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Ed a dash of math Between the silly parodiesand the wonderfully wacky art kids will have so much fun figuring out the puzzlesthey won’t guess they’re learning Answers appear unobtrusively on each page an. Brilliant I can't wait to share this with teachers Math and poetry and a puzzle Simply wonderful

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Edgar Allan Poes PieDengaging information about the original poets is included Math games and conceptspoetry and poet biographies it’s all so cleverly put together This funny book is atreat for fans of words and numbers alike. my favorite moment in reading this went something like thisme reading EVERY poem aloud and the william carlos williams' one twice because laughingkid mom there's a shark in this bookme that's the shark dentist based on john ciardihubs uh john ciardi is a BIG deal; he's a legitimate poetme yeah and william carlos williams and edgar allan poe were just recreational dabblers reader i married himbut this is a fun one although the poems and illustrations entertained my six year old but the math was probably suited to my older girls do with that what you will

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Edgar Allan Poes Pie Read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook è Is this poetry Math A brainteaser Yes It’s all that and The poet J Patrick Lewishas reimagined classic poems—such as Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and LangstonHughes’s “April Rain Song”—and added a dash of math Between the silly parodiesand the wonderfully wackIs this poetry Math A brainteaser Yes It’s all that and The poet J Patrick Lewishas reimagined classic poems such as Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and LangstonHughes’s “April Rain Song” and add. An unusual offering pairing enjoyable illustrations with re workings of poems by mostly famous authors in the form of mathematical puzzles Would be appropriate for late second grade to maybe fifth grade although I am tempted to say through high school as once students are hit by standardized tests the development of problem solving ability stagnates The best of the puzzles involve multiple steps wherein the reader has to figure out what operations to apply in what order The weakest merely say to take a number and do this this and this to it then guess the answer; I can't for the life of me figure out what this word is doing there these cannot be considered puzzles in any meaningful sense The answers for each puzzle are given in small type upside down at the bottom of the page I wish there was some discussion of mathematical problem solving at the appropriate level; I fear that presenting the answers with no discussion reinforces the misconception seen at all levels that you either 'get' a math problem immediately or not at all There are some details of the solution given for some of the problems but not enough to piece together a general framework of how to go about solving such problemsAs many authors seem intent on doing Lewis wastes no time getting under my skin as the answer given to the first puzzle is wrong A word of advice if you ever write a poem based on The Raven and that poem is actually a math puzzle and you think it would be cute to include the phrase never four then make sure the answer is not actually four The effectiveness of the poems and of the puzzles varies as the author has tried to match the writing style to that of the original author I particularly enjoyed William Carlos Williams's Pizza the stark style fit the task well and the associated puzzle had some puzzle to it without spelling out the exact steps The Lewis Carroll didn't work as well I also may have learned something from John Ciardi's Shark Dentist while for Robert Frost's Boxer Shorts the art and the title far surpassed the alleged puzzle The author also needs to observe that twice than a uantity is not the same thing as twice that uantityThere are short bios at the end of each of the afflicted poets which may inspire some further 'research' by the younguns or as a matter of fact myselfHard to rate such a work; barely earns a fourth star from me on the strength of the painting of the boxer shorts from my not really a blog at