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Eleven twenty two sixty threeKorrigieren Und so beginnt für Jake ein neues Leben in einer für ihn neuen Welt Es ist die Welt von Elvis und JFK von großen amerikanischen Autos und beschwingten Highschool Tanzveranstaltungen Es ist die Welt des geuälten Einzelgängers Lee Harvey Oswald aber auch die der Bibliothekarin Sadie Dunhill die J. Hi my name is Jake Epping and I’m a dull high school English teacher who has decided to go back in time to prevent JFK from being assassinated I’ve decided to do this primarily because a fat man who serves me 53 year old cheeseburgers with whom I share only a vague casual acuaintance has told me that I should There is no other real reason for me to being doing this There really isn’t Once I’m there I will also risk my life to save a bunch of other people that I barely know because I want to demonstrate how amazingly selfless I am It is important to me that I am well liked I will fuck up several times but that is no problem because I have no life and therefore I will simply go back in time again and repeat the experience until I get things right At some point along the way I will fall in love with an 80 year old woman But don’t worry—when I go back in time she’s 27 So that’s no problem eitherAnyway once I view spoilersave JFK and am thanked with a lifetime supply of beer I will finally return to the present But oh no—saving JFK has caused massive earthuakes WHAAA and now the entire country is a complete nuclear wasteland And yet even though there is no plausible reason whatsoever for this to be the case hide spoiler

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Jake Epping lebt ein normales Leben bis sein Freund Al ihm ein großes Geheimnis enthüllt Er kennt ein Portal das ins Jahr 1958 führt Und Al gewinnt ihn für eine wahnsinnige Mission Jake soll in die Vergangenheit zurückkehren und das Attentat auf John F Kennedy vereiteln um den Gang der Geschichte positiv zu. Go ahead book snobs Proclaim haughtily that Stephen King is not Literature I shall retort with a Pratchett uote Susan hated Literature She'd much prefer to read a good book And nobody argues with Sir Terry Since 'a picture is worth a thousand words' the above is a three thousand words summary of this book Impressive no And also dancing is lifeAs you probably guessed from the not too spoiler sensitive title 112263 is a book about time travel My love for it is an exception rather than a rule you see I am not usually a fan of the Grandfather paradox Speaking of which “Yeah but what if you went back and killed your own grandfatherHe stared at me baffled Why the fuck would you do that” As the title proceeds to shamelessly tells us the book deals with the assassination of John F Kennedy and if the title fails to convey the message then hopefully you like yours truly have Google pedia'd it Hey don't judge I was born in Eastern Europe Anyway it's another of Stephen King's 'what if' situations What if you could go through a 'rabbit hole' to the past Would you try to change history for the better would you try to right the wrongs Well who wouldn't And so Jake Epping an English teacher sets out to spend half a decade in the past to prevent the assassination of JFK and to figure out whether Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed the lone gunman that day despite all the conspiracy theories As I flipped to the back I kept seeing that double take And the grin A sense of humor; a sense of the absurd The man in the sixth floor window of the Book Depository had neither Oswald had proved it time and again and such a man had no business changing history What if their lives had never intersected “Even people capable of living in the past don't really know what the future holds” The uestion is what would have happened had JFK survived the assassination that day in Dallas Would we still have Vietnam War race riots and Martin Luther King's death Could the lives of many innocent people be spared Could JFK lead the country into a better future Jake believes so But what if the past resists the change What is the price of changing the past The past is obdurate for the same reason a turtle’s shell is obdurate because the living flesh inside is tender and defenseless This book again dispels the long believed but mistaken axiom that Stephen King is a horror writer of a spook and startle variety No in the traditional sense he is not He knows that the true monsters are those that live inside every one of us and ahem occasionally in Derry Maine He has created his own brand of psychological suspense with the brilliant and scary insight into the minds of average everyday people who all have some darkness inside them and a skeleton or two in the closet sometimes uite literally superimposed onto the masterful description of small towns themselves eerily resembling sentient living creatures determined to hold on to their dark secrets And we get plenty of these in this book as Jake's uest to prevent that fateful shot in November in Dallas takes him along the way to the small towns of Derry Maine and Jodie Texas I have an irrational fear of living in a small town thanks to Stephen King What if it turns out to be another Derry or Castle Rock shudder By the way this