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The Egg of Misery (Fangbone, Third Grade Barbarian, #2) Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Class 3G gets a new class pet from Fangbone's barbarian home world an unhatched egg of the legendary White titan Razor dragon But the evil Venomous Drool is also afY's science themed pageant fast approaching can the third graders come up with the perfect class project and take care of the egg until it hatch. Volume two continues the humor action and grossness smelly feet play a big part in the story of the first volume as Fangbone and his third grade friends must continue defending the Toe from the evil Venomous Drool I love the parts where Fangbone is trying to figure out this new world such as when he meets his friend Bill's pet cat for the first time and wonders what it is for Her purpose is to be cute Bill explains I think young readers will really enjoy this series

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Class 3G gets a new class pet from Fangbone's barbarian home world an unhatched egg of the legendary White titan Razor dragon But the evil Venom. Another Fangbone winner I hope that Rex keeps writing these so I can keep reading and recommending them Bill the Beast are you illYour feet smell sooooo bad Yes They are fragrant and bold They reek of a life filled with triumphant battlesThere once was a great warrior named Stinkpit the Musty He did not use a sword or ax or club to defeat his enemies He simply had to raise his arm and enemies fellFinally Stinkpit met an army that his Pits alone could not overcome For the first time in nineteen winters Stinkpit removed his boots The smell was so powerful it burned the armor and clothes off the entire army and made them cry like babies The stench turned the forest into desert and the rocks into lava The army now called the Weeping Naked of the Burning Armpit Badlands aimlessly roamed the desert forever

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The Egg of Misery Fangbone Third Grade Barbarian #2Ous Drool is also after the egg and Fangbone must turn to his classmates to help protect it from dangerous enemy attacks With Eastwood Elementar. The Rollicking Adventure ContinuesThis is the second book in the Fangbone series and while it tells a complete stand alone story it would really be best I think to read the first book first The first book sets up the whole premise of the adventure and establishes all of the characters and this second book takes off with a bang right from the point at which book one ended The author makes an honest attempt to bring new readers up to speed but you will miss a lot about Billy Fangbone Class 3G Skullvania Venomous Drool and so on if you start hereShort Version Summary Young Fangbone has been thrust into our world tasked with safeguarding a relic that will keep a terrible evil the Venomous Drool from arising on his home world He decides to hide out in an elementary school and is immediately and unuestioningly befriended by Bill who takes it upon himself to introduce this foreign student to the mysteries of third grade Some of the Fangbone out of water business is silly fun but all around it the author has embroidered some very sly and knowing humor The first book addressed ADD special needs classes bullies obtuse adults and the loneliness of the outsider kid without once ever making it a big deal and this book builds on that with an emphasis on friendship cooperation and resourcefulness That said there is a lot of rousing action and some very funny set pieces But this is not a message book or an after school special It has some pretty sly humor Fangbone's first visit to a supermarket is clever and funny and it runs from broad slapstick to pretty subtle On the adventure side this is a terrific generous and big hearted book in which every kid character gets to be a hero in his own way What a rewarding treatPlease note that I found this book while browsing the local library's Kindle books and downloaded it for free I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book