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KOP Killer Book ✓ Download Û Warren hammond ↠ KOP Killer a darkly dystopian science fiction thriller from Warren HammondJuno Mozambe once had a life That was when he was a dirty cop married to a woman who suffered such profound abuse that she murdered her vile drug kingpin father Juno loved his wife and did his best A rent a thug for a whorehouse that needs protection Juno’s last partner knows that his risky plan has a purpose but she’s that rarest of creatures on the hothouse planet of Lagarto an honest cop She can’t help him When Juno discovers a series of profoundly twisted murders he faces a bleak possibility in his desperate uest for vengeance against the man who targeted him for death Juno may have placed himself beyond any hope of redemption After reading the first two KOP books I didnt think Juno and Lagarto could get dirty gritty and bleakbut they do KOP Killer finds new depths of depravity for Juno while he deals with the aftermath of personal tragedies from the previous bookIf you liked Last Days you will love where Hammond takes Juno in this conclusion to the trilogyI loved this book and the series as a whole It was a great mashup of scifi and noir with some unexpected horror thrown for the last one

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KOP Killer a darkly dystopian science fiction thriller from Warren HammondJuno Mozambe once had a life That was when he was a dirty cop married to a woman who suffered such profound abuse that she murdered her vile drug kingpin father Juno loved his wife and did his best to help her survive her guilt her drug habit and her desire to end her life on the dead end planet of Lagarto When she died however Juno’s life went downhill And then his You may also read my review here Mozambe is gonna take KOP Koba Office of Police back and the first step is taking over protection of a brothel that Emil Mota Juno’s arch enemy has already claimed With a motley crew of dirty cops and an ex prostitutebodyguard named Maria Juno takes a stand against the nightly riots that accompany rolling blackouts that plunge the city of Koba into darkness When Muto gets wind of this he’s not amused and Juno’s intimidation tactics aren’t working against him any When the men of Juno’s crew begin turning up slaughtered in the most brutal ways Juno knows he’s up against someone and something bigger than Muto Along with his former partner and honest cop Maggie he vows to get to the bottom of it before another man dies and KOP is corrupt for goodThere were a few times when I thought I knew where Kop Killer was going I so didn’t Really didn’t Kop Killer is the third in a series featuring Juno Mozambe but if you haven’t read the first two that’s ok because the author does a great job on catching you up on events without info dump although you might miss out on some of the emotional resonance gained from reading the first two Kop Killer is a wonderful mashup of police procedural very dark noir and some of the creepiest sci fi you’ll ever read There’s humor here too of the blackest kind and you may find your mouth twisting into a slow grim smile since it kind of creeps up on you Koba is a humid sticky fly and lizard ridden leafy green mess of a city and it’s such a part of the narrative it’s almost its own character As Juno gets deeper into the gruesome murderers that seem to stick to him like flies couldn’t help it even the jaded ex cop can’t believe how depraved this killer is We’re talking shape shifters not what you thinks a creepy doctor performing the most awful of experiments justugh and a group of cops so corrupt your mind will spin I love my gray heroes and Juno fits firmly in with the best of them His heart is in the right place even as things fall to pieces around him and he’s fiercely loyal It will certainly take someone like Juno to bring down KOP and make things better for the people of Koba and I promise you’ll enjoy this dark and scary ride

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KOP KillerFirst partner the corrupt chief of the Koba Office of Police was murdered The man responsible Emil Mota is using the KOP for his personal gain Juno has been laying low but now he’s ready to do whatever it takes to take down the bastard Rather than working from inside the system he’s decided that the only way to take down the KOP is to create an independent base of power So he gets involved with a team of dirty cops and starts working as Not sure why I put this book on my to read list in the first place but I know I wouldn't do it again Like many other modern books it tries to be realistic and gritty by showing way too many hookers having adult characters talk too much about sex and having an utterly unlikable main character Seriously Juno couldn't keep his composure for one scene and when he's not telling us how badass he used to be he's getting pummelled That happened way too often There was also a lot of violence and while I am not opposed to violent fiction I find it tasteless to only use it for cheap shock value Trust me my tolerance on this is high I did not object to the dozen or so mass rapes the cannibalism and the massacres in Refugee nor to the mutilations in Use of Weapons but in KOP Killer it was overly gratitiousThe book was not entirely without merit it did have some pretty intense scenes I liked how Juno spent half the book without one of his arms out of sheer stupidity too That was uite funny It's not that he lost his arm in some stupid accident no he refuses against all reason to get a new arm There was also a certain charme to the lizards running all over Warren Hammonds world I like lizards and apparently so does he The occasional good scene and a ton of lizards didn't redeem this book for me however I'd rate this 25 stars rounded down for the sake of this review