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T Didi became a slave to her sensationally stunning beautyDidi's list of instantly captivated conuests included even the magnificent Maruess of Malvern the most irresistible lord in London Alexandra should have. This book was first published in 1991 according to Goodreads one of a whole swathe of the author’s books now being re released in Kindle versions Not surprisingly it’s a very traditional style of story focusing on the London season Almack’s drives through Hyde Park morning calls and so forth For anyone looking longingly for a Georgette Heyer substitute this is a very good alternative featuring many of the same types of characters setpiece scenes and witty dialogue In fact there are echoes of Frederica Black Sheep Venetia and Arabella along the wayHere’s the premise Alexandra Farrish has been forced to take on the responsibility of raising her young siblings after the death of their mother Now they’ve all come to London for the season to find husbands for three of the girls incomparable beauty Didi and identical twins Cassie and Arie And amongst the hordes of admirers drawn to Didi comes one of London’s most eligible bachelors the Maruess of Malvern Can Didi bring him to a proposal or will he decide he’s looking for than mere beautyThe story has a somewhat rocky start for an otherwise frivolous Regency for the opening is Lord Malvern rushing to the bedside of his dying sister who tells him just who has brought her to this pass — unreuited love for one Lee Farrish Malvern then spends some time tracking down Farrish and storming into his first encounter with the Farrish family and Alexandra’s robust style of dialogue He comes to realise that it’s not Lee’s fault and is then drawn into Didi’s orbit Now at first sight this is a peculiar response to the death of his sister but the author makes a good case for a man who is emotionally unbalanced and makes an irrational decision on the spot to marry and settle down to home and family I won’t spoil the surprise by spelling out how this odd courtship progresses but suffice it to say that there is an ample sufficiency of marriages and betrothals by the end of the book and each one of them very appropriate for the couple concernedThere are some plot oddities like the girl rescued from likely prostitution by the heroine and never mentioned again and the brother Lee whose only purpose seemed to be to draw Lord Malvern into the Farrish’s circle since he was largely forgotten thereafter This won’t suit anyone looking for a modern style of story with an independent heroine and a respectful of women hero This is the old fashioned kind where the women are all aiming to make good marriages and the men are strong and borderline domineering while remaining terribly gentlemanlike but it’s an excellent example of the type very Heyer esue and well written with only a light sprinkle of Americanisms Five stars

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The Unlikely ChaperoneBeen dutifully delighted for her sister But the call of duty was no match for the siren song of love urging Alexandra to open the eyes of a man who had to learn that the most bewitching beauty was than skin deep. Regency froth but I liked itA tale tale of moderately impoverished family who take the ton by storm Great back story to set the scene and eventually happy ever afters A cut above the usual regency novel Recommended

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Read & Download The Unlikely Chaperone Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ô The Blinding BeautyWhen Alexandra Farrish had to shepherd her younger sister Didi through a London season there was one worry she did not have There was no problem finding suitors for her charge Every man who met Didi became a slave to her sensationallyThe Blinding BeautyWhen Alexandra Farrish had to shepherd her younger sister Didi through a London season there was one worry she did not have There was no problem finding suitors for her charge Every man who me. Diverting but lackingThe positive A fun and light read that didn't bore me at all It actually managed to surprised me with the way the plot went Reading the synopsis gave me the wrong idea of how this book was going to unfoldThe negative The romance This book struggles with the telling rather than showing We are told that the characters spend time together but little is shown to us in form of dialogue or the inner mental state of the characters To support fully and actually buy the story you're trying to sell to me I need to see for myself How am I to believe otherwise that these people belong to each other It some cases I was rather confused as the moment the male character changed his regard towards the girl that's how far it went The characters At some points this characters became like caricatures instead of feeling like real people For once the male is completely discomfited about the dead of a familiar and makes a literal cake of himself without any regard for decorum One of the females was plain dumb and entitled that was it The female protagonist was forever the one doing all things perfect and forgave her sister or toned down the scowling even when she deserved to be slap really hard The plot What is it with romance authors that believe they can make multiple plot point and resolved them in two hundred pages Honey you ain't no Heyer She wrote simplistic but efficient plot lines Most of these books write complicated plots either because of the people involved or the setting you can't expect to give me 3 freaking love lines and various other emotional ties and just resolve them this fast Things were for the most part poorly resolved Remember the death of this one person I mentioned before Well after moping the male decided he decided he needed a wife Yeah like that and not only that he just completely forgot about this relative of his It's never addressed again The writing The author seemed to try and talk about certain things but she didn't know how to subtly introduce them The pacing of the romance it's bad and stepping out of cordiality as a way to ask personal uestions that were completely out of place I mean the way the male inuires about the romantic interest's family background at them would have regarded him a feral set down