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DOC ↠ Poison Flower Jane Whitefield #7 ☆ Thomas Perry Poison Flower the seventh novel in Thomas Perry's celebrated Jane Whitefield series opens as Jane spirits James Shelby a man unjustly convicted of his wife's murder out of the heavily guarded criminal court building in downtown Los Angeles But the price of Shelby's freedom is high Within minutes men posing as police officers kidnap Jane and when she tries to escape shoot her J I've long been a huge fan of Thomas Perry's Jane Whitefield series Jane is a contemporary Seneca Indian woman who lives in upstate New York She's a guide who helps endangered people escape their current lives and settle into new ones She often does this at great risk to herself since the villains chasing after the people that Jane is rescuing are most often very devious and extremely evil A particular joy of the series is watching the ways in which Jane helps her clients disappear Poison Flower is the seventh book in the series which Perry began in 1995 He published a new Jane Whitefield novel annually until 1999 He then took a ten year break before the sixth book appeared in 2009 As this book opens Jane disables a police guard and breaks free James Shelby a convicted murderer who has been brought back to court for a routine procedure Shelby's sister has convinced Jane that he was wrongly convicted and Jane agrees to help him escapeLeaving the courthouse though Jane encounters five thugs who work for the man who framed Shelby Shelby escapes and goes to the place where he and Jane have agreed to meet Jane though is shot and captured by the bad guys who brutally torture her in an effort to force her to tell them where they can find ShelbyThis is still very early in the book and through a clever ruse and utilizing her own skills as a warrior Jane manages to escape and make her way to the rendezvous with Shelby Along the way she picks up a battered woman from a shelter and the three of them then collect Shelby's sister who will obviously be a target of the vicious thugs The bulk of the book consists of the efforts of Jane and the three people whose lives now depend on her to escape the bad guys so that Jane can settle the three safely into new livesIt's a good read and it's fun to watch Jane at work again Still I confess to having some concerns about the book I should note in fairness that this book was very well reviewed by professional critics who apparently did not share these concerns This doubtless means that the wise reader will stop at this point and ignore the followingI found it hard to accept the idea that Jane would bust a convicted killer out of jail All of Jane's previous clients have been genuinely sympathetic victims that the reader could immediately empathize with In this case Jane has no hard evidence that Shelby is actually innocent She is apparently acting on her gut instincts that tell her that Shelby's sister is correct in insisting that he was framed for a murder he did not commit It's one thing for Jane to rescue an abused wife and spirit her away from a sadistic violent husband It seems uite another for her to substitute her own wisdom for that of the police prosecutors jurors and judge who convicted Shelby and thus break him free This just seemed wrong to me and it clouded my whole experience of reading the bookI also couldn't figure out why the five thugs would show up for a routine court hearing Certainly they have no way of knowing that Jane is about to break the guy out Why are they there? We never learnIn the process of breaking Shelby free Jane commits any number of serious crimes The police as well as the thugs are in hot pursuit The cops have Jane's description and her picture Jane is concerned about avoiding the cops but apparently assumes that if she survives this ordeal she will be able to simply return to her real life as a New York housewife with no legal repercussions This also apparently assumes that no one in her hometown is going to be watching the Great Escape play out on cable news and say Ohmigod look That's Jane from next doorAs another concern Jane is now a married woman Perry has made no secret of the fact that he intended to end the series a couple of books ago and as he prepared to do so he married Jane to a handsome and very likeable doctor At that point Jane promised her new husband that she was retiring from her guide business and from that point on would be content as a wife and she hoped a mother Her husband did not ask her to do this; she made the promise of her own volitionThe promise of course was short lived Otherwise there would have been no new Jane Whitefield books But Jane has now left home on several occasions putting her life at great risk communicating only rarely with her husband and leaving him lonely and worried sick wondering if he will ever see her againThis seems unkind unloving and somehow just wrong on Jane's part It would be one thing if she were a cop or an FBI agent or some such thing where this was simply a part of her job But as her husband points out Jane is a civilian under no obligation to help the people who keep showing up at her door There are police and other agencies whose job it is to help these people and the reader at least this one can't help but feel that her husband has a legitimate concern here And this is not a gender issue I