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The Italian's Future Bride Epub Á 187 pages » Michelle reid » Eligible bachelor Rafaelle Villani is used to loving his womenand leaving them Until his freedom is compromised by a candid newspaper photo which suggests he has finally fallenfor Rachel Carmichael Soon the world's press is reporting their engagemenEligible bachelor Rafaelle Villani is used to loving his womenand leaving them Until his freedom is compromised by a candid newspaper photo which sug This book kept me guessing the whole time Just when I thought I had the story of the Italian billionaire and his blonde Englishwoman girlfriend figured out Michelle Reid threw me a curveball The whole aspect of Rachel having had a previous relationship with an Italian the year before and therefore having a sort of Italian Kryptonite weakness was different She wasn't some naive blushing heroine although that's not to say she's jaded sexually or relationship wise Instead she's a bit older and wiser for her broken heart and therefore Rafaelle has to work that much harder to win her over Rafaelle doesn't have the upper hand in this book which is really fun and a nice change He's just as much at the mercy of his feelings and emotions He's vulnerable in a way that I wish Harleuin Presents heroes were He is immediately put in a place of jealousy because he knows that Rachel isn't naive about him or his type He has to deal with the fact that she has a past and it's affected her present and future It's funny how jealous he was when she really didn't have a lot of past boyfriends he has to run into Just one who was frighteningly similar to him which is very bad for his fragile male ego What irritated me was that Rafaelle doesn't have enough discretion to keep his exes from kissing and telling to Rachel I think if I was in her situation which is unlikely for a lot of reasons I would have been fairly irritated by the fact that not only do his past lovers feel the liberty to exclaim about his legendary skills in the bedroom they lack the class and discretion not to do so Rafaelle shrugs it off but he's not nearly as complacent when Rachel's past lover shows up on the scene That whole scene was interesting and had me glued to the page I didn't really like the feelings that I had while reading it It's just messy and in a way that really gets to me I am pretty particular in my feelings about sexual relationships and that would be a nightmare to have to deal with a bunch of past lovers on either side Having said that it did make for a uniue dynamic to this book In a way it's really irritating when the hero is a major slam hound and he gets the sweet innocent heroine for his very own when most of the time he certainly doesn't deserve the privilege of being her first It upsets my sense of fair play even though I can't say I really like promiscuity on either sideAs far as sensuality this book was blistering hot Normally Harleuin Presents can be pretty sexy but this one felt a lot hotter to me Their first time together wow I guess you could really feel the heat between Rachel and Rafaelle and how it had complicated both their lives Neither really wanted to be so attracted to each other but there you have it I liked that they had to figure out what that meant for both of them Sex isn't enough You have to have and they both find out how much there is between them along the way and if their love for each other is worth dealing with the baggage they both carryA different kind of story wrapped in what feels like the typical Harleuin Presents package Michelle Reid definitely writes very well and draws you into the story This was a read that kept moving right up to the last page where I was wanting even of the story

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Gests he has finally fallenfor Rachel Carmichael Soon the world's press is reporting their engagement Rafaelle claims his fake fiance; twenty four I am not going to rehash the plot but the characters just did not jibe nor did the plot Once again the heroine and the hero have rotten relatives The h's get off scot free at her expense The best part is when the heroine stands up to the H's bratty little sister

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The Italian's Future BrideHours later Rachel has been passionately seduced and fears she has conceived his baby So Rafaelle demands that Rachel pretend to be his future bride The Italian's Future Bride is the story of Rachel and Raffaelle Was the hair at her crotch the same pale gold colour as the hair on her head? made all the blatantly masculine by the triangle of black curls that swirled between his burgeoning pectorals and then drew a line down his torso to the other thick cluster curling around the potent force of his sex following the path of pale dusky curls into soft female folds between her pearly white thighs That deliciously damp cluster of curls I can see crowning your thighs is crying out to feel me there again So apparently Mrs Reid loves pubes LMAOOOOBasically our h is a big hearted dum dum and agrees to help her ungrateful step siblings by kissing the ex boyfriend to her married and now pregnant stepsister and so that her step brother a sleazy journalist can take a picture and plaster it over the newspapers in order to save her step sister's marriage Confused? It only gets worseShe ends up getting caught and whisked away to the hero's flat who also finds his own step sister hot btw After these two gems meet and have been panting in lust since their eyes met they fuck A lot They can't get enough of each other's dooch and cooches and BAM no glove love happensThen the hero's like oh no you aint taking the morning after pill and shes like hell yeah my last BF was a douche and wasted 6 years of my life but you have a giant potent masculine dong and who cares about me and my farming future let's bang I loved the ridic ness of their eye sexing and uber horniness throughout the book so so many paragraphs of visual coitus in this one They were in heat LOLOL reminded me of the Breeds by Lora LeighAnyways the story is predictable and I actually laughed a lot at its absurdity Lots of jealousy drama ill timed paparazzos and hanky panky in this one The story became stale in the last 12 even with her ex drama otherwise this would definitely be rated higherDo enjoy this hero sharing sister leering step sibling messSafeish view spoiler h is kissed by her ex hide spoiler