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Resurrection Row review ë 3 Ð What an odd sight The dead body of a peer of the realm sitting upright in an empty hansom cab He had been decently buried once before Inspector Pitt knew There was something terrible amiss Despite doctor's claims of death by natural causes Pitt insisted on serious digging to unearth the truth even if it killed himDecently buried once before Inspector Pitt knew There was something terrible amiss Despite doctor's clai. Despite gruesome aspects I enjoyed Resurrection Row thoroughly Charlotte and Thomas's daughter Jemima is two and Emily with a newborn son does not appear Aunt Vespasia is en forme and it was touching that Sarah is mentioned Her widower Dominic is fond of a young widow They land under brief suspicion in the most bizarre case Thomas has ever encountered bodies in and out of graves Minor uibbles leave ample room for a high grade I do hope that with time Anne Perry overcame these things I'm late to the party with her early novels and have the benefit of catching up any time I likeFirst she long ago overstepped the uota for uttering the word uite References to rain wetness and cold were excessive too We got the point without needing her to note that Thomas had wet socks every time he walked in or out of doors Lastly after investing oneself in the superb plotting of her many layered mystery solving efforts; Anne shuts her novels down too abruptly It's like snatching the off button on a song when the concluding note has scarcely played Being deprived of the fading tones is to lose the most satisfying part about finishing a novel; a chapter or at least a few pages past the denouementWhat we cannot accuse this mystery weaver of is lack of emotion and colour Somehow despite galloping from one investigative tactic to another she utterly masters inner thoughts Perhaps because she is exhibiting an era steeped in the art of that which is not said aloud; the writing trait I admire the most in her is the way all characters read each others' emotional cues I also loved the side to Aunt Vespasia and other socialites that revokes snobbery by fighting for a bill to end sweatshops and workhouses

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Ms of death by natural causes Pitt insisted on serious digging to unearth the truth even if it killed him. I read Resurrection Row because it was mentioned in Anne Perry's latest book Death on Blackheath tying Aunt Vespasia's friend and neighbor Somerset Carlyle in with digging up dead bodies and placing them in places where they would be found Pitt felt he must in some way be associated with the murder in Death on Blackheath since he was the only person he knew who had a stomach for such work On the other hand he didn't want to disturb the very proper Vespasia by bringing up a friend of hers Carlyle in such a situation I had to find out what history Somerset Carlyle had with dead bodies and thus looked up this very early 1981 4th Pitt book novel The movement of dead bodies some placed in public places driving a taxi sitting in church for a funeral sitting on a tombstone some in the graves of the real owners who were reburied after being found in inappropriate placesmade the whole situation macabre Obviously there was only one obvious murder victim but there was a great public outcry about the disgusting display of rotting corpses At the same time there was move to get parliament to pass a bill to help the very poor Somerset Carlyle was a behind the scenes mover and shaker to improve the lot of the poorest of children in the workhouses just as he was a leading mouth in parliament in Death on Blackheath Pitt assumed there was some connection between getting the bill passed and the display of corpses but he didn't know what or why Even Pitt did not assume Carlyle had anything to do with murder but he was also concerned with why the bodies danced around the one who was What was Carlyle doing this for if of course he was doing it Pitt of course solves both the murder and comes up with a reason for the bizarre body movements but although he does prove murder he doesn't prove anything against Carlyle Well maybe Carlyle winked at him or did he have something in his eyeThis is an early Anne Perry novel It is not as smooth and polished as we expect today 35 years later But it does have a fascinating plot where are all these bodies coming from dry humor to counter the horror rotting bodies in the most interesting places and serious social commentary Scenes from Seven Dials the workhouse the streets are vividly and disgustingly portrayed It provides a vivid portrait of Victorian England in some of its worst places While not up to Perry's present polish the book is certainly worth reading

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Resurrection RowWhat an odd sight The dead body of a peer of the realm sitting upright in an empty hansom cab He had been. Fourth in the Charlotte Thomas Pitt historical mystery series set in Victorian England and revolving around an unlikely coupleMy TakeTwisty Perry sure went to a lot of work on this one It's foot slogging having to go back over and over again Dealing with the same people as Pitt continues to drag the bits and pieces out of them Slowly assembling the puzzle It's an excellent example of why the police need to ask so many seemingly unrelated uestions You never know when one bit of information one sly hint will be the catalyst to release the reason for an entire case Or even a bit of gossipPerry is amazing in her depiction of the times from the s the culture the dress the interior decoration and the language I felt as though I was there with the heat from the fireplace the chill of the grimy streets the horror of the workhouses and the purposelessness of society with their silly insistence upon such strict mannersYES I LOVE it Alicia finally hits back at that nasty old ladyI just wish Perry had given us a bit closure on this nasty little bully Lady Vespasia has some things to say about the old lady makes you wonder if she indulges in such biting vicious behavior because she so lacks in self esteem Hmmm maybe book 5Rutland PlacePoor Domenic He's beset on all sides in this First the suspicions revolving around Lord Augustus then the eye opening experience thrust upon him by Mr Carlisle and Charlotte's dimming enthusiasm Carlisle certainly does show Domenic how it's done A master at work In the end it's a kindness to Domenic and Alicia reallyAn interesting discussion of art I do have to wonder if Pitt will recommend Froggy to paint Miss Verity's portrait Then that overheard conversation in the park by Lady Alicianaughty Perryvery naughtyand very well doneThe StoryIt all starts with a dead man driving a hackney cab one night outside the theatre His true state discovered when Sir Desmond attempts to hail him Fortunately Inspector Pitt and his lady were attending the same performance of The Mikado It's only when Lord Augustus keeps popping up out of his grave and is seemingly joined by friends that Pitt begins to wonder if there's a reason why someone is trying to catch police attentionAn autopsy is the only way to still people's tongues and eliminate the uestions A point with which Pitt pummels Lady Alicia and Domenic uite hard Poor Domenic is all to aware of how gossip and suspicion can destroy a family And those uestions are beginning to prey upon both Lady Alicia and DomenicDomenic is also pulled into Carlisle's promotion of the workhouse bill that St Jermyn is sponsoring in Parliament It's an eye opening tour for him with all the grime despair and hopelessness of the workhouses through which Carlisle drags himIt's the identity of one of the bodies that finally begins to narrow down the focus as a search of his home raises yet uestions that dig deeply into the backgrounds of those involvedThe CharactersInspector Thomas Pitt has the diction and manners of a gentleman but is of the lower classes his father was a gamekeeper This combined with his profession makes him persona non grata is the genteel households Not that Thomas lets that bother him He pursues the truth no matter where it leadsAbly supported by his wife Charlotte The woman who fell in love with him and lowered herself to marry the man she wanted They now have a daughter Jemima And Charlotte is slowly learning how to cook clean house