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Free read Bad Religion è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò From the popular New York Times columnist a powerful and original critiue of how American Christianity has gone astray — and the deeply troubling conseuences for American life and politics As the youngest ever op ed columnist for The New York Times and the author of Om Glenn Beck to Eat Pray Love Joel Osteen to The Da Vinci Code Oprah Winfrey to Sarah Palin Douthat explores how the prosperity gospel’s mantra of “pray and grow rich”; a cult of self esteem that reduces God to a life coach; and the warring political religions of left and right have crippled the country’s ability to confront our most pressing challenges and accelerated American declineHis urgent call for a revival of traditional Christianity is sure to generate controversy and it will be vital reading for all those concerned about the imperiled American future. One of the most insightful informative and inspiring books I've ever read This book takes great pains to avoid name calling and to be fiercely objective and that enables the reader to carefully discern true heresies and religious trends Having context for the religious state of America was not only fascinating but also practical in discerning orthodoxy in the church Further while I do not agree with the author on everything his approach and passion for Christianity helped be to accept his critiues and admonitions in my own walk and understanding The end is C S Lewis esue and inspires tremendous anticipation in the future even while battling heresies I never thought a book like this would impact me so profoundly; I highly recommend it

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From the popular New York Times columnist a powerful and original critiue of how American Christianity has gone astray and the deeply troubling conseuences for American life and politics As the youngest ever op ed columnist for The New York Times and the author of the critically acclaimed books Privilege and Grand New Party Ross Douthat has emerged as one of the most provocative and influential voices of his generation Now he offers a masterful and hard hitting account of how American Christianity has gone off the rails and why it threatens to take American society. I've been a Christian without a community for some time and this book started to help me realize why Douthat suggests and I am convinced that most of modern American Christianity is unorthodox indeed heretical and that this development is bad for the religion and bad for the country The major heresies Douthat describes as having taken over American Christianity are these first the Dan Brown school of Gnostic Christianity an outgrowth of the new historical approaches and new apochryphal materials that came to light in the 20th Century If you place value on new texts such as the dubious Gospel of Judas or if you pick apart the Synoptic Gospels according to your historical or textual theory you can define Jesus as you like This is the heresy of making Jesus in your own image or whatever image is comfortable to you the hippie Jesus the feminist Jesus the social justice Jesus the not supernatural Jesus Second is the God Within heresy the Gospel that is therapeutic than salvational and which usually claims to be spiritual but not religious These are they who pick and choose a little Christianity a little Eastern philosophy maybe a little Wicca and thus never sink deep into a community or tradition This is the religion of Oprah and has recently been popularized by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray LoveNext is the Prosperity Gospel and Joel Osteen is the epitome of this heresy This brand of Christian heresy ignores the uncomfortable anti mammon passages of Jesus and preaches that God wants you to get rich Finally the most pernicious heresy and in my mind the most widespread and for me the most personally alluring is the gospel of American Nationalism This heresy has a messianic and an apocalyptic face with George W Bush and Barack Obama both personifying the messianic and Glenn Beck the face of the apocalyptic The doomsayers preach that America has fallen that we need to go back to some earlier pure Christian society These are the ones who deify the Founders The messianic face preaches that America has a mission as a city on a hill either to evangelize Democracy in the Middle East for instance or to create a social utopia This modern vision of American exceptionalism betrays the humility of LIncoln whose Second Inaugural acknowledged God's hand in our history but also acknowledged that Americans cannot pretend to know all of what Deity intends or pretend that we are always worthy instruments Douthat argues convincingly that this last heresy is what lends our culture wars their religious intensity When the other party is in power the apocalypse is nigh and Theocracy or Socialism is coming When our party is in power heaven on earth is imminent Of course these concepts are ridiculous as both parties are made of fallible and decent humanity The intensity of our current debates is partly because both Left and Right have claimed the sanction of their version of God's Will Religious people on both sides of the aisle are co opted as a Catholic Democrat can no longer be pro life and an Evangelical Republican can no longer criticize the Wealthy Instead of our religion giving us moral insight humility or solidarity with our fellow citizen political divisions have overwhelmed our religion Douthat offers the only real solution to the widespread heresy in American Christianity a return by each individual and congregation to orthodox Christian belief and practice A marvelous book

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Bad ReligionWith itIn a story that moves from the 1950s to the age of Obama Douthat brilliantly charts traditional Christianity’s decline from a vigorous mainstream and bipartisan faith which acted as a “vital center” and the moral force behind the Civil Rights movement through the culture wars of the 1960s and 1970s down to the polarizing debates of the present day He argues that Christianity’s place in American life has increasingly been taken over not by atheism but by heresy Debased versions of Christian faith that breed hubris greed and self absorption Ranging fr. An interesting examination of how Americans arrived at our present religious and political stalemate The author charts the course of American Christianity from its post WW2 resurgence to its current fragmented and often unrecognizable state In keeping with its Nation of Heretics subtitle it offers a relatively non partisan explanation for the religious aspect of our national polarization in the form of several opposing but eually destructive heresies that have that subverted people from the true faith into dysfunctional and ineffective substitutes