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All the Paths of Shadow doc Æ Kindle Edition read î “Walk warily walk swiftly walk away”The king’s orders were clear enough “Move the tower’s shadow” he bellowed “I refuse to deliver my commencement speech from the dark”As the newly appointed mage to the Crown of Tirlin Meralda Ovis has no choice but to undertake Task Tirlin’s first female mage and the youngest person to ever don the robes of office Meralda is determined to prove once and for all that she deserves the title The Tower though holds ancient secrets all its own Secrets that will soon spell destruction for all of Tirlin unless Meralda can unravel a mo I enjoyed this book so much than I think perhaps I should have given certain uibbles that I'm going to explain how bad the reading circumstances were before saying anything about the book itself The next paragraph entirely skippable soI got this all downloaded on my phone ready to spend the day in hospital with my mother who was having the battery on her pacemaker changed Theoretically a lot of sitting around with her dozy or being proceded upon after I'd done all the sitting around with her wide awake and somewhat apprehensive Also very impatient In practice I had a bit of time to grab something to eat and read and then a nurse came down and told me that my mother had become uite unwell after the procedure uite unwell turned out to mean blood pressure shot up breathing laboured and unresponsive Reading obviously did not happen after that However a brain scan and all the heart tests repeated showed it to have been nothing than an extreme reaction to the sedative By the next day they wanted to send her home but had to wait till she was safe on stairs again which meant one night in hospital and now four nights in a nursing home The point of all this rambling being that a stress to the max; b I was only getting to read for a few minutes during the day in whatever facility and a bit at night when I could stay awake and alert enough ; and c I was reading on my phone in the hospitalnursing home but on iPad at night in bed and the two did not always sync properly I discovered about halfway through that I'd managed to miss a chunk and spent uite a bit of time trying to find where that chunk started and ended which probably contributed to a feeling that the magic was uite complicatedAnyway There was something Patricia McKillip ish about the book which I hadn't expected at all and which I hope nobody else expects after my saying it and which I'm finding hard to pinpoint exactly It might have been something about the relationship between Meralda and her two teachers who were delightful old men It definitely might have been something about the Tower whose shadow Meralda must prevent from shading the King as he opens the very important talks between the nations of this world and the way it's such a mysterious ancient magical place And it might have had to do with the way Meralda has to work her backside off to figure out the spells reuired to well to do any of the things she has to do her abilities are a wonderful combination of creative thinking mathematics and sheer bloody minded hard slog It's not the prose as although there's nothing wrong with Tuttle's it's not McKillip level prose My main criticism was the way we were brought into the plot; King Yvin was an absolute idiot to have ordered Meralda to do something so drastic to such an important relic for so vain a reason and initially at least she seemed less than bright not to have tried harder to get out of accepting the task And that would have been fine except that later on in the book it becomes clear that he isn't actually an idiot or nothing like as idiotic as he seemed earlier making the whole get the plot rolling point look than a bit shakySecond was the fact that the mysterious Hang who come across the Great Sea at infreuent intervals and who turn up at the start of the Accords are so completely made to sound like the Chinese Seriously the names the physical descriptions their titles and then Donchen cooks egg rolls and fried rice And they eat with chopsticks of course It's just odd to have one group of peoples in a fantasy world likened so strongly to peoples in this world while the rest remain fantasy world Again my reading was not a fully brained one a

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“Walk warily walk swiftly walk away”The king’s orders were clear enough “Move the tower’s shadow” he bellowed “I refuse to deliver my commencement speech from the dark”As the newly appointed mage to the Crown of Tirlin Meralda Ovis has no choice but to undertake King Yvin’s ill conceived An enjoyable light fantasy this novel blends steampunk and magic dirigibles and talking plants into a charming seamless tale The protagonist Meralda is the new Thaumaturge of Tirlin Despite being only eighteen she is the smartest mage the kingdom has known for centuries a brilliant girl genius – a refreshingly original concept in fantasy fiction She fights no battles; she embarks on no uests Instead moving between her home and her laboratory she solves problems using magic mathematics and her formidable intellect Her newest problem seems unsolvable for the king’s upcoming speech at the congregation of five nations he ordered her to move the ancient Tower’s shadow As the story progresses the shadow moving project becomes the least of Meralda’s concerns There is a villainous mage on the loose in Tirlin and he is determined to inflict disaster on Meralda’s beloved homeland Stopping the evil mage ranks highest on her list of priorities Besides the Tower itself doesn’t seem happy that Meralda is tinkling with its shadow According to the rumors the Tower is haunted Although Meralda is an enlightened thaumaturge and doesn’t believe in ghosts the Tower’s ghost has other ideas He does all in his power to frighten her away But Meralda is an amazingly resourceful young lady She thwarts the vile mage’s sinister plans tames the recalcitrant ghost of the Tower fixes the ancient curse and handles the two retired mages her former mentors set on mischief And she moves the Tower’s shadow in time for the king’s speech The plotline runs very fast twisting constantly in unexpected directions but no matter how many obstacles the author heaps in his heroine’s way Meralda is always up to snuff She also has a knack of attracting friends A number of secondary characters colorful and three dimensional help Meralda in her most arduous tasks Her former teachers the old magicians are always on the periphery of the story always ready with an impish piece of magic Her clever pet Mug – a talking houseplant with twenty nine eyes – invariably entertains readers with his sarcastic observations and no nonsense advices to his mistress A bit of romance with a handsome young foreigner doesn’t hurt the story either Although Meralda often doubts herself like any girl of eighteen she emerges the winner out of every encounter in this irreverent and humorous story The only problem of this novel it’s a bit too long Otherwise a great read Recommended to any fantasy fan I learned about this author from Carol’s reviews of his Markhat stories Thank you Carol

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All the Paths of ShadowNstrous curse laid by a legendary villain seven centuries before she was bornAn ancient curse A haunted tower A clamorous gathering of nobles mages and kings from the Five Realms come together in Tirlin for the fifth year Accords Meralda finds herself facing far darker foes than any mere shadow of the towe 35 stars By the end of All the Paths of Shadow I can happily say that it was uite an enjoyable light fantasy read which is not something that I would have said had you asked me how I felt about this book at the halfway point There is good characterization here and the dialogue is zippy the prose flowing and easy to read but the world building and plodding pace of the first half made for a rather uneven resultA major reason for the gap in uality between the first and second halves of this book was the world building so crucial to fantasy stories such as this or lack thereof I repeatedly had the feeling that the author had made detailed notes on the world that he's created different countries their customs dress appearances perhaps even with maps but completely forgot to tell us about any of it by including this information in the actual text Instead we had names tossed at us there are the Vonats the Hang the Eryans the Alons and Tirlish people famous mages like Tim the Horsehead and Otrinvion the Black the Tower thaumaturges etc By the 20% mark I was ready to welcome even an infodump We do eventually figure out over the course of the novel what these names actually refer to but no reader wants to hit the 20 30% mark in a book and still have no real idea what these various races of people are like aside from differing labels view spoilerIt only becomes clear around midway that the Hang at least are not so subtly based on the Chinese and Tirlin is most likely the British Isles the rest is very much like Earth geography hide spoiler