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Reader Í Size 12 and Ready to Rock ´ Meg Cabot Ze 12 and Ready to Rock a delectable comedy mystery that proves once that the much beloved author of The Princess Diaries rules in the realm of grown up women’s fiction as well Heather’s got her hands full when a pop star and her reality TV camera crew invade the dorm bringing with the I haven't read a Meg Cabot book in agesSo glad I finally found this on my kindle I LOVED ITJust as cute and funny and crazy as all the books in the Heather Wells seriesAnd Cooper is sooooo adorable and yummy♥

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Size 12 and Ready to Rock Epub Ä 361 pages Download µ Meg cabot ä After dallying with sexy vampires and ingeniously reinterpreting the Dracula legend Insatiable Overbite #1 New York Times bestseller Meg Cabot is ready to rock ’n’ roll once with Heather Wells The un petite assistant New York City coll M a summer camp full of adoring teen admirers only to have an inconvenient homicide spoil the fun  There’s romance treachery merry mayhem and music just the ticket for readers who like to rock out on the hip contemporary singleton fiction of Sophie Kinsella Jennifer Weiner and Jane Gree Really this one deserves 25 stars but I'm feeling generous especially since it mentioned Cupcake Wars To see full review click here was really excited for this book to be released I love the Heather Wells series Heather Wells is an engaging character someone you can relate too And I love that while the titles mention her size it's not what the novel is about Plus she has a healthy body image unlike some books that will not be mentioned In fact the novels themselves are mysteries Light hearted mysteries but still mysteries In a lot of ways they remind me of Janet Evonovitch's Stephanie Plum books except there's no love triangle random cars exploding and instead of being a bounty hunter Heather works at a dorm The series was originally suppose to concluded with the lackluster Big Boned However Cabot decided to write another book and I have to say I'm glad she didI will say that the first half of the book is better than it's later half Meg reintroduced the character with ease and the mystery was gradually introduced at a nice place I like how Heather has grown confident in herself and how she has grown in her role as assistant director at the college I thought the whole college life aspect was handled very realisticallyThe later half of the novel is where I had some issues with the book Particularly Heather's relationship with Tania Trace It seemed unrealistic which I'll discuss later on in my review Other problems with the book I had were some sueamish talk about sex and lady parts and functions There was one joke I think it was suppose to be viewed as a joke about drinking menstrual cycle blood that made me want to vomit Look authors I don't like being talked about monthly cycles It doesn't work not as a joke or some weird sort erotica thing like it was used in Master of the UniverseFifty Shades of Grey Another reoccurring gag I couldn't stand was the information from Psych 101 class For one thing it wouldn't be called Psych 101 most university would have a number for it like Psychology 1300 or something Point two most of the stats that were used in these parts were regurgitated from other Cabot books where the neurotic heroine rattles off her various psychological ailments see Boy Meets GirlBest Feature uirky Set Up The setup for the novel is just brilliant I like how the plot is gradually introduced and we are reintroduced to the characters in the Heather Wells universe I especially love the whole murder mystery It was done in a slightly humorous way that made me laugh even though I didn't want too Okay long story short the victim dies via cupcake And it's from a cupcake baked by someone on Cupcake Wars And the name of the made up cupcake place is called Pattycakes Cupcakes and one of my Beagles name is Patty Cakesokay digressingWorst Feature Butt Kissing I really got annoyed with how much butt kissing was done by Heather when it came to the character Tania Tania for those who aren't familiar with the series is the tart pop star who slept with Jordan when he and Heather were together Honestly while I could understand why Heather would be civil towards her I didn't understand why she was as nice to her as she was And for that matter essentially state how Tania was better than her with Jordan and was much talented than Heather ever was And for that matter Heather actually gushes over how much chemistry Jordan and Tania have It just doesn't make sense to me I mean I get she's over Jordan and everything But jeez I still be a little sore with Tania for ruining a ten year relationshipAppropriateness Um definitely an adult book There's some cussing some violence some sex And then there's talk about sex infertility and some really nasty sex jokes aka a song about drinking period blood I kid you not

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Size 12 and Ready to RockAfter dallying with sexy vampires and ingeniously reinterpreting the Dracula legend Insatiable Overbite #1 New York Times bestseller Meg Cabot is ready to rock ’n’ roll once with Heather Wells The un petite assistant New York City college dorm director and sometime sleuth is back in Si 45 starsI hadn’t realised how much I missed Heather Cooper and the rest of these insane characters until I finally got to be with them again in Size 12 and Ready to Rock I waited so long for the release of this book and I’m pleased to say that despite the long wait it did not disappointWe’re thrown back into Heather’s chaotic life at the death dorm Fischer hall Normally with students dying left right and centre Heather is up to her neck with trying to find the killer and always trying to be a hero and save the day But this time Heather’s stressed out at Fischer Hall for entirely different reasons as the hall is closed for renovations over the summer Tania Trace big time pop star and Heather’s ex Jordan’s wife decides to run her rock camp at the hall With Tania’s body guard being seriously injured in a random shooting Tania’s a little freaked out but with innocent people getting hurt too it’s easily noticeable that Tania is the target However Tania doesn’t want to let all the little girls down for the camp and decides to battle on by upping her security and hiring Cooper as her body guard Heather feels this camp is really getting in the way but with Fischer Halls record already tarnished the reputation can’t get any worse can it?I had initially started off with Size 12 and Ready to Rock with the aim to read just a few chapters a day but being back in Fischer Hall with such a fantastic set of characters I found myself unable to stop reading and before you know it I was already half way through the bookI had forgotten so much about Heather and the other crazy characters as it had been a few years since the last instalment but it was so much fun getting to know them again they’re all such a uirky bunch from hilarious Gavin clueless Jordan hugely grating and egotistical Simon unpredictable Sarah Dr Jessop and the Allingtons with their zany ideas and changeable temperaments But they’re a bunch a characters that easily bring a smile to my face and leave me with warm fuzzies they’re definitely a bunch of characters I’d love to hang out with especially Cooper sighCooper was amazing in this book I love how with each book we get to know his character that little bit and each time I find myself falling or him all over again I adore his snarky humour and how he would come back with the best responses ever his several threatening references about his gun permit seriously sent chills through my body But the best thing about him is he keeps Heather down to earth They work so well for each other he gets mad when she tries to underestimate herself and he balances out her knee jerk and dramatic tendenciesI’m not usually one to pick up mystery books but Meg Cabot does an amazing job in mixing up the humour within the mystery I was eager to find out who was behind the attacks but then the witty remarks and banter between characters had me doubling over with laughter it did result in me receiving a few strange looks from my family but I didn’t care as this book was absolutely hilariousThe Heather Wells series has uickly become one of my favourite Meg Cabot series yet I cannot recommend this series enough with a fantastic bunch of characters that you will adore random attacks happening all over the place this series will keep you up in the wee hours of the morning with you wanting to know who is behind it allOverall Size 12 and Ready to Rock is the best in the series yet I honestly can’t wait for the release of Size 12 is the New Black which is supposed to be the last in the series; however at the same time I don’t want it to come out yet as I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to these characters just yetThank you to Edelweiss for the opportunity to read this bookFor those who still have to pick this latest instalment and want a nice refresher of the previous books before diving in check this video out I think it's absolutely hilarious Heather Wells sugar Rush Video