would feel the same way about it if the protagonist were John Whitefield and he were leaving his wife in his wake like thisJane's first adventure in the wake of her marriage came about in a fairly legitimate fashion after a bomb exploded at a hospital charity function She could promise her husband that she had to go out on one last mission and both he and the reader could buy into the premise But if Perry intended to keep sending her out like this it might have been a better idea simply to have killed the husband in the explosion This would have allowed Jane an added motive for getting involved in these matters again and would not leave the reader wondering how she could so easily inflict this kind of heartache on a person she loves There's a good reason why super heroes generally do not have spouses or other permanent romantic entanglements and Jane would be better off without oneOne final and fairly minor concern Whenever Jane goes out on one of these missions she spends thousands of dollars buying cars renting homes for long periods of time paying for gas meals hotels and the like Her clients are generally not in a position where they can pay for her services Where does the money come from? The answer is that even after she married Jane kept her old childhood home In the basement there is a length of ductwork that contains an apparently endless supply of money and fake IDs Whenever Jane is ready to go out on a mission she simply stops by the house picks up a few IDs and a big wad of cash and she's good to go There have been a couple of opportunities along the way for Jane to suirrel away some money but after a while this starts to stretch credulity You have to figure that sooner or later Jane is going to open the magic ductwork and discover that she's down to her last fifty bucks But it never seems to happenThis litany of concerns should not suggest that I didn't enjoy the book; I did And I would certainly encourage any reader who hasn't already done so to find the series But I would also strongly encourage them to begin with the first book Vanishing Act which introduces the character and which is also a great heart pounding ride

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PDF ↠ BOOK Poison Flower Jane Whitefield #7 FREE Û THOMAS PERRY ✓ Poison Flower the seventh novel in Thomas Perry's celebrated Jane Whitefield series opens as Jane spirits James Shelby a man unjustly convicted of his wife's murder out of the heavily guarded criminal court building in downtown Los Angel Ane's captors are employees of the man who really killed Shelby's wife He believes he won't be safe until Shelby is dead and his men will do anything to force Jane to reveal Shelby's hiding place But Jane endures their torment and is willing to die rather than betray Shelby Jane manages to escape but she is alone wounded thousands of miles from home with no money and no identi Jane is Old School when it comes to protecting her runaways The Law is wrong corrupt or just ineffective in protecting the victims in this book so Jane breaks the law Exciting story and as always I enjoy the cross country driving escapes I particularly liked the women's shelter scenes This book has flashes of connection to The Orenda by Joseph Boyden a favorite from last year There are many references to the Seneca warrior's behavior after capture and torture Goosebumps

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Poison Flower Jane Whitefield #7Fication hunted by the police as well as her captors She must rejoin Shelby reach his sister before the hunters do and get them both to safetyIn this unrelenting breathtaking cross country battle Jane survives by relying on the traditions of her Seneca ancestors When at last Jane turns to fight her enemies face a cunning and ferocious warrior who has one weapon that they don't There should so be a cross over fanfic written about Jane Whitefield and Jack Reacher meeting These two are meant for each other They share the same attention to detail the same stubborn slightly OCD focus on the big picture and the same passion for helping others Jane doesn't have Reacher's physiue but she makes up for it by meticulous planning Also she has a Native American background that she uses for inspiration by fitting her personal narrative into a historical continuityI'm always intrigued by folk stories that are similar but are unlikely to have a shared back ground For example the Ju Ge Oh are little people from Seneca mythology who will hide you from your enemies but years will pass while you are with them so that your enemies are all dead when you emerge sounds similar to tales of the fairies If you eat their food you will stay for hundreds of years Makes me think either there really were such little people once with an exaggerated story or somehow a shared mythologyI've enjoyed all the books in the Jane Whitefield series This is a really strong interesting female character also a hero The detail in the books is fascinating I remember in one without looking it all up they were trying to get rid of a huge sum of money They couldn't give it away to charity fast enough to avoid the interest piling up That gave me a clearer understanding of money than any factual essay on the subject These books are rich Hello Angelina Jolie You should so buy up the rights to these books like Tom Cruise did with the Reacher series