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Love an IndexOrateRegarding her role in Arnold’s story Lindenberg writes with clear eyed humility and endearing dignity “The girl with the ink stained teeth knows she’s famous in a tiny tragic way She’s not daft after all” And then later playfully of her travels in Italy with the poet her lover “The carabinieri wanted to know if there were bears in our part of America Yes we said many bears Man eating bears Yes of course many man eating bears” Ever. This book was a little like being punched in the gut Excuse me while I go cry into the neck of my beloved and implore him never to hike volcanoes alone

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A man disappears The woman who loves him is left scarred and haunted In her fierce one of a kind debut Rebecca Lindenberg tells the story in verse of her passionate relationship with Craig Arnold a much respected poet who disappeared in 2009 while hiking a volcano in Japan Lindenberg’s billowing I contain multitudes style lays bare the poet’s sadnesses joys and longings in poems that are lyric and narrative at once plainspoken and musically elab. knows she's famous in a tiny tragic way She's not daft after all 'The Girl With The Ink Stained Teeth'It is impossible for me to tell if this is a 'good' book or not All I know is that it often feels like Lindenberg is writing my own poems There's reading people's lips as they speak to you standing slightly outside your body and wondering at these flesh and blood beings and the things they want to share with you'Losing Language A Phrasebook'He'll always be with you You don't have to try so hardYou're so brave I wonder what it's like when you're aloneYou're so strong I can see you've showeredYou've handled it with such grace You've done nothing that can't be repairedLet me know if you need anything I won't come round again There's working out what happens now watching time stretch and shrink watching things change watching yourself change'Still Life With Movement'Fruit ripens inthe argent bowlThe pear's slowblush comesas the burnished salmon spoilswoolly eyes forget ful The rabbit'strapped soul swellsfur amplifiedin the convex silver dish On thiscedar table allthe uiet volitionof the world underwaybecoming thenbecoming anewAnd there are things that I feel and things that I don't feel things that make me curious about this woman envious of her sorry for her things that I recognise things that I don't understand things that I want and things I am glad I do not have to have Above all there is observing and documenting cataloguing and archiving The difference between us perhaps is that I feel and then set free Lindenberg feels and then memorialises'Catalogue of Ephemera'You give me flowers resembling Chinese lanterns You give me hale for yellow You give me vex You give me lemons softened in brine and you give me cuttlefish inkYou give me all 463 stairs of Brunelleschi’s dome You give me seduction and you let me give it back to youYou give me you You give me an apartment full of morning smells—toasted bagel and blackcoffee and the freckled lilies in the vase on the windowsillYou give me 24 across You give me flowers resembling moths’ wings You give me the first bird of morning alighting on a wireYou give me the sidewalk café with plastic furniture and the boyswith their feet on the chairsYou give me the swoop of homemade kites in the park on SundayYou give me afternoon colored beer with lemons in it You give me DH Lawrenceand he gives me pomegranates and sorb apples You give me the loose tooth of California the broken jaw of New York CityYou give me the blue sky of Wyoming and the blue wind through it You give me an ancient city where the language is a secreteveryone is keeping You give me a t shirt that says all you gave me was this t shirtYou give me pictures with yourself cut out You give me lime blossoms but not for what they symbolize You give me yes You give me no You give me midnight apples in a car with the windows downYou give me the flashbulbs of an electrical stormYou give me thunder and the suddenly green underbellies of clouds You give me the careening of trainsYou give me the scent of bruised mint You give me the smell of black hair of blond hair You give me Apollo and Daphne Pan and SyrinxYou give me Echo You give me hyacinths and narcissus You give me foxglovesand soft fists of peony You give me the filthy carpet of an East Village apartmentYou give me seeming not to notice You give me an unfinished argument begun on the Manhattan bound F train You give me paintings of women with their eyes closedYou give me grief and how to grieveSo I do not know if it is a good book But it is a true book

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Love, an Index characters  PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó A man disappears The woman who loves him is left scarred and haunted In her fierce one of a kind debut Rebecca Lindenberg tells the story—in verse—of her passionate relationship with Craig Arnold a much respected poet who disappeared in 2009 while hiking a volcano in Japan LY poem in this collection bursts with humor pathos verve and an utterly uniue soulful voiceThis widely anticipated debut already selected as a finalist for several prominent book awards marks the first collection in the newly minted McSweeney’s Poetry Series MPS is an imprint which seeks to publish a broad range of excellent new poetry collections in exuisitely designed hardcovers poetry that’s useful and meaningful to anyone in any walk of life. Lindenberg's poetry is so beautifully and tenderly rendered that I found an immediate connection as a reader Never have I felt so much from an entire collection of poems that I was brought to tears This is a must read for anyone even slightly inclined towards poetry