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A Good ManRsonal stories from friends and family that zero in on the three guiding principles of Sarge's life faith hope and love and recounts moments with Sarge that now take on new value and poignancy In the process Mark discovers much about himself as a father as a husband and as a social justice advocate A Good Man is an inspirational and deeply personal story about a son discovering the true meaning of his father's lega. Initially I was put off by the introduction adoring son writing about how great his dad was when alive but as I kept reading I ended up enjoying it much than I expected Sargent Shriver was the founder of the Peace Corps assigned to bring the idea of his brother in law JFK to life and his wife Eunice of the Special Olympics I think both of those organizations of are pretty magnificent so it made the reading interesting Shriver does sound like he was a good man and although I didn't need to know every word others said about him I skipped over a lot of it it was overall a pleasant read

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Utes which extolled the daily kindness and humanity of a good man moved his son Mark far than those who lauded Sarge for his big stage headline making accomplishments After a lifetime searching for the path to his father's success in the public arena Mark instead turns to a search for the secret of his father's joy his devotion to others and his sense of purpose Mark discovers notes and letters from Sarge; hears pe. More than a son's loving memoir of his father and that would be enough this is also a son's self reflection in light of his good father's life and descent into Alzheimer's and death Yet descent isn't the proper world; after reading of Sargent Shriver's life faith and compassion for humanity I must use the term ascent to death Despite Mark Shriver's personal journey with his father's long battle with this wasting disease his father's death is actually a triumph of a life very very well lived The phrase a good man is the description of his dad Mark finds from persons in all walks right up to the funeral home attendants removing his father's body in the end My first vote for President was in 1972 for the George McGovern Sargent Shriver ticket It seemed fruitless at the time and Mark writes that his dad was no politician But Sargent Shriver was a sadly extinct person in our current time of scandal greed and division Shriver was a public servant His public service was infused with a deep Catholic faith Mark recalls that checking into hotels his dad's first reuest was for a schedule of nearby daily masses Sargent and Eunice Shriver were advocates for the mentally and physically challenged in a time and culture when such persons were put away and out of sight although a time when the thought of a later Presidential candidate mocking a reporter's physical affliction would have been unbelievable This book is a tonic for our current national mood and situation as a reminder that there are genuinely good people in the world who see the world as a positive place in which to serve their God and fellow humanity Persons who rather than boast and bluster actually live their religion

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Free download A Good Man ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ In this intimate portrait of an extraordinary father son relationship Mark K Shriver discovers the moral principles that guided his legendary father and applies them to his own lifeWhen Sargent Sarge Shriver—founder of the Peace Corps and architect of President JIn this intimate portrait of an extraordinary father son relationship Mark K Shriver discovers the moral principles that guided his legendary father and applies them to his own lifeWhen Sargent Sarge Shriver founder of the Peace Corps and architect of President Johnson's War on Poverty died in 2011 after a valiant fight with Alzheimer's thousands of tributes poured in from friends and strangers worldwide These trib. I've always been such an admirer of Sargent Shriver I first became aware of him when he became the first director of the Peace Corps under President Kennedy; then the OEO and the War on Poverty under President Johnson Because I was too young to vote for President Kennedy in 1960 was living in the Philippines in 1964 and my absentee ballot arrived 1 month after the election had an emergency appendectomy the early morning of Election Day in 1968 my FIRST opportunity to vote in a Presidential election was 1972 My vote proudly went for the George McGovernSargent Shriver ticketHow different our country would have been if they had won that electionI knew of his life and what a wonderful person he was But this book opened my eyes even He was truly A Good Man Thank you for your personal remembrances Mark