trip to the past gives plenty of deeeeee licious 'Easter Eggs' to King's Constant Readers We see little echoes from Pennywise the Clown era in Derry meet our favorite 1958 Plymouth Fury Hellllloooo there Christine and even get a nod to A Wizard and Glass with Takuro Spirit “On that gray street with the smell of industrial smokes in the air and the afternoon bleeding away to evening downtown Derry looked only marginally charming than a dead hooker in a church pew” Derry of 1958 right after the terrifying events of IT is particularly repulsive and sinister It's a small wonder Jake is able to continue his uest after starting in such an ominous place But even there King manages to include some unexpected beauty just remember Richie and Bevvy dancing And the reverse applies to the idyllic town of Jodie in which Jake is finally able to feel that he actually LIVES in the past Deep down under the beauty and uaintness lies the ugly little reality And the same remains true for the Land of Ago the glorious past of absent airport security no cholesterol warnings and everyone happily puffing their way to lung cancers The 1950s 60s are described with sweetness and nostalgia but King never hesitates to bluntly remind the reader that the past has teeth and it's not afraid to bite King is an excellent writer and an amazing storyteller His writing is effortless and natural the characterization is apt and memorable and the dialogue superb and real sounding I truly felt for Jake during each step of his journey I loved how Oswald was described as not a villain or a nutcase but a flawed broken little man who stumbled into the middle of events that changed history The other characters Sadie Deke Ellie Frank Dunning were so well written that I could feel them come to life which actually can be a scary statement when the world of sai King is concerned The story despite its sizable length was flowing along and never lost my attention And his slow build up of the sense of suspense and doom think The Yellow Card Man and jimla and the 'harmonizing past' was just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout the book Pardon me for using this moth eaten cliche but Stephen King is like good wine his writing gets better and better as he ages Some may consider The Stand his masterpiece to his dismay who wants to think he's already reached the peak of his writing career three decades ago but I think this book may be it Is there any phrase ominous than you need to see exactly what you’ve done I couldn’t think of one offhand 5 stars without hesitation for this excellent impossible to put down book Sai King I will continue to be your Constant Reader for hopefully many years to come Capital L Literature or not If there is love smallpox scars are as pretty as dimples

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READ & DOWNLOAD ê Eleven twenty-two sixty-three Ï Jake Epping lebt ein normales Leben bis sein Freund Al ihm ein großes Geheimnis enthüllt Er kennt ein Portal das ins Jahr 1958 führt Und Al gewinnt ihn für eine wahnsinnige Mission Jake soll in die Vergangenheit zurückkehren und das Attentat auf John F Kennedy vereiteln um den GaAkes große Liebe seines Lebens wird – eines Lebens das gegen alle normalen Regeln der Zeit verstößt Und je näher Jake seinem Ziel kommt den Mord an Kennedy rückgängig zu machen desto bizarrer wehrt sich die Vergangenheit dagegen – mit aller gnadenlosen Gewalt die sich auch gegen Jakes neue Liebe richte. Another big big King book downThis was truly and epic tale While I know every author has to do research to make sure that the book makes sense and doesn’t sound ridiculous this had to be the most research King has ever had to put into a book When discussing historical events and the potential impact of changing them both knowing what actually happened vs conjecturing what would happen if any details were changed you have to make sure your knowledge of all related events is strong The two most common themes of this book are will the past allow itself to be changed and the butterfly effect one little change flap of a butterfly wing starting a chain reaction that leads to a landslide on the other side of the world If you don’t have your history ducks in a row it will be very hard to sell these themes but King sells them very wellI liked the extensive storytelling in this one It almost felt like 5 different novelsstorylines crammed into one Any of them would be an interesting story by itself but none of them truly appreciated unless combined with all of the others I think that some may find that it is too much or that the story drags in places with inner monologue screaming “get to the point already” This didn’t happen for me but I could definitely understand it if some felt that way A couple of times it felt like the story was starting over and I was a few hundred pages in But in the end I loved the whole package – uick places slow places exposition character development backstory etc – all of itCompared to other King Well the character development interaction and dialogue definitely felt like King At places it felt like a Dark Tower spin off maybe a little like The Talisman There are direct references to some of his other novels view spoilerspecifically IT and Christine hide spoiler