the extreme wealth and lineage of dirt is a provincial heiress out of the country Because of the dying wish of her mother Eliza has what many girls of her time and age do not the ability to approve of her husband before marriage With such an unexpected and unlikely power for a woman of the 1660's Eliza has the rare opportunity to dictate her own life on her own terms or so she thinks Sent to court to ostensibly wait on ueen Catherine but in reality dowse out a husband for her commoner father to use and exploit Eliza finds herself in a situation she thought would never happen Eliza is strident and willfull; at times the character was so irritating and unthinking I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop upon the poor playwright Instead of inspiring sympathy for her plight with her deceitful father he even plots to use her unwanted previously rejected suitor to rape her into marriage I was simply eager for any protagonist besides Eliza to appearElizabeth Beth Foljambe is the daughter of the syphilitic Countess of Enfield With the pedigree that both her friends lack Beth must catch herself a rick noble husband in the vipers nest of Charles' court Born of a Royalist family Beth is only as important as her chastity; Beth's mother repeatedly tries to use her daughter's virginity to try to accumulate power The sheer focus on Beth's worth as completely dependent on her purity was a harsh but sadly historically accurate portrayal of a woman's worth during the time Beth is possibly the most sympathetic character of the story with only ueen Catherine running her a close second Beth is sweetand kind and perhaps a bit too widely eyed naive to survive for how long she has in the court Her viper of a mother is a scene stealer whenever she appears though the scope of her character could have used some wideningZabby Wodewose the final player in our trifecta of Elizabeths hails from Barbados She can be seen as a harbinger of change a stranger from a strangle land with new ideas and theories Returning to England with her beloved father this is the one example shown of a healthy functional relationship between parents and offspring of the three girls after a number of years Zabby's drive in life is to learn Through a random happenstance young Zabby saves the life of the King and her life is affected forever Zabby started out easily as my favorite character but the development and changes that occurred throughout the novel eroded my affection She's spunky and truly clever but becomes way too enad with the King to focus I disliked this revelation because knowledge is the love of Zabby's life not the King Perhaps the point was to illustrate just how alluring the King was or how susceptible Zabby was to his charms I am not sure I just prefered the initial version of Ms Wodewose The relationship between the three maids shows far camaraderie and love than any of the other women in the court do It feels like a viable friendship one that builds and grows as the girls go through trying experiences with one anotherThe novel works if it does not exactly excel The writing can veer into too much showing very easily and freuently but it manages to engage the reader thanks to agreeable if not stellar characters The background characters do a fair job as well and I found myself surprisingly fond of a number of the bit players the vicious but cunning Lady Castlemaine was probably my favorite character to readread about Sullivan's Charles II does a nice job of continually stirring the pot fearing conspiracy and seeing rebellions everywhere to keep the Court's and the reader's tension running high Catherine is both sympathetic and also aggravating but provides a nice change from the relative immaturity of POV for the teenage girls It may be a bit simple and bland but falls far short of the worst historical fiction I've come across in the last year I had just hoped for from this particular novel The lack of atmosphere and setting did the most to lower my expectations but I'd recommend this to someone looking for an easy simple historical fiction set in the 1660

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Ladies in Waiting Ndsome king Charles has a new bride ueen Catherine and a ueen needs ladies in waitingAnd so Zabby Beth and Eliza three Elizabeths from very different walks of life find themselves at the center of the most scandal filled court that England has ever se Ladies in Waiting tells the tale of three different women named Elizabeth all with their own hopes dreams and lives in the bawdy Restoration court of Charles II Eliza wants nothing than to be a playwright but as the daughter of a wealthy noble there's little she can hope for other than a loveless marriage to the man of her father's choice Beth may be beautiful but she has no money so she must find a wealthy man to marry even though she's in love with another Zabby a foreigner comes to England to further her scholarly studies but through a chance meeting with Charles II finds a strange romance that seems impossibleAfter reading the blurb on this I thought I was in store for some kind of super PC YA friendly story about how three different women who share the same name become friends etc Especially since this is being packaged as a YA novel I was prepared for some sort of love story a story of a rebellious teen and maybe a hint of intrigue and historyWhat I ended up with was far from what I thought Ladies in Waiting drew on the intrigue and lusty nature of the court complete with ample open talk of Charles II's mistresses In fact I was very surprised at all the adult oriented discussion here especially when it came to Barbara Palmer and Charles' other mistresses There was also a very open exploration of Charles' relationship with his wife Catherine whom he had virtually no relationship withInterestingly enough I found Ladies in Waiting to have closer similarities to Susan Holloway Scott's adult novels of Charles II's mistresses that were historical but also fairly adult in content This is certainly not a bad thing as I enjoyed the added level to Ladies in Waiting that gave it greater interest especially when Sullivan began bringing in the court intrigue and discussed the rivalry between the mistresses However the beginning and ending of the book tried to pull it further toward the YA side like it was trying to deliver on the promises the book's packaging offered but the novel itself at its core just wasn't YA friendlyOverall a good book with some enjoyable characters but despite the nicknames it got really difficult to tell the characters apart and there were points where the history just didn't seem right to me I did enjoy this book though Sullivan creates some intriguing stories set in Charles II's court but it would have been nice if the packaging matches its contents